Living Out My Ultimate Gigolo Fantasy: A Memoir

My Ultimate Gigolo Fantasy

A few months ago, boredom at home led me to discover “Gigolos,” a Showtime reality series about male gigolos, on Stan, sparking my interest immediately. What wasn’t to love? A group of hot straight guys that had sex for a living! I was hooked! The series is set in Las Vegas, Nevada. It follows the lives of several men and their daily live interactions with each other and their clients.

You watch as the cameras show the intimate details of the escorts and their clients. Initially, the series faced criticism over the legality of the services and the surprise at women consenting to film their sexual services, but it quickly became a hit!

My Favourite Gigolo Is Nick Hawk

Throughout season 1, we get to know each guy and the different reasons as to why they decided to start escorting but for me the star and my personal favourite is Nick Hawk, a tattooed hunk with a sexy personality and an amazingly defined body. It’s very clear that he is one of the main stars of the show, with his mesmerising charisma and undeniable star power. I learned that Nick Hawk is a reality star but also an actor, musician, rapper, songwriter, author and entrepreneur.

He also served as an Air Force crew chief and marksman and is an accomplished Brazilian Jiu Jitsu martial artist. Nick has also written a semi-autobiographical book as well as delved into the music industry. He also made headlines when, in 2016 insured his penis for one million dollars. Hawk has also created his own line of sex toys under the name “Nick Hawk Gigolo” and has various different products, including a sex doll, penis pump, whip, handcuffs, vibrators, cock rings and other various products, including my personal favourite, a realistic dildo that can be used as a strap-on that is moulded directly from the star himself.

Some Facts About Nick Hawk

Nick Hawk is a multifaceted personality who has garnered attention not just for his role on the reality TV series “Gigolos,” but also for his diverse accomplishments and ventures. Here are a few interesting points about him:

  1. Diverse Career Background: Beyond his work as a gigolo, Nick Hawk is an actor, musician, rapper, and songwriter. His artistic talents extend to multiple areas of the entertainment industry, highlighting his versatility.
  2. Entrepreneurial Ventures: Hawk has capitalized on his fame by launching a line of sex toys and products branded under his name. This includes items like vibrators, handcuffs, and even a realistic dildo modeled after himself.
  3. Military Experience: Before entering the world of adult entertainment, Nick Hawk served as an Air Force crew chief and marksman. His military background adds a layer of depth to his character and showcases his discipline and dedication.
  4. Insurance on Physical Attributes: In a move that echoes other celebrities who have insured body parts, Hawk famously insured his penis for one million dollars in 2016, which drew significant media attention.
  5. Author and Advocate: Hawk is not just about entertainment; he has authored a semi-autobiographical book, sharing his life experiences and insights. He actively engages in discussions and advocacy around sex positivity, aiming to destigmatize the adult entertainment industry.
Sexy picture of Nick Hawk
Image: Nick Hawk

Nick Hawk’s Very Own Dildo!

On my first shift at an Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centre, I was pleasantly surprised that we sold his products and I told my manger about the sexy hunk and how I had been a fan of his for the last couple of years. For the next few weeks, I ummed and ahhed and finally decided that I needed his dildo. I mean, it was the only way I was going to get with the straight male escort. Well, until I actually meet him and turn him on with my animalistic sex appeal… yeah right! I can dream though. And that’s exactly what I could do with the replica.

I made my purchase and unfortunately I had to wait until the end of my shift to be able to use it. It was devastating! But, my shift soon ended and I made my way home quickly. I ran inside and was relieved to find that all my housemates had gone to bed. I rushed and had a shower then went to my room to have some special me time. Then I sat on my bed and just looked at the box for a moment. Mr Hawk in all his sexiness stared back at me. My word he is one fine specimen of a man.

Life-like and High Quality

I opened the box and took out my new sex toy. The beautiful penis was displayed in all its glory right in front of me. I looked over the dong and was happily surprised that they had included his unique tattoos that are all over his body including his cock. It was surprising that a feature of the product includes movable balls, I thought that it was a very different and unique feature that made the product all the more realistic and fun to play with. I was very eager to use my new purchase and that’s exactly what I did.

Nick Hawk's dildo
Buy Now | California Exotics Sex Toys

I grabbed my lube, slathered it on the sex toy and started having my special me time. Now, it was a little bigger than what I usually use, but I adjusted to it and really enjoyed it in no time at all. I took a while to enjoy the new addition to my personal sex toy collection. I finished with a happy ending, cleaned up and went to bed satisfied.

Perfectly Made Product That Is Recommended

My overall thoughts on the product is that it is a well-made and well thought out sex toy that will definitely please his fans all over the world, female and male alike. I certainly do not regret my purchase and if you are a fan of Nick Hawk, I definitely recommend this product. I’ve definitely found my new comfy blankie that I sleep with which I will hug every night to go to bed. Now I wonder if I wish hard enough Nick Hawk will actually cuddle me to sleep every night. One can certainly dream! Nick Hawk knows what makes a perfect dildo.

The Nick Hawk Gigolo dildo from California Exotics is a stellar example of a quality sex toy that brings fantasies to life. With its life-like details and unique features, it exceeds expectations, offering an intimate experience that’s both thrilling and satisfying. Whether you’re a long-time fan or new to the scene, this product promises to enhance your personal collection

Author: Brett is a consultant at Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres

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