I’m A Flogging Sex God!

Whip up some pleasure and shout, “I’m a flogging sex god” with Doc Johnson’s Black Rose line of BDSM restraints, harnesses, sex toys and impact play gear.   Doc Johnson is one of THE big names in the adult sex toy industry.  They have been around since 1976 manufacturing innovative and trusted adult products from their home base in California.  With over 500 employees they are ever expanding and improving themselves striving to set the bar for industry standards worldwide.

Priding themselves on being American Made at their in house laboratory where their chemist makes sure that the material being made and chosen suits the products perfectly.  They will do nothing but impress and better the sexual experience of every customer.

Black Rose Whipping Willow Design & Packaging

This line all shares the same theme, purple and black and where possible including a rose.  Packaging design of the Black Rose line is very eye catching and sensual, glossy black boxing with a model who was born for the role.  She sets the scene extremely well for you to imagine yourself using these products.

​While the quality of this line is average (which is not to say bad but by no means luxury items) I want the entire range of Black Rose products. They are a  reasonable price that matches the mid-range, decent quality of these items.  Also they are so incredibly aesthetically pleasing and make up for not being ultra-high quality with just being absolutely gorgeous.

Who Should Use The Black Rose Whipping Willow?

Black Rose Whipping Willow is a small to medium sized flogger.

  • It is made of a vegan-friendly leatherette.
  • Falls of the flogger are soft and deliver a nice stingy hit with just enough weight to give it some slight thud.
  • It will leave you nice and pink but without any lasting welts or heavy bruising.
  • Because of this the Whipping Willow is perfect for beginner to intermediate kinksters, sadism and masochism lovers.
  • Or for experienced or mild impact players to add to their warm up repertoire.
I'm a flogging sex god
Doc Johnson Black Rose Whipping Willow

Black Rose Whipping Willow Features

Handle of the flogger also includes a wrist strap to help control your flogger. It will stop it potentially flying out of your hands across the room if you were to accidentally lose control, which of course we hope never happens.​

Black Rose Whipping Willow could be considered pretty with its lighter toned and ever so slightly almost metallic purple leatherette handle. With the leatherette wrapped thinly around it in a spiraling design secured with a silver stud and black decorative leatherette rose at the base of the handle. It is still an intimidating weapon, a seductive and alluring looking tool for pleasure and pain.

i'm a flogging sex god
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  • Length of the Black Rose Whipping Willow is 29.5inches (74.93cm) long including the handle.
  • Handle is 2 inches (roughly 5cm) across.
  • Falls (otherwise known as tails) of the Whipping Willow are 16.5 inches (41.91 cm) long.
  • Weighing in under 1kg at 0.48lbs it is a very light weight and easy to swing flogger.

How To Clean The Whip

Cleaning the Black Rose Whipping Willow is simple.  Just hand clean it by wiping it down with a warm wet cloth or dry clean only.  Don’t use harsher toy cleaners or any chemicals to clean this toy because of the fabric and its porous nature you may damage the leatherette.

If you do get your flogger wet after cleaning make sure you dry it somewhere in the sun. Or use a hair dryer on a very low heat so that no moisture settles and has a chance to grow any nasties.

I’m a Flogging Sex God But I’m Safe

Lastly but certainly not least, be safe.

This flogger is perfect for beginners as I’ve said.  But that also means being extra careful while you and a partner discover the joys of impact play and flogging together.

Of course remember, have fun! It is a great sex toy to begin your Fifty Shades of Grey experience!

I'm a flogging sex god
Icicles No 38 Anal Whip Pipedream

Sex Floggers – A BDSM Story

In BDSM they use sex floggers, whips, canes, crops, paddles and Cat O’Nine Tails to inflict pain.

People within the BDSM community who enjoy inflicting pain are known as Sadism and the people who enjoy feeling pain are known as Masochists. These types of people use floggers to inflict that type of painful pleasure.

I am a Submissive Masochist. To be honest, anything really that can inflict that initial sting and then that burning sensation that leaves you frozen, tense and too scared to move a muscle.  All whilst trying to catch your breath from the initial strike, until that ultimate burning feeling moves through your body and makes you want to beg for another.

I am not sure why I love them all, but I just do.

Honestly there is nothing hotter than the anticipation

And fear of knowing you’re about to flogged and not knowing how you will cope.  Then moving to the aftermath of a fantastic flogging and feeling that lasting sensation of the burn that you know is going to leave some pretty awesome bruises.

A complete feeling of satisfaction from being able to run your fingers over the welt marks.  See the bruises and feel the soreness helping you to relive every second of that flogging over and over again in the following days.

Excitement, Anticipation and Fear

And no matter how many times you have been flogged in the past, that feeling of excitement, anticipation and fear never changes.  I totally believe that it is this feeling, the mixture of fear, excitement and anticipation that is responsible for the increase in people from all walks of life and all ages now participating in the wonderful world of BDSM.

I like giving my Ma Belle Cherie mistress or master complete control over my body.  And I trust them to know my bodies pain threshold, to service my body and to take care of me whilst I am being flogged.

If I feel that the pain is to much to handle, I use a safe word that will stop the flogging straight away.  But I love the feeling of being flogged so much and I have never used it before.

Leather Paddle for I'm a flogging sex god
Bad Romance Leather Paddle with Stitching

A good starting point for floggers

Soft suede floggers come in many different sizes from the tails being as short as 25cm to a much longer tail of around 60cm plus with many different lengths in between.  Tails also come in different widths, thicknesses and of course different softness’s as well.

Depending on your level of experience, I think would depend on the softness and thickness of the suede used to make the tails.  For the beginner, I would recommend the softest and thickest suede as the impact of the strike will be much less painful then then a thinner and harder suede.

In saying that any type of suede flogger is a much better way to introduce a new person into this type of play. Better than heading straight for one of the big guns.  Last thing you want to do is scare people off by bringing them in too fast.

I'm a flogging sex god
Bondage & Fetish Play

Different  Colours Available

Another appealing aspect of the soft suede flogger is that they come in many different colours.  My personal favorite is black, it always looks that little bit scarier when it is black in my opinion.  A mixture of red and black is always a scary look too, but I do like the purple as well.

For me personally, I would only get a black or a purple one but that is just me. We all have our own tastes. I also like a nice thick, strong handle. Sex floggers are also very common to buy these days with major manufacturers making them including Shots Sextoys and Pipedreams.

A Great Starting Point to Venture Into the World of Pain

But as I said, I do believe that these are a great starting point for someone who wants to venture into the world of pain.

They look scary and will create that important mixture of fear, excitement and anticipation.  When the flogging begins, whilst you will feel the sting slightly.  Suede floggers are not going to hurt enough to do any real damage or stop you from going back for seconds.

Another thing I like about the suede floggers is that eventually, if this is your thing, they will give you the confidence to move on to the next level in your journey into becoming a true pain slut.

That is the reason I just love sex floggers.

You can take the BDSM Test to find out what type of person you are.  I wish there was a sex flogger category.











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  1. I appreciate bondage for its consensual exploration of trust, vulnerability, and heightened sensory experiences. Within the boundaries of communication and mutual consent, bondage allows individuals to push personal boundaries, fostering intimacy and a deep connection between partners. The artistry involved in intricate knots and restraints adds an element of creativity to the experience, making it a unique form of adult play. Beyond the physical aspects, the psychological thrill of surrender and control creates a space for personal growth, self-discovery, and a profound sense of liberation. Ultimately, bondage serves as a consensual avenue for shared exploration, fostering communication and enhancing the emotional connection between consenting adults.

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