Virginity Lost & Sodomized In The Woods!

My first time masturbating was with a boyfriend from when I lived in Central Africa. He was more established than me and we often met at family gatherings. He was the first to have slipped a hand inside the high opening of my long skirt and had been the first to touch my pussy. He had fingered me while we danced, and it been the most magnificent experience of my young life. I was an innocent, never envisioning that such sensations lay a fingertip away.

At another gathering I had taken my jeans off in the rest room, anxious for him to do again the demonstration he had shown me previously, and sitting in a bleak corner, his hand up my thigh he had finger fucked me to my first climax. Inside weeks my family had moved from Africa to the UK. I suspected that I would never see him again. At that point came the letter, he had a long weekend from boarding school. Would he be able to bum a ride to Chelmsford and see me? Knowing it would be not feasible to stay at my home, he got some information about nearby camping areas and said that he would bring his tent. Two weeks later he was there.

We were strolling in the woods, a mile or so from my house. We were both a bit clumsy, not by any means calm with one another having been separated for so long. I was hoping that he would put his arms around me, kiss me, something. I assume I could have kissed him, but he was so uncertain and I did not want to be too forward and risk scaring him. I thought maybe he was having the same issue. We needed something to break the ice, and that something appeared to catch us both by surprise.

I really needed to pee. I had been holding it for some time, hoping that ignoring it would make it go away. It now was urgent, and we were too far from a bathroom. With him strolling along alongside me i could already feel the humiliation but I had to face the facts, unless I was ready to wet myself in front of him, I needed to pee.

“I need to pee” I squeaked, and I dashed off the track, looking for a tree or bush to go behind.

I didn’t get far before I really really had to go. Thank god I had worn a dress. The joy and relief was excellent, until the loud break of a twig startled me. I looked around behind me in dismay and could have died on the spot. He was watching me, from around six feet away, eyes fixed on me with an interesting look and almost one of want and desire. Warmth flushed through my body, and my cheeks smoldered. Still with a stream of pee going, I was not able to move, and my tongue felt stuck to the top of my mouth. At that point it struck me, he was getting a charge out of watching me pee. The front of his pants was horribly stretched and one hand was obliviously touching himself. This was obviously one of his fetishes. I pulled the skirt I was wearing up to my waist, completely presenting myself to him as it simply seemed like the right thing at the time, and really I wasn’t sure what to do.

“My God, you look sexy”, he panted.

“You’ve got a hard on”. I said in answer. “Show me”.


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He unfastened himself and hauled his cock out. Amazing. It was greater than I had anticipated. Swollen looking, it bent up towards the sky, and when he moved toward me it swung around and bounced here and there. Neither of us said a word as he strolled straight up to me. I had barely finished peeing when he grabbed my hair and pulled me towards his swollen dick. He forced it straight into my open mouth and I had my first sizable chunk of masculinity ever. I tasted my first pre-cum, the abnormal, marginally salty flavor a bit like snot and tears. I didn’t like it at first. I thought that it was going to heave but as he forced that cock right down my throat my entire body appeared to be ablaze, squatting in the forested areas, the last drops of pee trickling from my uncovered sex, as he fucked my mouth with mounting power.

“I need to fuck you.” His voice sounded strained, as though he was in agony.

I remember thinking “Does he expect an answer with his cock in my mouth!” As I attempted to breath around his erection. I murmured at him and attempted to gesture up at him.

At that point his hand pulled my hair, and his cock appeared to twitch and swell in my mouth. My heart jumped! He was going to cum! The hand in my hair tugged my head back, pulling my mouth off the sparkling tip of his dick generally as he ejaculated. The magnificent splatter went up my face, eyebrows and hair, and I shouted out in joy. Overlooking the tug and pain in my hair, I battled to suck his cock. The following ejaculation overflowed in my mouth and I gulped the gloopy liquid ravenously – it now tasted just right. I could hear him moaning and he switched his weight, the hand now compelling me onto his pulsating, pumping shaft. I gulped the last spurts of cum, and licked him clean of each smear. I was feeling strange, and hot and I guess, ready for sex.

He helped me climb from my squat, my knees protesting from the amount of time being in that position. Vainly I attempted to draw my panties up, as I followed after him. His dangerous cock remained rock hard, bouncing around uncontrollably before him as he pulled me clear of the puddle I had made. After a few steps he put me up against a nearby tree. Without speaking I could see there was a quality of determination, of earnestness about him. He was behind me, pulling my skirt up around my waist, and with my panties still half round my knees, I was exposed arse before him. He squeezed my shoulders, driving me forward at the waist and my head against the moist tree trunk. He was going to fuck me.  This was going to be my first time.

