JeJoue Ami – Time To Tighten & Tone!!

The Kegel Ball’s set I am currently really digging is JeJoue Ami Set and the additional Ami + which I have been lusting over relentlessly.

I have owned every luxury set of kegel weights from Lelo to geisha balls to Svakom.  First of all I learnt about the contract and release of the pelvic floor by accident.

When I was 21 and I had a baby, I felt using Kegel Balls was an absolute requirement to own a set.  I bought a pair of the Lelo’s newly released Luna beads to get my kegel muscle’s toned back up to speed.

A Lifelong Committment to Kegel Balls

That set sparked off a lifelong commitment to finding the best kegel balls for pelvic floor exercises.

How to use kegel balls is to tone the pelvic floor muscles to provide better bladder control.  Also aid in factors relating to pregnancy and birth and of course help you regain sexual function.

There’s no need to get too far into the benefits as it’s been discussed at length in previous articles.

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Let’s Talk About JeJoue Ami

First up, JeJoue Ami Set is a set of three weighted Kegel Balls making it a complete set to tone the pelvic floor.

Below I provided a table for reference on the circumference and weight.  It is important to mention Ami 3 as it’s circumference is smaller but weightier.

This actually works because a smaller product is more beneficial for your new expertly trained pelvic floor as it requires more effort to keep it in! 

Weight Chart for JeJoue Ami

Weight (grams) Circumference at the widest point (inches)
Je Joue Ami 1 – single ball 47 5
Je Joue Ami 2  – larger sized double 87 4.25
Je Joue Ami 3 – smaller sized double 106 3.25

I really love Je Joue Ami Set‘s silicone coatings!

And I will say it a hundred times it is like a marshmallow!  So soft and makes insertion really comfortable!  Just add a small amount of lubricant for sex prior to inserting if required.

Where To Start As a Beginner

  • Je Joue Ami 1 is a little trickier to insert as it doesn’t have a tapered tip. 
  • Beginners can start off using their Ami 1 if you’re new to Kegel exercise products or you’re out of practice. 
  • Use Ami 1 for half an hour three times a week until they are comfortable to increase their routine. 
  • Then up their weight.

JeJoue Ami 2

  • If you find Je Joue Ami 1 way to easy, begin with Je Joue Ami 2.   It is a medium size double kegel ball. 
  • Although Je Joue Ami 2 is heavier it still remains just as soft as Je JoueAmi 1.

JeJoue Ami 3

  • When you find Je Joue Ami 2 way to easy to exercise with, increase your weight to the heaviest and the smallest ball which is Je Joue Ami 3.

Various Ways to Use Them

There are other exercises that can be done rather than the set and forget method such as when wearing the Ami’s. Sit down are gently pull the string out whilst clenching around the ball for about 5 seconds.

Then release, rest and repeat!

When you get super advanced with the Ami set you can step it all the way up to the Ami +  

This is smaller than Ami 3 and weighs in at (the heaviest I’ve found so far) 136 grams.  Je Joue Ami + feels like a roll of coins coated in Je Joue’s supple silicone!   

Ami + works on the set and forget or with the advanced kegel exercise.  Je Joue Ami + is not for a beginner or the faint of heart. 

Cleaning and Hygiene

I recommend then Je Joue Ami set over the previously traditional weighted ball and harness combo.  Solely due to its ability to be properly sanitized. 

Made from silicone.  They can be cleaned with traditional sex toy cleaner a bleach solution, boiled or with warm water and soap.

Harness\ball exercisers are often a pain to clean and change balls not to mention if you lose one ball it can easily be rendered useless. 

Je Joue Ami Kegel Balls will really help your day to day lifestyle. 

To wrap it up Je Joue Ami is a great investment because it gives you the goal to get to that next weight.  They are hygienic, easy to use, soft silicone that feels amazing. 

And I’m not even mentioning the amazing benefits to your overall reproductive health!

Jejoue Ami
pole dancer in white

Bend That Silky Shaft With Je Joue G-Kii Vibrator !!

I’m finding all of the award-winning Je Joue’s products to be very interesting.

The more I look at the Je Joue Sex Toys, the more I feel this way.  Rechargeable, sexy, sleek and all with a fantastic design.  I want every one of them.

Today, I thought I would do a sex toy review on the Je Joue G-Kii Vibrator.

Its curved and elegant appearance is simple and eye catching and makes me want to get to know it more intimately.

Colours of the G-Kii Vibrator

Comes in three deep, sophisticated colours that I adore.

  • An inky black which I love to use to match my favourite little black dress.
  • There is a beautiful dark fuschia which is like a pink colour that is all grown up and wearing sexy lingerie.
  • Finally a gorgeous dusky deepest purple which is probably my favourite.

But it is honestly so hard to choose between the colours I love them all.

Je Joue G-Kii Vibrator as the name suggests is a G-spot vibrator.

It feels nice and firm which is ideal for your G-Spot.

But it also has the wonderful addition of being adjustable to create a personalised shape to fit your body.  I think this is a fantastic feature in a vibrator.

To see it in such an elegant, high end range as Je Joue G-Kii Vibrator just makes my day.

JeJoue ami and G-Spot Vibrator
Je Joue Kii Vibrator

How Does it Work?

  • At the central pivot is a button which, when held in, allows you to manually bend the silky shaft to your perfect shape.
  • It’s possible to bend the shaft from a gentle curve to a definite and pronounced ‘C’ shape to suit your own personal and unique form.
  • When you have adjusted it to your desired curve, release the button and it will stay in shape until you wish to change it.
  • To try a different position just repeat the process until you find the ultimate shape especially for you.
  • When I say it curves, it almost curves on top of itself which is really exciting to experiment with.


  • Because it can curl so well it has the added benefit of allowing you to achieve both g-spot and clitoral stimulation simultaneously.
  • By inserting the smaller, rounded tip for that magical g-spot loving, while allowing the widest end to curve up and tickle your vulva and clitoris externally, you can have the best of both worlds.
  • And we all deserve to be spoiled that way, right?
  • 5 speeds and 7 vibration patterns.

Having the Je Joue G-Kii Vibrator with a lot of variety gets me every time

As when you masturbate it is good to have a high range of levels to have a controlled orgasm. 

kegal balls jejoue ami
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You can find your favourite mode and stick to it faithfully, or you can mix it up and play the field.

Either way, you will find yourself very satisfied.

It’s also very powerful, having not one but two motors.

One in the rounded tip for intense G-spot play and one in the middle of the shaft where the toy narrows.  So the vibrations radiate out pleasurably to the clitoral stimulator.

But it doesn’t stop there

Because the Je Joue G-Kii Vibrator also doubles as an anal toy!

It has a curved and adjustable shape and smooth exterior,  so it will be great fun for anal play regardless of your gender.

A curved angle is particularly fantastic for prostate massage or as it is otherwise referred to as P-Spot Stimulation.

But it can also be used for A spot stimulation, while the wider end adds to the experience by giving you external stimulation on your sensitive perineum.  It really has something for everyone.

Cleaning and Care

  • Waterproof with magnetic charging points.
  • Really easy to keep the whole toy clean and hygienic with an antibacterial toy cleaner or antibacterial soap and warm water.
  • This toy is also waterproof.
  • Made from high quality, medical-grade silicone so body safe and hypo-allergenic.
  • You can play with it safely wet or dry.
  • Don’t forget a good, water-based personal lubricant for maximum pleasure.


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