Elsa Viegas Interview Visonary Founder of Bijoux Indiscrets

We at adultsmart are pleased to have had the privelege to participate in the Elsa Viegas Interview, one of the visionary founders of Bijoux Indiscrets. Bijoux is a pioneering brand in adult lifestyle products and sexual wellness.  In the industry the company is known for innovative approach, combining elegance and sensuality with  a range of products that empower and inspire women worldwide.

Under the leadership of Marta Aguair and Elsa Viegas, Bijoux Indiscrets has become known for its quality, creativity, and the celebration of females worldwide. Their dedication to enhancing intimacy and pleasure has positioned their brand as a leader, making significant impact on  sensual enjoyment.

Bijoux Indiscets
Elsa Elsa Viegas Interview

Elsa Viegas Interview

Elsa thank you for participating in this interview. Let me start it of asking what inspired you and Marta Aguiar to start Bijoux Indiscrets?

Eighteen years ago, the erotic industry was primarily geared toward male consumption and lacked products that catered to female pleasure and empowerment. Recognizing this gap, Marta Aguiar and I felt compelled to introduce a new narrative—a more inclusive, woman-friendly approach to pleasure products.

How did you perceive the erotic industry at the time you started, and what did you want to change about it?

When we embarked on this journey, we aimed to distance ourselves from the pornographic portrayal of sexuality and instead promote a healthier, more balanced perspective. Our goal was to elevate female pleasure, debunk myths, and dismantle societal taboos through education and empowerment.

Can you describe the moment you felt that starting Bijoux Indiscrets was absolutely necessary?

The necessity became glaringly evident when we struggled to find quality pleasure products that were both accessible and respectful of women’s needs. Witnessing this gap firsthand, we were driven to create Bijoux Indiscrets, determined to make pleasure products available to women from all walks of life.

Over the years, how have you seen the conversation around female sexuality evolve?

While there is still progress to be made, we’ve witnessed a gradual shift in attitudes toward female sexuality. More women are investing in their pleasure, educating themselves about their bodies, and advocating for their sexual rights. This evolution involves learning to communicate needs and embracing sexuality as an integral part of overall well-being.

Bijoux Indiscrets emphasizes female sexual well-being. What does this concept mean to you personally?

To me, female sexual well-being encompasses prioritizing and nurturing one’s own pleasure without guilt or shame. It’s about self-respect, self-love, and integrating pleasure into our holistic wellness routines—recognizing that our sexuality is an essential aspect of our physical and emotional health.



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What are some of the biggest challenges you’ve faced in promoting a more inclusive and diverse sexuality?

One of the greatest hurdles has been challenging entrenched societal norms and expectations, particularly regarding heterosexual, cisgender narratives of sexuality. Breaking free from these conventions requires not only educational efforts but also a cultural shift towards embracing diverse expressions of pleasure and intimacy.

Could you share a turning point or a milestone for Bijoux Indiscrets that confirmed you were making a significant impact?

The launch of our first vibrator, Twenty One, marked a pivotal moment for us. It wasn’t just a product; it symbolized empowerment and agency for women in the 21st century. This milestone underscored the importance of education in helping women understand and embrace their bodies, reshaping our focus for the years ahead.

How do you ensure that new products align with your mission of demystifying female pleasure?

Every product we develop is intricately linked to our mission of empowering women to explore and enjoy their pleasure. From intimate cosmetics to innovative accessories, each item is designed to enhance pleasure while promoting self-discovery and confidence.

Bijoux Indiscrets is known for being ethically conscious. How do you balance profitability with ethical commitments?

We continuously strive to improve our practices, from sourcing eco-friendly materials to prioritizing ethical labor standards. While profitability is essential, it cannot come at the expense of our ethical principles. We remain committed to finding sustainable solutions that benefit both our business and the planet.

Your products are vegan and environmentally friendly. What drove this decision, and how has it been received by your customers?

The decision to offer vegan and environmentally friendly products aligns with our values of inclusivity and sustainability. It has been well-received by our customers, offering them a guilt-free option that supports animal welfare and environmental preservation without compromising on pleasure.

You have mentioned the importance of gender equality in pleasure. How does Bijoux Indiscrets actively promote this equality?

Bijoux Indiscrets promotes gender equality by challenging traditional notions of pleasure and intimacy. Through our products, initiatives, and advocacy, we strive to create a more inclusive narrative that recognizes and celebrates diverse experiences of pleasure, regardless of gender identity.

In what ways does Bijoux Indiscrets contribute to the broader feminist movement?

As a company founded on feminist principles, Bijoux Indiscrets actively contributes to the feminist movement by advocating for sexual autonomy, bodily sovereignty, and pleasure equality. Our products and campaigns serve as tools for empowerment, challenging patriarchal norms and promoting a more inclusive society.

How has the #MeToo movement influenced the strategies or direction of Bijoux Indiscrets?

The #MeToo movement has reinforced the importance of amplifying women’s voices and addressing issues of consent and empowerment. As a feminist company, we use our platform to raise awareness, support survivors, and advocate for systemic change within our industry and beyond.

Bijoux Indiscrets invests in female talent across various sectors. Can you tell us more about these initiatives?

We actively seek to empower and uplift women in all aspects of our business, from product development to marketing and beyond. By supporting female entrepreneurs, artists, and professionals, we aim to foster a culture of collaboration and inclusivity that extends beyond our own organization.

How does the company culture at Bijoux Indiscrets support its employees’ personal and professional growth?

At Bijoux Indiscrets, we prioritize a supportive and inclusive work environment that encourages personal and professional development. We provide opportunities for training, mentorship, and advancement, empowering our employees to pursue their passions and aspirations.


What role does customer feedback play in your product development and company policies?

Customer feedback is invaluable to us—it guides our product development, informs our decisions, and shapes our company policies. By actively listening to our customers, we ensure that our offerings align with their needs and preferences, fostering a mutually beneficial relationship built on trust and respect.

Looking back over the past 18 years, what do you think has been your most revolutionary product or campaign?

Our Slow Sex cosmetics range stands out as a revolutionary offering that redefines pleasure beyond traditional notions of foreplay and penetrative sex. By celebrating intimate practices such as oral sex and massage, we challenge societal norms and promote a more inclusive, pleasure-centered approach to intimacy.

With the evolution of digital media and online marketing, how has your approach to reaching your audience changed?

In light of evolving digital landscapes and restrictions on certain platforms, we’ve adapted our approach to reach our audience creatively and effectively. By leveraging strategic partnerships and alternative channels, we ensure that our message of empowerment and pleasure reaches those who need it most.

What can we expect from Bijoux Indiscrets in the next decade?

In the next decade, we remain committed to our mission of promoting pleasure equality and sexual empowerment. We will continue to innovate, advocate, and collaborate, striving to create a more inclusive and pleasure-positive world for all.

Finally, what advice would you give to young entrepreneurs wanting to make a social impact through business?

For aspiring entrepreneurs seeking to make a social impact, I encourage unwavering dedication and a steadfast commitment to your values. Embrace challenges as opportunities for growth, and never lose sight of the positive change you aim to bring to the world. With passion, perseverance, and purpose, you can truly make a difference.

Thank you so much for participating in this interview for our readers. It has been a pleasure and we appreciate that your time is valuable – and appreciate you!


We at adultsmart wish to thank Marta and Elsa to their contributions to  making mainstream environmental awareness and acceptance of products in the adult retail space.

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