MPREG Fetish Community: Male Pregnancy

Today, I’d like to look at the MPREG community, that being Male Pregnancy. I have previously written about various sub-cultures in the online community including furries, BDSM relationships and various other non-mainstream and underground sub-cultured identities.

Have I put underground and subcultured together?  Yes, I have because some of these sub-cultures are rarely seen in mainstream.  I would argue that some can be seen as sub-cultures of underground cultures. Which demonstrates how immersive and entwined this world is.

Firstly, MPREG is not solely Sexual in Nature

I’d like to preface the discussion by saying, like the furry community, MPREG is not solely sexual in nature.  Many people’s fantasies, write original fiction containing MPREG.  Or appropriate fan fiction into a MPREG as a sub-culture having derived this fiction, writings and artwork from mainstream events and personalities, most notably Justin Bieber, One Direction and Dr Who.

When looking at the results of a poll conducted by a MPREG forum Administrator it depicted roughly half of the community was interested in sexual content.  With the other half preferring not to engage in sexual content at all.

Despite this, Porn Production company Film911 specialises in the creation of x rated videos of these fetishes and fantasies.

I use the word fetish lightly.

Both in the acknowledgement that it is considered to be an outside genre.  And that to the people involved within it that it is important to them and their identity.

Film 911 is an extremely niche fetishes site which specialises in pornographic videos exploring categories such as MPREG (Male Pregnancy), Vore (Being swallowed with no blood shed), Stuffing (Food), Inflation (Stomach expanding), Belly Button Worship, CPR, Amputee and Gut Punching.

Despite only producing a few videos every other week, and having a few hundred subscribers – the website is actually quite profitable.  Due to it dealing with very specific niche markets.

Guide to Fetish Role Playing

What is MPREG

Mark Shrayber, in his article concerning an interview with an MPREG enthusiast on Jezebel, describes MPREG as ‘an online fantasy world of images and stories exploring male pregnancy.

It’s about men getting impregnanted by other men and sometimes other species’.  Exploring some of the imagery that exists on the online forums it contains both cartoons, manipulated real life photos.  And also various elements of the furry sub-culture.  It is a complicated, yet highly intriguing, sub-culture which has a strong basis in the Omegaverse.

Which by itself has an intriguing history.

Photo: Male Pregnancy

What is the Omegaverse?

The omegaverse exists across several sub-cultures.  Whilst gendered, does not rely on normal gendered insinuations, behaviours, sexual identities or biological traits.

Instead, relying on a social hierarchy which includes; alphas, betas and omegas – the traits of which are commonly discussed elsewhere but are heirarchically ranked with specific grouping traits.   Omegaverse has strong roots within the animal world in particularly resonating with Wolves, werewolves, and supernatural beings.

It is primarily concerned with popular fan-fic (Fan-Fiction) tropes which includes everything from Harry potter, to Supernatural, Doctor Who, Torchwood.

It has social issues such as mating and being ‘in heat’

As well as specific types of dicks (knotting) whereby once aroused the cock is locked into the orifice it has entered until ejaculation or sexual completion. According to fanlore, this increases the rate of pregnancy as opposed to regular humans.

Sound complicated? It is.

And that, is what makes it beautiful.

For the most part, from the interviews concerning people involved in the omegaverse.  And the interviews that i have read on both MPREG and Furries and various other sub-cultures, it is not necessarily viewed as a sexual fetish, or explicitly sexual.

But rather a sub-culture.

Indeed, people involved within it often lead very normal and fulfilling lives with the online engagement with their sub-cultured persona in an online setting, or expressed privately at home.

It is not necessarily sexual in practice.

Though it is sometimes sexually geared. The interest concerning Mpreg is not necessarily the art, sex or practice of impregnation.  But the processes of pregnancy and the act of birthing itself.

From what i can discover about the community through various forums, websites and readings of interviews, it concerns an engagement of a sub-culture.  With that sub-culture being a form of expression for the individuals that choose to partake in it.


Hermaphrodite Self Impregnates And Gives Birth!  Fact Or Fiction?

In nature there are a few creatures that are true hermaphrodies like earthworms that can inseminate and reproduce from one being.

It is more common in nature for an animal to be able to ‘change sex’.  But in the vast majority of living things on this planet true hermaphroditism is not possible.  As it would require functional male and female sexual reproductive systems to be present at the same time.

Intersexuality is a more apt category

That persons deemed to be hermaphrodites should be put in.  Intersexuality is a term used to describe conditions a person with reproductive sex organs that do not fit what is generally accepted as male or female has.

