A Look Into LA Penis Pumps!

We live in a society where body enhancements are very easy to come by. Not satisfied with how you look? The LA Penis Pump is designed for the man who feels he is under-endowed. But that’s not all it’s about. An extremely safe and non-invasive solution to penis surgery, the device is also useful in the medical treatment of conditions such as impotence and conditions where the blood flow to the penis is problematic.
But why is it so important for men to have big penises? This is a question which has been around for centuries. Ancient cave drawings of men with enormous penises are understood to have reflected on their potency and power in society. And large penises have always been seen as a symbol of manliness and confidence.

Think of Priapus and his large penis, this minor Greek god was the overseer of fertility, livestock, fruit, plants, gardens and the male genitalia. And you can recognise him in Greek pottery and paintings by his massive erection with a red tip. Ancient Senegalese King Dihythia is always representing sitting naked on his throne, with several nubile young women actively reaching for his enormous erect phallus; the story goes that they would be blessed by a touch of it.

While people might not actually worship penises any longer, these days, the understanding of a large one as a symbol of personal power has held on, through the ages, and that eternal question does size matter?’ is not just about vanity in a modern world, its infused into our psychology as a society.
First thought of in the 1870s as a means to treat erectile dysfunction by John King, an American doctor, the earliest form of the LA penis pump, mooted Encouragement for Weak Men’ was made of metal and wood and looked rather terrifying to use. It comprised a cylinder with a mechanical pump attached so that air could be removed from within, thus encouraging more blood to flow into the penis. And these functional principles have not changed over the years.

It was only in the 1960s, however, that the device took on massive popularity in the aesthetics and sexual industries, motivated into existence by the sexual revolution, which not only punted free love and hippie culture but also promoted a different way of thinking about sex and sexual exploration, and helped to bring sex toys acceptance in general society.

Over the next 40 years, the penis pump didn’t evolve much as its form was dictated by its function. But after the turn of the century in the early 2000s, technology intervened and elements like pressure gauges and electronic motors were introduced to the mechanism, enhancing its performance considerably. Calling the pump a “vacuum constriction device” the medical fraternity of the time conducted considerable research into its viability. Medical use of the pump developed to include helping to increase the blood flow to the penis in diabetic patients, as well as patients recovering from prostate cancer and various psychological conditions.

In the last couple of years, the penis pump has continued to develop as a popular way to achieve larger erections, with more length, greater thickness and as a part of sexual foreplay. The device has risen exponentially in popularity, effectively becoming an industry in its own right.
What makes the LA Penis Pump different to any other type of penis pump?

At LA Pump, we design our products with you in mind. Each LA penis pump is diamond cut, flame-polished, individually handcrafted and custom made to your size and needs specifications which garners the best results in the least uncomfortable way. In any adult shop or porn facility, the standard range of penis pumps boasts a one size fits all’ or two custom sizes’ range. We understand that every man is different and has different needs and that he might not really be comfortable to discuss these issues and feelings with just any service provider.

The pump comes with a book of instructions and also a DVD which explains in carefully illustrated detail how the device is applied and used. We also make a deluxe version of the pump which consists of the addition of a gauge. The value of this gauge is that you can measure the amount of pressure you’re applying.

LA Pump is not a brick and mortar distributor and is only based online. The advantage of this is that we save money in not having overheads, and thus we can buy our supplies in industrial quantities at extremely reduced rates. As we sell directly to you, the customer, through this website of ours, we can cut the exorbitant percentages and markups that are charged by agencies which process orders and Internet- and retail re-sellers, like the products you can find marketed on virtually every one of the Internet’s websites that cater to adults.

As a rule, those products are marked up by an average of between 30% and 40% by each host. Because we don’t use websites to host our advertisements, processors for third parties or expensive presentations and boxes, we can keep our costs down and you will benefit from these savings.
And why do we believe that a penis pump is better than any other means of enlarging penises, you may ask? Because we have proof. You may have seen an episode in the 1997 HBO TV series Oz, in which two prisoners discuss improvised methods of getting an erection: the one is a paraplegic, paralyzed from the waist down. The other is consumed with curiosity as to whether the wheelchair-bound guy can satisfy his wife during a conjugal visit. And all the examples they laughingly discuss, not without a little shudder of horror, for alternative penis enhancement, are real.

There’s weight hanging, a technique which was mooted nearly 2000 years ago in Africa, in which the penis is physically stretched by having something heavy tied to it. This can scar the tissue of the penis for life and other permanent results can include loss of sensitivity, loss of sex drive, painful erections, and deformity, to say nothing of an actual diminishing in the penis’s size.