An unhinged voice in my mind yelled that I was not ready for this, I should remain a virgin until I got married. It was too early, it was not the sentimental, candle lit scene of my dreams. I had remained strong and stoic before but I was no more in control. Frail and I felt numb, I could feel the hot touch of his erection between my thighs, brushing my uncovered backside, squeezing between my cheeks and rubbing against my pussy. The hard tricky length slid over my vulva, and afterward up the wrinkle of my clit. My rear-end shivered, feeling each knock and edge of the hot shaft slide over it. It terrified me again and made me non-resistant to his approaches

Meekly I said, “No, I don’t want to. I’m a virgin”.

But as the hard tip tested between my pussy lips I could feel my juices flowing and my legs begin to part. My knees just about gave way when he spread a vast spit on his hand and placed it on the shuddering mouth of my vagina, then he squeezed into me, setting up the way. I bit my lip when the tip of his cock poked at my pussy once more, testing for my tight opening.

With no thought I was delirious with desire and between my trembling thighs I squeezed him to my opening. He pushed, shaking me forward, placing more and more pressure on my precious hymen but my virginity was not going to give easily. Finally with one huge push and then another one it went into me, pushing past my virginity with a sharp sting. I think I squealed a bit, more in stun than torment. In spite of my protestations, following the time when I had hunched down to pee with him so close, had begun my lubricant juices streaming. My body was prepared for him, regardless of the possibility that my mind had a touch of getting up to speed to do.

I felt each fat, throbbing inch of him fill my cunt. Not a saying I would regularly use but reminiscing my first time it appears to be the right term. I was being fucked, I had a huge prick in my cunt. The words filled my mind, and I appreciated the vibe of him, filling me, extending me. It blew my mind. I groaned resoundingly when he withdrew, gradually, apparently to turn me over to the front. Right out until just the swollen tip of his cock extended the mouth of my vagina.

I let out a wheeze as he pushed the entire length of his cock into me in this new position. No delicate start this, as he fucked me with profound, hard strokes. Solid hands on my hips, sliding me off his withdrawing shaft, pulling me back onto him. He then used his finger to tickle my ass hole, and I found that exceptionally perplexing. The thought of him looking at my rosebud I attempted to pull away my hips, and snorted miserably, and he appeared to catch on and left my ass alone.

He was fucking me forever, having cum in my mouth, he was by all accounts in no rush. I adored the vibe of his cock crashing into me, the firm hold of his hands on my waist, and I discovered the entire experience intensely satisfyuing and sensual. I appeared to be revoltingly wet, my crotch and inward thighs appeared to be doused and I never wiped myself after being intruded on whilst peeing! I discovered the wet sounds we were making a bit perturbing, yet it was not as though there was anything I could do about it. I loved the feel of his balls, pounding against my pussy with each deep push. I didn’t climax or anything, there was no increasing intense feeling until I gushed in orgasm, however it was pleasant, cheerful warm sweat covering my body.  I turned around an saw that he had a strained look of happiness and I knew he was about to cm.

Without thinking I yelled ‘Cum inside me.’

Perhaps it was the words themselves that activated him fully but there was a detectable change to his vigorous thrusting. They were abruptly shorter, speedier and if conceivable, significantly more brutal. Like when he blew in my mouth! His prick deep in my body, pumping his seed into my womb abruptly had me on the edge and finally I could call my own climax. My limbs trembled and I could feel my pussy grasping around his hard manhood as he took his cock out of me! I swore at him, wanting more as I felt the warm splatter of his cum on the cheeks of my ass and washing down my cunt.

‘Nooo…’ I yelled and grabbed hold of him and pushed him to the ground and straddled him.

I jumped on his cock and began to pump it wildly and he made odd strangled noises and his face was twisting in a look that was almost painful but after a few minutes he began to thrust into me again with even more vigor than before, then he squeezed the tip of his cock to my cum spread rear-end and sodomized me. He thrust his cock in and out of my virgin ass-hole with increased vigor and I was myself was cumming wildly, yelling profanities. Oh what had I been missing out on all these years. Finally we both collapsed, spent and exhausted lying in the moist leaves.


So this is the story of my first sex. What was your experience the first time?

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