Intimate Adult Sex Games: Enhancing Playful Passion

Spending quality time with your significant other can be made even more delightful by adding a touch of novelty, creativity and intimacy through the spice of intimate adult sex games. Whether you’re just starting out in a relationship or you’ve been together for a while.  Adult games are a great way to break the routine, foster deeper emotional and physical connection, and just have some fun. Let’s explore 23 riveting adult games that you can play with your partner to rev up your love life.

The Power of Play in Relationships

Adult games are not just about fun and laughter. They are powerful tools to foster communication, mutual understanding, and intimacy in relationships. Taking time out to play games with your significant other can lead to more meaningful conversations, deeper emotional connections, and can even spice up your love life.

Intimate Adult Sex Games

Board and Card Games to Play Together

1. Use Your Mouth

This engaging card game prompts thoughtful conversations and questions, making it great for couples who are looking to explore new conversations and ask questions that they may not normally ask.

2. Twister

This retro game is a surefire way to get your bodies entwined and help you stay present in the moment. It’s a fun and physical way to connect with each other.

3. Monogamy Adult Board Game

This adult board game is filled with over 400 ideas for inspiration, making it an excellent way to break free from a sexual rut and start exploring new territories in your love life.

4. Fog of Love

This interactive game allows you and your partner to navigate a fictional relationship. It offers a platform for connection, communication, and above all, fun.

5. 52 Weeks of Sexploration

This deck of cards is a great way for you and your partner to explore new things, both romantic and raunchy. Each card has a different task on it, with half leaning more cute and romantic, and the other half being a bit dirtier.

6. The Ultimate Game For Couples

This card game is perfect for getting to know your partner better. Engage in challenges together, get inspired sexually, and learn something new about your partner.

Drinking Games for Couples

7. Kinky Confessions

This adult version of truth or dare is great for couples who enjoy a little bit of risqué fun. Each card presents you with a “would you rather” prompt. If you don’t want to answer the question, you forfeit by taking a shot or a sip of your drink.

8. 20 Questions With a Twist

In this game, you ask your partner questions about yourself. If they get it wrong, they take a sip of their drink. If they get it right, you take a sip.

9. Beer Pong

This classic drinking game can be spiced up for couples by adding truth-or-dare-type questions or tasks under each of your cups. When you get a ball in that cup, your partner has to answer the question or do the dare underneath.

Fun Games to Get to Know Each Other

10. Truth or Dare

A classic game staple for friends and couples alike. You can choose deep, thought-provoking questions or turn up the intimacy by including dares that steer towards the sensual and exciting.

11. Two Truths and a Lie

This game is a great way to see how well you know each other. Add tasks such as taking a sip of your drink for every question you get wrong, or come up with tasks like a massage or a household chore.

12. Never Have I Ever

This game is an excellent opportunity to explore your partner’s past and get to know them on a deeper level. The game can be made more exciting by adding tasks or challenges for whoever puts five fingers down first.

13. The Gottman’s Couples’ Quiz

This quiz covers all the essential questions and can provide insights into your partner’s preferences, likes, dislikes, and more. It’s a good option to check out if you want to test your knowledge of your partner and improve it.

14. The And

This game from Skin Deep consists of deep questions that give you an opportunity to ask questions you may normally never think to ask. You’re sure to learn more about your partner as you play.

Sexy Games for Couples

15. Sexy Jenga

This game is all about building anticipation and excitement. Each piece of the Jenga tower has a fun command or task (e.g., take off an item of clothing, take a shot, kiss your partner, etc).

16. Sex Dice

These dice offer inspiration in the bedroom and help you explore each other. One of the dice has locations on the body, and the other has commands.

17. Sexy Mad Libs

This game is a great way to explore your fantasies and tell them to your partner. You can find free printables of sexy Mad Lib outlines online, or you can go the extra creative mile and totally create your own.

18. Jar of Desire

In this game, both partners write out 10 to 15 sexual-based questions, topics, or likes/things they’d like to try, and then put them in a jar. Throughout the week (or night), pick randomly from the jar. Whatever card you pull is what you and your partner can explore.

19. 52 Weeks of Role Play

This deck of role-play cards provides practical advice for different role-play scenarios, with everything from beginner to kinkier suggestions.

20. Talk, Flirt, Dare

This game is a sexy spin on Truth or Dare. Each card provides fun conversation starters and questions, flirtatious tasks, and sexy dares.