Penile surgery, even in our era of sophisticated medical technology, remains one of the more dangerous and failure-prone approaches to penis enlargement which often presents with massive neurological and cosmetic problems, that can include keloids (thick, ugly scarring), a problem that can only be removed with more surgery. The range of such surgical procedures includes snipping of ligaments, dermal graft augmentation and the fat transfer method, which is one of the methods attempted to make the penis thicker, surgically. The procedure involves the injection of fat into the penis. It’s a technique which often doesn’t work: most of the fat becomes absorbed by the body again, and the body is made vulnerable to the risk of infection.
Clamping is another fearsome penis enlarging technique where the penis is constricted by devices such as rings, strings or wires which are pulled tight in the sensitive skin where the erect penis is joined to the abdomen. While this must be excruciatingly sore, the risk of the penis becoming trapped is very high. And the effectiveness of this technique is unlikely, in fact, it is understood – over and above inflicting massive neurological and tissue-based damage – to leave the penis in a permanently erect state.


Sex Toy: LA Pump Deluxe Erectile Dysfunction Package


The proliferation of pills which promise penis enlargement has become almost a scourge the world over, as they’re offered by a variety of manufacturers from educated pharmaceutical giants to charlatans, crooks and witch doctors. The ones which seem to work usually contain a concoction of vitamins, minerals, herbs and hormones such as testosterone – the more dodgy ones could contain anything from mould and yeast to highly toxic E. Coli bacteria, pesticides and lead – but all of them promise an action that will enlarge your erect penis by increasing your body’s blood flow. The reality is that some of these pills are clearly premised on a placebo effect which is about boosting your confidence and self-belief rather than implementing any real changes, besides which, the idea of popping hormones out of the reach or earshot of your medical doctor is seldom wise.

The final alternative to the penis pump is called jelqing, a technique which has the history that reaches back to Egypt in 400BC. It’s a manual method intended to increase the blood pressure in the penis and in this way to make it bigger. Colloquially known as milking’, jelqing consists of holding the semi-erect penis in a ring formed between the thumb and index finger and pulling it away from the body in repeated movements, to encourage blood to flow into the glans. This claims to encourage more vascularity into the corpus cavernosal and other nearby tissues of the penis. But it remains a controversial method and the jury’s still out as to whether it works or not as it can result in burst blood vessels, bleeding from the urethra and temporary erectile dysfunction.

How does the LA Penis Pump work?
Functioning with the technique of hypermutation also known as vacuum pumping, the LA penis pump is designed with your safety, comfort and maximum size gain in mind. The process is simple: the penis is inserted into a cylindrical tube made of clear acrylic plastic. The cylinder is connected to a hose which is in turn connected to a pump that is operated by hand or one that works with electricity. The pump effectively evacuates the air that is in the cylinder. As this happens, the penis gets pulled towards the well and the walls of the cylinder, and it becomes larger.

Featuring a quick connect/disconnect safety valve that allows for painless disconnection from the expansion tube while retaining the vacuum level you have attained, it uses a vacuum seal and not the rubber gaskets that an earlier version of the process entailed.

The LA penis pump has a revolutionary seal at its base, which is more comfortable than other pumps. Other makers of the penis pump use a heat-processed base with a flared shape that has been the standard approach to the industry since the device was developed in the 19th century. This heat-processed flare based connects inconsistently to the body which may hurt and irritate.

And the process most certainly works. Regular and careful use of a penis pump gently stretches the suspensory ligament, which holds the penis close to the pubic bone and supports it when erect. This causes the penis to become larger, permanently. In a sense, it’s like the principle of bodybuilding: the more you work those muscles, the more the changes you make to your physique will become permanent. Most men using the LA penis pump report that permanent changes – to the tune of 1″ in length and a girth of 1″ is not uncommon – begin to appear with regular use after roughly a month. The recommendation is that you use it three to five times a week for between 20 minutes and one hour at a time, and research has revealed that between 50% and 80% of men who have used this device have really benefited from it.

What is it made of?
The cylinder of the LA penis pump is made of advanced polymers, a form of plastic which is safe, comfortable and easy to clean using antibacterial liquid soap and lukewarm water.
The LA penis pump, used by all sorts of men who are old and young, and draw from ethnicities and income brackets, is not only an aesthetic device to fill that jock strap to overflowing. It may also be used – as recommended by many urologists – to treat conditions such as impotence, premature ejaculation and diminished sex drive and performance. As a less invasive and more cost-effective alternative to surgery, vacuum pumping has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

It can also be used to help straighten a penis which is slightly curved. But if you suffer from Peyronie’s disease, a condition where flat scar tissue called plaque forms on the area where the penis curves, please consult with your doctor to make sure that it is safe to use a pump. Also, it isn’t advisable that men who suffer from blot-clotting conditions such as haemophilia use the pump.

Having said that, if you’re not careful with the process and are only focused on getting the biggest penis in the world, you may go overboard with the device and hurt your penis by pressurising it too much and too quickly. This could result in bruising, contusions and bleeding, but even in the most extreme of worse case scenarios, the damage you can inflict with the LA penis pump can never be permanent.


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