As science tends to categorize and classify things to micro-manage every scenario possible classifications have become finite including including genuine hermaphrodites, male pseudohermaphrodites, and female pseudohermaphrodites.

One in 5000 people born have some form of intersexuality issues but to this date there is no know person that has had genuine hermaphroditism.

Intersexuality is Hereditary

Generally anyone that has an intersexuality issue will find that the cause is hereditary.  Some conditions like Andogen Deficiency Disorder in male babies mean that lack of testosterone and other male sex hormones will create conditions with the testicles, hypothalamus and pituitary glands.

This disorder can also appear later in life if testicles are damaged or the body stops producing hormones.  If left untreated the male sex organs will decrease in size giving an androgynous appearance, hence the name.

It can also appear in the chromosomal disorder Klinefelter’s Syndrome where children are born with an extra X Chromosone.

Whilst in the womb is a female embryo does not finish producing their reproductive system it is possible that they will not develop a vagina.  This is called Vagina Agenesis.   In some cases when born doctors will discover that not only do they not have an external vagina.

But also do not have a cervix or uterus this being Mayer-Rokitansky-Kuster-Hauser Syndrome and according to the National Institute of Health it occurs in 1 in 4500 newborn girls. This can only be fixed by intensive treatments or even cosmetic surgery.  But will not allow the persons reproductive system being able to function properly.

Intersex Conditions A – H

  • 5-Alpha Redutase Deficiency – Where there is male and female organs or a mix of from birth.
  • Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome – Embryo produces mullerian inhibiting hormones and testosterone.  Men have shrunken testes and women have reduced or no productive organs. Most AIS sufferers cannot reproduce.
  • Aphallia – Male being born without a penis.
  • Clitoromegaly – Extremely large clitoris.
  • Congenital Adrenal Heperplasia – Most common intersex issue when the adrenal glands when trying to make corison make unusual high levels of other hormones.
  • Gonadal Dygenisis – Partial or complete testicle deficiency.
  • Hypsopadias – Male pee hole is located under the head of the penis.

Intersex Conditions M – T

  • Micropenis – When a penis is extremely small termed 46,XY karyotype.
  • Mosaicism – When a person has varying versions of chromosones in his cells.
  • Ova-Testes – Tru Hermaphroditism.
  • Partial Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome – Ambiguous Genitalia.
  • Progestin Induced Virilization – Prenatal ingestation of an androgen known as progestin causes enlarged clitoris and fusing of the labia.
  • Swyer Syndrome – A child born looks normal with minimized gonads that are not functional.
  • Turner Syndrome – only on x chromosone present and are either 45,XO or 45,X.

Could an intersex person get him/herself pregnant? 

First they would need to inseminate and then to deliver.  You need a healthy sperm and an egg and a route for the two to meet. There have been instances in history when a true hermaphrodite has a working penis and a vagina.

Then to come to term there must be a womb for the embryo to grow and means in for it to get sustenance and finally a method in which it may be delivered.

Many doctors say it is impossible.

Historically the first account of self-fertilization in history is ascribed to Juanita Franciscella, a Spanish street artist also known as the “bearded woman of Castilla”.

Who in  1483 is said to have given birth to a child of her own conception. The birth was judged heretical by the Spanish Inquisition and she was burned with her child at the stake.

True Hermaphrodites
Hermaphroditic Birth

Recently in February of 2016 it was widely reported in the media that a 19 year old Jose Maria Garcia from the Phillipines who was born with both ovaries and testes allegedly gave birth to hermaphrodite twins at the Amisola Maternity Hospital, Manilla.  It is alleged that she was self impregnated.

Regardless of whether this birth is found to be true or not

It is widely accepted that although it can happen outside of single cell organisms the more complex the reproductive system the more unlikely it is possible to occur.

Theoretically it has the potential to happen but realistically it has not or will ever.   When talking about intersexuality it is usually a blend of both male and female characteristics but neither is complete. But with all these medical breakthroughs and intersex, intersexuality and gender issues.

What may the future hold?


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  1. The MPREG Fetish Community, centered around the intriguing concept of male pregnancy, is a subculture that continues to flourish in different corners of the internet. This Adultsmart article offers a comprehensive view into this unique world, shedding light on aspects many are unaware of. It’s fascinating how such unconventional preferences can form tight-knit communities, providing solace and understanding among its members. While it may be unchartered territory for some, others find a sense of belonging and acceptance here in the MPREG community.

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