Myths You Need To Forget About Squirting

Debunking the squirting sex myths

Many misconceptions surround the idea of squirting. Whether you have heard about it from rumors, viewed it in porn, or have some personal experience, curiosity is still high concerning this elusive topic. Many imagine it as a voluminous splash of fluids during sex. But that is not always the case, as the sex myths suggest. Sexual researchers describe it as a visible amount of discharge released from the urethra.

Every woman looks forward to an extraordinary sexual experience. Focusing on squirting alone may frustrate you if you don’t achieve it. According to the best dating sites 2021, it is wise for partners to do what feels right for them. Understanding the sex myths and facts can help clear any mistaken beliefs that could be holding you back. Below, we demystify some of the sex myths about squirting.

  1. Squirting Is a Huge Gush – Forget About This Sex Myth

This is a crucial sex myth that we have to crack today. Many women have been misled by the images they see on porn videos. Porn depicts squirts as voluminous gushes of fluid. But they always fake it to bring a dramatic effect to their movies. You don’t have to release a massive splashy fluid. It is a false sex myth. 

People release different volumes of liquids during sex. Some discharge volumes enough to wet a bed, others produce a stream, while for others, it is just a dribble. Some women can confuse squirting with normal vaginal lubrication because the amount of fluid released is not substantial enough to see. It is time to forget about this sex myth because it all depends on our bodies. Some people can experience it while others cannot, but we are all normal.  

  1.     It Happens During Orgasm

One of the sex myths you should never fall for. Squirting does not depend on orgasm. A woman can experience squirting before, during, or after an orgasm. One does not need to have an orgasm to squirt; it is a delusion brought by this sex myth. Squirting can happen on its own as long as your body experiences the right amount of pleasure.

When someone clarifies how their body responds to sexual pleasure, they can more easily expel the fluid than having an orgasm. So next time your partner stops pleasuring you just because they have seen you squirting, do not shy away from expressing your feelings. Clear their impression about this sex myth. Let them know that squirting does not mean you have arrived at your destination because it is a deceptive sex myth.

  1.     Anyone Can Squirt if They Use the Same Method

A much-distorted sex myth you need to dismiss. We all have unique bodies. Therefore, everybody has a different squirting experience. No single proven method exists that can work the same way for each person. So don’t let this sex myth misguide you. Some methods can easily make women gush, while others can take too long to produce results.

Each woman’s vagina has different anatomy. Some have the skene’s gland responsible for producing the liquid discharged during squirting, but others lack this special gland. If some women can achieve squirting through a particular method, it may not work for others. If you want to enjoy a healthy sex life, this is one of the sex myths you have to know and debunk.

Take Away

These are just a handful of the sex myths you must be aware of. It is not a guarantee that every woman squirts. Many sex myths that surround squirting have altered women’s beliefs when it comes to sex. We hope the above explanations have helped to clear some misery concerning the topic. So, what sex myth have you been banking your squirting experiences on? Let us know in the comments.

Author’s bio:  

Miranda Davis is a freelance writer in the relation and psychology area. Miranda is interested in such topics as building healthy relationships between people, love/sex compatibility, and how to find the right balance in life in general. She is currently doing specific research on the topic. Miranda loves cooking and long-distance walking.

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