Investigating The Honest Reality Of Squirting

I’ve been working at Oh! Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres for about 3 months and during that time I have been genuinely surprised with the amount of women coming into our store with the express purpose of buying something that can make them “squirt.” Thanks to the increased availability and presence of porn and sexualised imagery in our society many of these women are coming in not really knowing what squirting is but are hell bend on trying to make it happen for themselves. As I have always said knowledge is the key to success so in the following I will break down what squirting actually is, where it comes from and how you might be able to make it happen for yourself.

It is worth noting before we begin, like the presence of the g-spot and its power, the existence of squirting is still highly debated among many including the sexual health and scientific industries.

Squirting or female ejaculation

Like many terms within sex, names can become interchangeable and this is true again with squirting and female ejaculation. These two phenomena are considered two different things by scientists. Female ejaculation is thought to be a small amount of fluid excreted by the vagina near or during climax. It is a thicker consistency, the fluid that occurs during squirting and occurs in much smaller quantities meaning that it often goes unnoticed by many. Squirting is considered to be a larger quantity of liquid that expels itself during or near climax. Female ejaculation comes from the female prostate (yes we have one as well) while squirting’s origins appear to be a bit different.

The truth about squirting

A study was done a few years ago with women who claimed to be able to squirt. They started by emptying their bladders and giving a urine sample, they then underwent an ultrasound to confirm their bladders were in fact empty. The women, who were either by themselves or with a partner, were asked to get themselves almost to the point of squirting and were then given another ultrasound. After that ultrasound they were then asked to complete the act and then return for a final ultrasound.

What was found that while all of the women reported empty bladders going into the test, during the second ultrasound (the one that they were given while on the brink) all of their bladders showed that they had refilled substantially, then the final ultrasound found that the bladders were now again empty.

So in short, yes… this study found that for the most part the liquid in squirting is urine, well very diluted urine but urine all the same. While researchers found something called  “prostatic-specific antigen” or PSA for short (this is a protein that comes from the female prostate and is found in pure female ejaculation) it was considered that these women experienced female ejaculation and squirting at the same time (lucky them.)

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So its pee?

The short answer is yes, probably (remember much of the research on this is still new and we are learning more each day). Medical professionals and scientists have known this for a while but because the whole concept of peeing during sex can make some people feel a little uneasy (to say the least) discussion around it has kind of been pushed to the side.

I think it is important to state a few things at this point.

  1. Urine is clean and sterile, unless you suffer from some kind of medical condition that affects your urine or you will be effected by someone urine you will be fine.
  2. Just because it is pee doesn’t mean you are “peeing” on them. The experience of squirting and going to the toilet are very different. Squirting for many is an involuntary reaction of sexual stimulation and it is reported the sensation feels quite different.
  3. But can all women ejaculate? It may not be possible for all women to squirt. This comes from the discussion and research of the Skene’s Gland. The Skene’s glands are located on the upper wall of the vagina, near the lower end of the urethra. Some believe that this gland plays a major role in female ejaculation and squirting (which we believe are two different things) and that its location might be to blame for the peeing theory, while others think it may just relate to female ejaculation and there is a theory that not all women even possess this gland to begin with.

With all this foggy science and different theories it is hard to know whether every woman can squirt, and if you have been trying for a while and can’t make it happen don’t worry, the best scientific brains in the world are still baffled over this, so you shouldn’t feel let down.

How do I do it?

So you’ve read all this and thought, yep I want to try and make myself squirt, but how do I go about it? The leading theory is all about G- spot stimulation. It is believed that with the right pressure, pace and time the G-spot is the key to squirting. (If you don’t know where or what the G spot is refer to my earlier article “Your G-spot and toys that love it!” for tips and tricks) but again I want to finish this piece by saying that while squirting looks impressive and may be something you want to be able to do, don’t beat yourself up if you can’t get there. Sex should always be about the journey and not the goal.

Author: Jamie is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle CentresSave




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