Sex Toys Fit For A Queen!

When I saw the Jopen Callie display, my immediate thought was that these vibrators are fit for a queen. Sleek, classic and beautiful, they are the epitome of royalty. Now imagining the actual queen of England using a vibrator is quite the challenge and I don’t think I actually want to let my mind go there. Nonetheless, I believe that she would vouch for these vibrators. I also believe that for such an affordable price, the taxpayers would be more than happy to chip in!

The history of the vibrator is an interesting (and hilarious) story that shows how far we have come, not just with the technology of sex toys but also with our awareness and acceptance of female pleasure in society. The first vibrator was created in the late 19th century to be used by medical doctors to treat Victorian women with hysteria (Hysteria itself is worthy of an article…more on that another time!!)-to put it simply, it was used to give exhausted doctors a break from making hysterical women orgasm all day long with their hands!! Vibrators have changed so drastically in a relatively short period of time with the choice of products we have today a far cry from the early day choices. I, along with plenty of other women I’m sure, am tremendously grateful for the modern equivalents of these terrifying looking contraptions. The thought of these going near my nether regions is enough to turn me celibate!!

The Jopen Callie range is made up of an incredible array of sex toys for women, an end result of the tireless effort that has been invested into vibrator technology over the last 100+ years. The best part is you don’t even have to be diagnosed with an outdated mental disorder to get your hands on these products (Or visit a doctor for an orgasm for that matter).

Jopen is a sex toy company based in California, United States of America, with a key emphasis on creating sex toys for women and couples. The company is run by a predominantly female staff and prides itself on having one of the best warranty programs for sex products.

The Callie range includes 4 different styles of vibrators, each made from silky white, premium silicone with a gold base and diamond style button. The vibrators are 100% waterproof making them easy to clean and perfect for those who love to take their toys in the bath or shower. These toys, like the majority of high quality vibrators, are rechargeable with a USB outlet. Simply unscrew the base and plug in. Just be sure that it is correctly screwed on before submerging in water to prevent water damage. The Jopen Callie vibrators come with a one year warranty which as mentioned above, is one of the best warranty programs available.

The vibrations of all products in the Callie range are deep, powerful and extremely pleasurable. For such an affordable toy, I was surprised with the quality of the vibrations. They each come with 7 vibrating functions, with the single diamante button pressed to control these rhythms. There are toys on the market that have a greater variety of vibration patterns and different levels of intensity which for someone who wants a really low vibrating intensity is a downfall. However I believe that for most people the 7 functions should suffice.

All the toys in the Callie range are elegantly packaged in a reusable sturdy box.

The Dual Massager

This toy is a rabbit style vibrator with a long shaft for penetration and a smaller extension for clitoral stimulation. The combination of vaginal thrusting and clitoral stimulation with this vibrator is extremely intense and pleasurable, perfect to be used solo or with a partner. These style of wands can also be safely used as an anal dildo, making them a great choice for those who like to be able to mix it up


Callie Vibrating Dual Massager Photo
Sex Toy: Callie Vibrating Dual Massager

The Wand

This straight vibrator features a long and slightly curved shaft that becomes girthier towards the end. This is a perfect vibrator for someone who wants a thick but not huge dildo vibrator. Used with an anal stopper, would also make a great butt toy.


Callie Vibrating Wand Image
Sex Toy: Callie Vibrating Wand

Mini Wand

This vibrator is the smaller equivalent of the wand, a bullet style vibrator that is great for clitoral stimulation. It is a perfect size to be used during sex as it’s not too big that it will get in the way but big enough that it’s easy to handle. Also great for traveling as it is small and discreet looking.


Callie Vibrating Mini Wand Sex Toy Image
Buy Now | Jopen sex toy range

Mini Massager

This toy is a slightly long tear drop shaped small vibe with a cord attached to the control. The cord measures approximately 60cm’s making it perfect to be controlled by you or your partner whilst being used.

Callie Vibrating Mini Massager Photo
Sex Toy: Callie Vibrating Mini Massager

There are some really amazing choices in the Jopen Callie range, with shapes and sizes to suit a wide variety of needs. These toys are available online at Adultsmart and in the Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres in 4 locations across Sydney. Get in quick before they all run out!!

Author: Sophie is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle CentresSave




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