I Was Gay, But Now I’m Bi!

I have been in a gay relationship for many years but recently I have been having feelings and desires to a person of the opposite sex.  Having been a loud and proud gay person it has been difficult for me to come to terms with the fact that I am bisexual. One of the most critical circumstances in my life is when you have to open up to your partner and tell them,

” I am bisexual”.

Relationships take a lot of effort to build and maintain; therefore, it is quite tricky when you have to tell your loved one that you have feelings for the opposite sex. The communication barrier has always been a common problem in many relationships. Many partners always feel that their counterpart is not on the same page with them.

Honesty is an important element in effective communication in any relationship. You have to be completely honest with your partner about the feelings and reactions that you are experiencing. This is a very challenging step but you have to do it because your partner is an important part of your life. A partner’s reaction is significant and revealing this kind of information is very risky. Either way you have to do it because definitely things are not right in the relationship. The guilt of the attraction you feel for the opposite sex can be quite suffocating.

First and foremost, a good spot should be organized for, somewhere with no distractions. Go went ahead with your story without filtering anything. Express how you feel when come across member of the opposite sex. Take charge of your thoughts and emotions and display them as they are for better understanding. Sincerely, opening up always feels like a load has been taken off your back. Your partner will definitely be hurt but at least they will have a clear picture of what is happening.

Secondly, point out the negative facts in the relationship such as; loss of spark. It is not fair to blame your partner for this because it is true, that it takes two to tango. It is wise to also listen to the views and reactions of your counterpart. If neither of you is happy in the relationship the best solution, which is hard, is to break up and move on. It is not fair for you to want your partner to be available while you are enjoying yourself with partners of the opposite sex.


Bisexuality Myths

Point out to your partner that sex and romance happen to be very important ingredients in any relationship. It is therefore, important to talk about the underlying issues in the relationship such as the attractions you are experiencing for the opposite sex. A good partner will always respect and honor the views and feelings of the other party. If your partner loves you, no matter how hard the situation is, they should not stand in your way. If they accept the open relationship way, it is equally not easy because both of you will have to deal with the downside of this kind of union such as; awkward situations. Apparently an open relationship may keep both parties on toes because there is someone out there who is working so hard to please your partner. All in all admitting to your partner,

“I am Bisexual”

still is an enormous task.

Bisexuality is just another human condition when a person feel attracted to somebody of their own sex and also sometimes achieves emotional and sexual satisfaction with people of both sexes. Bisexuality has been prevailing in our society since prehistoric times. However, there is a social stigma that is attached to this condition. There is nothing worrisome about the feelings of being bisexual. At any stage of their life a person can have the feelings of “I Like Both men and women”.

Men and women are completely different when it comes to expressing themselves or doing things with someone of the same sex. Women on one hand, on getting an opportunity, will do things which might look completely bisexual to most men but in reality are not. And men on the other hand, keep distant from each other physically in case they be accused of being gay.

We cannot exactly know the reason for someone to be bisexual as it is just another human orientation like that of being heterosexual or homosexual. Scientists have developed a term called the


for a man or woman who admire the beauty and body of their own gender. Bi-curiosity can eventually turn into bi-sexuality if a person is undoubtedly attracted emotionally or sexually to someone of his or her own gender. There are some who believe that everyone is born with the ability to relate to both the sexes but turn into becoming socialized in heterosexuality or homosexuality.   Attraction is the root cause for many inclinations occurring for both men and women. The same holds true for bisexuality as well. There can be various degrees of attraction. For example, it might include the wish to physically caress or kiss if the opportunity arises. If they are courageous enough to give in to their attraction, it feels like a dream come true for them. In this case, he or she is still attracted to person of the opposite sex as well.

Similarly bisexuality also can have various degrees. It can start with someone having emotional inclination towards a person of the same gender or someone having sexual encounters occasionally with their own gender. This can also turn into a full blown relationship between the two people of the same sex who are emotionally and sexually connected. But in this situation too they can still be sexually attracted to the opposite sex.

There have been many fascinating scientific data that throw light on our belief of bisexuality.   Statistics show that around 75% to 80% of all the adult females fall under either the bi-curiosity or the bi-sexual category. However, the degree may vary from just admiring to all the way having a full blown relationship with a female partner. On the other hand, men exhibit completely opposite scenario. There are only 5 to 7% of men who fall under the bisexual category. This clearly shows the difference between the female and male dynamics.  So now if you are struggling with the bewilderment over your sexual orientation, just release yourself and be courageous to live your dream. If you admit that

“I Like Both men and women”,

you can have a whole new world for you waiting to be discovered.



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