Meet Vulcan: He’s Hot!

Our great friends at Topco Sales have sent us a Vulcan Deep Throat With Vibrations that has a sleeve made from Cyberskin material for review.  The manufacturer states that the product will:

“Amplify your strokes with intensely powerful vibrating massage!”

The intense vibrations are courtesy of a bullet powered by 3 AG13 batteries that are included.

Vibrating Vulcan comes in an Ona Cup that is green to black with a picture of the product shrink wrapped around it.  At the rear there are three pictures showing that the mouth, the entrance hole and the textured canal.  Although most Ona’s are designed for single use Topco says that the stroker is easy to clean and suitable for multi-use, adding a handy string that goes through the container so that it may be hung up and stored easily.

The price point makes it a great entry level for those just exploring mens sex toys, masturbators and strokers.

Mens masturbator that gives a vibrating blow job
Image: Vulcan Deep Throat With Vibration
Mens sex toy with masturbator case and sleeve
Image: Vulcan Deep Throat With Vibration

My Experience With The Vulcan Deep Throat With Vibrations

So I opened the product up and saw that the bullet was conveniently clipped into the lid.  I removed the bullet, unscrewed the cap and removed the paper between the batteries and terminals. I put it back together and flicked through the modes.  As advertised the bullet was powerful and consisted of 1 continuous speed mode with 5 different patterned modes.  It was handy that the bullet was clip held as it could then be used for other erotic actions – it is 100% waterproof.

I then screwed off the lid to find an attractive, life-like set of lips greeting me.  There was a sachet of water-based lubricant in the lid too.  The inner sleeve’s material is TPR often called Cyberskin because it has a similar feel that real skin gives. I put my finger in it and that life-like feel was definitely there.  I removed the sleeve and found that at the bottom of the sex toy there is a channel next to the exit hole of the textured channel where the bullet fits in.  I pushed the bullet up ensuring that the button control of it was facing outwards so that it would be accessible whilst using.

Maturbator case with bullet vibrator and Cyberskin sleeves
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Some people use strokers in a cup and some people enjoy removing the sleeve for masturbation. I prefer to use it out of the cup as it is easier to clean in my experience and I can control how tight I want it to be with my grip.  So I lubed up myself and generously poured the rest of the lube into the stroker.  On entering it and popping through the opening I could distinctly feel ridges at equal intervals, as I progressed through the first chamber I entered a second chamber where the ridges were wider apart and felt like they were leaning, finally I entered the final third chamber that felt very similar to the first.

Now suitably aroused I turned on the vibrating bullet and it brought with it a whole new level of sexual excitement.  The Cyberskin material that the sex toy is made with felt realistic and the lube was really making this a satisfying deep-throat experience.  The only thing missing was the gag-reflex but you cannot have everything, hey? The only gripe I have about the Vulcan is that it is 6 inches long and as I am slightly large than that I felt that perhaps there could have been a fourth chamber and the stroker elongated to about 8 inches but in no way was I disappointed with its performance.

After I finished I simply took the sleeve to the sink and washed it in luke warm soapy water, I then placed it on a towel and allowed it to air dry.  When it was dry I put some renewing powder on it.  This is a good idea fella’s as it will prolong your stroker or masturbators life span by at least 50%.  Care for your sex toys and they will look after you.  The sleeve was relatively easy to replace in the cup and I put it away for next time.

Here Is A Recent Customer Review Of The Vulcan Deep Throat With Vibrations

“I got this stroker to try something different than the conventional way of having some solo fun. When I saw this product in the sale for a cheap price I thought it was worth a try as not only was it a masturbating sleeve but also came with a vibrator to give an extra dimension.  I was so excited the day of arrival that I got it straight out the box to give it a go! The main toy itself was great, felt amazing with a bit of lube and the casing made it easy to hold.  I turned on the bullet and felt the vibration was not powerful enough to create any major difference. The toy itself is great for the price but I feel like the vibration part was more of an afterthought and could do with improving.”

You cannot go wrong with the Vulcan Deep Throat With Vibrations from Topco.  The price is about triple what you will pay for a one use cup but I think you will get at least 10 uses out of it so it works out about a third of what you would pay for 10 one use cups.  It is also a third of the price of where the expensive, luxury masturbators start at in price.  So in effect you are getting a great male sex toy for a very reasonable price.   It is easy to use and easy to clean and has the potential to give you the blow-job of a lifetime so all I can say is this is a two thumbs up review from me.

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