Fall In Love With NU Sensuelle Curve

I am extremely grateful to have been gifted a beautiful NUSensuelle Curve in the colour purple to review. After eyeing this sex toy for some time, I was excited to finally have the opportunity to experience what it’s capable of for myself.

NU Sensuelle vibrators are my favourite mid-range priced sex toys to recommend to customers who shop at our Adult Lifestyle Centres.

In particular, my favorite smaller sized vibrators include the NU Sensuelle Joie and NU Sensuelle Point.

Feedback I receive from customers on just how strong and powerful they are is extremely positive.

NuSensuelle Curve Review

It’s packaging is simple, fresh and makes for great storage if you don’t mind the writing on the box.

Includes a white satin drawstring bag to keep your toy clean, a recharging dock, a USB cord, a power adapter.  Available in the colours pink or purple.

NU Sensuelle Curve is a G-Spot vibrator large enough for penetrative stimulation and small enough for clitoral stimulation.

  • 100% body safe as it is made from medical grade silicone.
  • Measures just over 5 inches in length, with a diameter estimated to be around 28.65mm the same size of an Australian twenty cent coin.
  • Curve’s shaft is slightly thicker half way up and has a slightly curved pointed end.
  • Vibrations of the Curve throughout the body and all the way down to the tip are powerful and strong, which is a major plus for any vibrator.
  • 20 vibrating functions means that most people will be able to find a suitable setting.

Multiple vibrating functions

Means you’ll have plenty of options to avoid becoming bored from use! It is easy to recharge.  Small enough to not get in the way when used during sex with a partner.

Nusensuelle Curve sex toy
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A Rechargeable Vibrator

  • 4 hours of recharging time for approximately 60 minutes of continuous play time.
  • To recharge place the toy on the dock, the docks light will flash red and green to indicate it’s charging.
  • Once fully charged, it will light up green.
  • I love this feature as when I compare it to so many other toys on the market who make it a guessing game as to whether the product has been completely charged.

NU Sensuelle Curve is 100% waterproof (submersible)

  • You can use it in the bath or shower.
  • This allows me to give it a thorough clean under running water.
  • To clean this sex toy it is recommended to wipe with warm soapy water.
  • There is also a pesky space between the silicone and the metal ring which dirt can accumulate if it is not cleaned properly.
  • In my opinion, cracks and sex toys do not go well together!


It’s size and shape of the NU Sensuelle Curve is a slight downfall for me.  The short length meant there isn’t a great deal of room to hold onto the end whilst using it.

But like I said earlier, it’s a great size if you’re wanting something on the smaller size.

The tip is quite pointed out which is great to use for direct clitoral stimulation.  But for amazing G-Spot stimulation, a slightly more bulbous ended vibrator is a better way to go in my opinion.

 A Funny Story to Finish Off

This story is too funny to keep to myself so I feel compelled to share with you all.

Whilst in the process of moving house several days ago, I accidentally dropped the Curve and some other very conspicuous sex toys in the middle of the street in front of some very embarrassed pedestrians… eekkk!!!

Now I don’t recommend throwing or dropping any vibrators around.  But the fact that the Curve survived this nasty tumble and continues to vibrate with no issues is another plus for me!

My Final Thoughts

The NU Sensuelle Curve is an easy to use, simply designed vibrator with amazing vibrations.  You are able to purchase this sex toy from Adultsmart.  I would recommend it for those looking for a good quality toy for bedroom fun.

But if being able to use a vibrator in the shower or bath is the only option for you, I would recommend buying a waterproof toy.

These are some great waterproof options to keep in mind.

If you are looking for a curved G-Spot vibrator that is waterproof, that is made with exceptional quality and comes with a 2-year warranty, I highly recommend the Fun Factory Cayona. 

A slightly girthier shaft and more pronounced curve with this vibrator mean G-Spot stimulation is simple and oh so pleasurable.

Even better, if you feel like treating yourself because you’re so worth it, then the LELO Mona Wave is the best curved G-Spot vibrator on the market.


About the Author: Sophie is a consultant from  Adult Lifestyle Centres

Nusensuelle curve sex toy
Sensual Curves

Discover Your Sexual Curve With Nu Sensuelle!

Sexual satisfaction is one of the most important basic necessities in life. I’ve dated different men from several regions for so many years trying to quench my sexual thirst but all was in vain.

It reached a time I gave up dating men because it was clear that they were not reliable to satisfy my sexual desires.

Appreciation goes to my best friend who introduced me to the miraculous Sensuelle Curve 20 vibrator by Novel Creations.  The vibrator is excellent and can quench sexual thirst fully.

Today I don’t have to go around looking for men.  Instead I just keep my curve vibrator with me and when I feel like having a vibrant stimulation I just use itl.

Why Did I Choose the Sensuelle Curve?

For many reasons.

First was to satisfy my sexual desire and secondly because of its unique features. This product is made of quality material that makes it look like a real cock.

In fact what it does to me is more than what a real cock can do to me.  I have never enjoyed clitoral stimulation more than I do with this amazing new vibrator.  That’s why I wish I had been introduced to it earlier.

But it’s never too late.

The more I use it the younger it makes me feel. It has really made me realize that sex is not all about penis.  Sex toys like this that can really vibrate, stimulating our G-spot as well as clitoris and compare to anything else that can penetrate me.

I must admit that Senseulle Curve 20 is the perfect choice with ultimate stimulation.

Nusensuelle curve sex toy
Sensuelle Curve GSpot Bullet

Cool Features of the Sensuelle Curve

  • It has a strong and powerful intense motor which normally allows me to increase or reduce the speed of vibration to any level I want.
  • For me when stimulating myself I like it slow when starting.  But as I get wetter and wetter, I just increase the vibration and make it harder and faster to touch my all G-spot areas as well the clitoris.
  • Easy to control.   It is actually a friendly product unlike others that have one mode of vibration.
  • 20 function vibrator operates silently but usually makes me mourn like I have never had sex before.

Sometimes I want to talk to it so that I can let it know how I feel

But let me just say a big thank you to the company that made it.  My sex life has changed all thanks to your wonderful product that really stimulates me and never lets me down.

Before I got this magic vibrator I first tried out one which was using batteries.  To tell you the truth, I never liked it even for a day because there were times that it could fail me when I needed it so badly.


I used to run out batteries all the time and replacing them was so tiresome.  But since I started using this Sensuelle Vibrator it has never failed me.

  • Unlike other vibrators, this one is rechargeable.
  • Maintains power for a long time.
  • I normally recharge it once a week days depending how often my desire for sexual stimulation.
  • Sometimes, I can use it for long sessions of a night so I end up recharging more than most people.
  • I never spend any money or time in buying batteries.

It’s so easy to recharge it by plugging it into the power socket next to my bed just to enjoy its amazing pleasurable services.

Nu Sensuelle Curve vibrators durability is amazing

There is no day I cannot enjoy using it.   I just make it vibrate any time I need stimulation and have been using mine for many months.  But if you checked it out you will think I bought it just the other day.

It is not that I don’t use it heaps – I do – but its quality makes it last.   The price is pocket friendly so it is a win on all fronts.

I strongly recommend it for any woman who needs G-spot and clitoris stimulation.







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