Finding The Grafenberg Spot (G-Spot)

26 years on this earth and it was this year that I managed to find my own G-spot *snaps for Bree*. After purchasing countless vibrators and using fingers in a hook-like shape over the years, the one tool that managed to hit my spot was in fact the humble dildo. But why is it so difficult to locate this hidden gem? I am going to aim upward in this quest and investigate the mystery further and hopefully give all the ladies out there some extra thought to this conundrum.

Using a Doc Johnson Purple Ballsy Cock with suction cup who I’ve affectionately named Sherlock, I hit the sweet spot, the serenity button and it was glorious. It took me about 15-20 minutes and I found lying down on a bed, lounge, table, or any other surface, in a half sitting up/lying down position tilting slightly was the recipe or success which pretty much fits the description of almost every reliable source I came across when researching this topic.


Womans Curvy Backside Photo
Image: Womans Bum


Be prepared though, if you try this method it is physically intensive so make sure you are prepared for possible wank cramp and I will know this works for you if I start seeing some Popeye arms around! That beautiful moment though when the orgasm hits, like getting to the top of the roller coaster before the big drop, the build-up, the anticipation, it was one of the greatest moments (and achievements) of my life to date.

Once I had the first taste of success, repeatedly I managed to locate it with the above method in mind. Now this may not work for every woman out there but certainly worth trying it if you have never experienced successful G-spot stimulation while following the guidelines that claim to lead us to orgasm and even in some cases, female ejaculation included.

The “G-spot” is an abbreviation of the “Grafenberg spot” named after the man (yes man) who first discovered it. Dr. Grafenberg, a German Gynaecologist, discovered this particularly sensitive location in the woman’s vagina in 1950.

In Grafenberg’s discovery, he has documented that the G-spot is a bean-shaped gland that shows physical links to the clitoris, it is located about 2 inches inside the vagina and is comparable to the male prostate in function and purpose. It is widely suggested that using your fingers to roughly the second joint and of course pointing up (as if you were doing a “come here” motion, literally) toward the belly button is how to locate and arouse the G-spot.

Where the G-Spot is Located
Diagram: The G-Spot


However, you cannot directly touch your G-spot, but when aroused it fills with fluid and swells making it quite sensitive to stimulation. When locating it, there should be a spot that is a little rougher to the touch than the surrounding area under the pubic bone. Some sources have described it as feeling like the roof of your mouth.

The glands associated with the coveted G-spot orgasm are called “Skene Glands” they are made up of the peri-urethral (urethral tissues) and para-urethral (adjacent to the urethra) glands. All glands are on the anterior wall of the vagina, around the lower end of the urethra.

The Female Prostate and Skene glands are anatomically and functionally distinct and separate from one another. The Skene glands are surrounded by tissue (which includes part of the Clitoris), this area during sexual arousal, becomes flush with blood and fills with a Prostatic fluid. The Prostatic fluid is generally a white colour and made up of a similar composition to that of the fluid generated in males by the male Prostate gland, containing biochemical markers of sexual function like Human Urinary Protein, and the enzyme PDE5.


Skene Glands Photo
Diagram: Female prostate and ejaculatory glands


Female ejaculation isn’t always present, in some women it is completely absent which may explain why many women believe female ejaculation doesn’t exist all together. With some women not having this ability, this would certainly alter the outcome of an orgasm.

The only way to set off the G-spot and all the contributing tissues and glands is once you’re aroused, unfortunately it’s not just a quick press like a button… If only it were that simple!

But like many women, we must prep the area with some love before we get to the climax point, so nothing out of the ordinary for most of us! As for our partners, sorry, can’t get out of this one that easily… foreplay is a definite when it comes to caressing Dr. Grafenberg’s discovery.


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As well as using fingers, it has been claimed by some lucky ladies out there that men can also stimulate this area very well with their Penis particularly in positions where the man, or woman using a strap-on or dong is behind the woman (e.g. Doggy-style) and by making shallow thrusts against the front of the vaginal wall. If the penis or toy is curved upwards, you can also reach the area easily in Missionary position.

You could say finding the G-spot is essentially a rite of passage for some of us as a women’s vaginal wall becomes thinner with age and therefore the G-spot becomes more pronounced and easier to stimulate as the woman gets older and is believed this is one of the reasons why most women reach their sexual peak between 30-40 years of age.

In summary, The G-spot is made up of different areas of the vagina, both external and internal areas, tissues, glands, and fluids. Once all are synchronized and aroused simultaneously this can attribute to a feeling of ecstasy, that mystical G-spot orgasm takes flight and if you’re anatomically bestowed to ejaculate during G-spot stimulation and eventual orgasm, the moment could prove to be a little messy! But all for fun!

So, what are you waiting for ladies? You can even class it as some practical research all in the name of Science!

Love yourself, get know your body more intimately and find that fucking G-spot!



About the author: Bree is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres








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