AVN Award Winner Lelo Soraya

As part of the LELO Soraya From The Insignia range of waterproof personal massagers to win the Best Product Line for Women at the 2013 AVN Awards, Soraya has quite the reputation to live up to. But far from just satisfying the hype, this dual-action, doubly satisfying beauty sits head and shoulders above the competition in every way as the world’s most positively-reviewed rabbit-style vibe.

But why? Well the thing is the Soraya is a different kind of toy and as opposed to all the other rabbits out there, this style of rabbit is uniquely designed in order for it to match your body shape for vaginal penetration. Most other rabbits have a set angle of entry, the clitoral bunny either hits the right spot, or it doesn’t, and for some designs it actually feels like it’s stabbing the clit as opposed to stimulating it. This is especially more the case if you like to thrust your rabbit vibrators in and out.

When the Soraya clitoral vibrator is pushed against the body it actually moves in an ergonomic design to vibrate against the clit. The arm will move against the pressure and gently caress the spots you need it most. This design is what primarily makes this vibrator different, Lelo acknowledges that there are all kinds of body shapes and it has created a vibrator that can actively seek out, and then stimulate the clit without necessarily that stabbing kind of motion. It’s sleek, and luxurious and you’ll understand exactly what i mean if you held it in your hands and pushed against the clitoral arm.

There are three unique colours to choose from include rose, cerise or dark. The entire bundle incorporates sex toy pack which is lined, charger, directions, coordinating pin and a warranty  of one year. You have three blends of vibration alternatives: the clitoral or shaft stimulator, or both. There are additionally eight unique modes and five rate settings. You can travel lock the vibrator to prevent incidentally turning it on in transit or in the drawer by bumping it. It takes around two hours to completely charge, and afterward you have up to 4 hours of continuous fun. The battery last up to 90 days in rest mode, however I think couple of ladies would hold up that long.

Lelo Vibrator
Sex Toy: Lelo Soraya


The instinctive placement of the three buttons makes the Soraya that much easier to use in the heart of the moment as they are accessible and easy to understand. The Soraya won’t frustrate in the force area, as well. Every engine accompanies blends of different accelerations, throbs and 5 speed vibrations. Regardless of which sort of clients you are, a tenderfoot or a requesting client, you could figure out how to satisfy yourself from those mixes of force. Another pleasant piece of Soraya is the completely waterproof configuration which permits you to drench it and use it in the shower.

Soraya’s eight different vibration patterns take advantage of two separately-housed motors to deliver sensational G-spot stimulation while simultaneously massaging the clitoris for what rave reviews refer to as ‘deeply impressive pleasure.’ Easily operated by a simple and convenient 3-button interface, Soraya is perfect for those yet to fully discover the delights of a Lelo, while offering equally intense intimate experiences for those who are well-versed in personal pleasure. The Lelo Soraya is made so that when your in the peek of the moment, you will naturally be able to find the buttons and sensations you are looking for whilst making your ogasmic climax that much better.

Made of an ABS core coated in sleek, smooth, 100% body-safe silicone, Soraya is fully submersible to a depth of one meter, thanks to the innovative addition of vacuum-sealed charging ports. This not only makes Soraya a perfect choice for bath and shower time fun, but also allows owners to keep their LELO completely clean for added peace of mind.

Soraya is fully rechargeable for up to four hours of enjoyment from a single charge, while its impressive 90-day standby means it is always at hand to provide pleasure at a moment’s notice. Meanwhile, the one-year warranty, 10-year guarantee and signature presentation packaging showcase LELO’s unrelenting commitment to unsurpassed quality in every item on offer. Lelo is a luxury brand that is made to last a lifetime, you will be using your Lelo sex toy products time and time again.








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