21. Nookii

This board game gets increasingly intimate. It’s all about the tease and building anticipation. You’re prompted to explore each other’s bodies, making the game both fun and sensual.

22. Find the Honey

This DIY game involves placing honey (or chocolate syrup or whipped cream, etc.) somewhere on your partner’s body and then blindfolding yourself. Then, using only your mouth or tongue, find the honey.

Whether you’re newly dating or have been together for years, every couple can make a little more room for play in their relationship. With so many games to choose from, you can have fun, spice things up in the bedroom, and learn more about each other as you play. So why wait? Start exploring these games with your partner and rev up your love life.

Nu Sensuelle Pleasure Panty

The Pleasure Panty from the NU Sensuelle range made by adult sex toy manufacturer Novel Creations has just been released. The Novel Creations NU Sensuelle range are one of our favourite brands in the store! Adult Lifestyle Centres currently have several cute underwear vibrators on our shelves but Nu Sensuelle Pleasure Panty is gorgeous, functional and beautifully presented. The Nu Sensuelle Pleasure Panty is my new favourite!

The Nu Sensuelle Pleasure Panty knickers are black and lacey. Speaking of the knickers, I think they are great and will suit most people. Although lacey, they don’t have tons of frills and flounces, they’re just made of nice black lace and the sides tie up and are made of plain black satiny ribbon so they will fit a large range of sizes.

You can’t go far wrong with black on most people so I think that’s a good colour choice. The crotch piece has a soft cotton pocket to put the bullet in which will feel more comfortable against the delicate genital area than lace alone would.

What colours does the NU Sensuelle Bullet come in?

The colour’s of the remote and bullet comes in three colours including pink, black and purple. Now about the vibrations of the bullet. This is a typical Sensuelle sex toy and that always means power, quality, comfort and waterproofness (Okay, I made that word up).

It has 15 functions which seem like a good solid number! 10 modes is a great number of functions but feels pretty normal now seeing as most products have 7-10 modes. Whereas 20 seems like overkill to me. 15 is the perfect number, not too many to choose from and you will most likely find a whole bunch of modes that you will love! Compared to the We-Vibe Tango that only has 8 modes and is the only competing bullet that is similar to the NU Sensuelle Bullet.

Intimate Adult Sex Games
Sex Toy: Nu Sensuelle Pleasure Panty in Purple

What is the Nu Sensuelle Bullet made of?

Nu Sensuelle Pleasure Panty bullet is made out of high-grade body safe silicone and is rechargeable. Inside the box, you will find a charging cord for each of the bullet and the remote. The bullet and remote are both easy to use. Before use, we recommend giving both the bullet and remote a good long charge so you will not have any interruptions during play time. The recharging function means that it is also quieter than most other sex toys, especially the ones that use batteries.

How do the controls on the Nu Sensuelle Bullet work?

On the bottom of the bullet is the power on and off button. Before starting the vibrations with the remote, you’ll need to press the power button for a long second or two. The power button will light up blue when it is turned on.

Next press the + button on the remote and the bullet will begin vibrating. A small blue light will come on the remote when you press any of the controlling buttons so if the light doesn’t come on then the remote probably needs more charging time. Subsequently, presses of the + button will increase the power and the middle button (which has wavy lines on it) will change the function to other vibration patterns.

Pressing the – button will decrease the intensity and a long press of the – button at any time will turn the vibrations off. To turn the whole toy off at the end of the play, however, also press the power button on the actual bullet again until the light turns off.

Why should I buy the Nu Sensuelle Bullet?

This Nu Sensuelle Pleasure Panty is basically all the cool things about Sensuelle’s regular rechargeable remote bullet but just with the added bonus of having functional panties. They did make an upgrade,  the remote is nicer, feels nicer, looks nicer, is rechargeable and easier to use.

Buying the bullet on its own is only a fraction less, but if you buy the Nu Sensuelle Pleasure Panty you will get the remote and knickers. This will be a lot of fun especially if you enjoy your clitoris being stimulated by different methods! It doesn’t cost heaps more so it does make a better choice to buy really. You can still use the bullet separately so it makes sense to get the panty vibrator option rather than just the plain version. The versatility is a big plus in the Nu Sensuelle Pleasure Panty and I think Novel Creations have another winner here!

This video shows a different Sensuelle Bullet to the one provided in the Nu Sensuelle Pleasure Panty.

About the Author: Jade a sales consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres

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