I Love Oral Sex!


Okay confession time, I love Oral sex!
Now that that has got your attention let me elaborate further.  Six months I have been seeing my delicious man, who I dare say has the tongue of a god.  No I’m not saying this to boost his ego because god knows he doesn’t need that however this man knows every spot, every motion and when he is tongue deep down there and looks up into my eyes I swear to god I go to another place.
Believe it or not Good oral sex has a lot to be said for, I have lost count of the amount of women I know who have straight out said ‘He doesn’t do it’ or  ‘how I like it’, Or on the other token ‘he doesn’t do it at all’. Something I have never understood.  One thing I do know is communication is so damn important in any relationship and a lot of the time unless you tell your partner which or what way you enjoy a certain kink unfortunately they may not ever know.
Sexual Mouths
Sex And Mouths
See there was a point In my relationship I guess you could say a turning point sexually, Which is ironic because our bedroom life has always been amazing and I can vouch for that with great ease. But at some point and I do remember the day, When my man pulled me up out of the blue

And blankly told me, ”Babe I don’t think your really spending that much time down there anymore”.

I was if anything a tiny bit taken back. Had I really been slack in giving him The oral pleasure he deserved, Was I falling short in an area of our sex life?  I will be honest, I kind of second guessed myself, but at the same time I was thankful he had been honest with me at the very least. While you may be thinking

what an ass

he actually told me he was concerned that maybe it hurt me or I was uncomfortable (Bless him). The fact that he had been open in a way made me look twice at the loving I had been giving him and helped push up my oral game.
Now it also has the flip side that it gave me a new take on communication, and as time passed I began to feel as though my cookie had been neglected in the oral lovemaking department.  One day after fumbling words I proceeded to spit it out and tell him,

I felt neglected too.

Truthfully our desire for one an others bodies combined with the passion had began to push away all foreplay leading up to sex and made it so we literally just got straight to the good stuff.  Don’t get me wrong this is amazing but all the same there is no better feeling then exploring and taking your time to taste and savour your lovers body.
He surprisingly took it well, after all it wasn’t me whinging about the way he ate me, there was zero complaints there, just the act itself had become less prevalent.  A bit like how Me spending hours down there pleasing him had dwindled away.  Now both these things either of us would have known if it wasn’t for the fact that we decided to be totally honest and candid with one another.
I see so many women in my work who are frustrated that there lover isn’t performing to the ability they want, Or falling short in the bedroom.
My number one question for them always is,  “Have you ever sat down and just told them what you have told me?”
You would be amazed the amount of people both men and women in this predicament who haven’t.  Usually out of fear of hurting their partners feelings, or they genuinely don’t know how to approach that conversation.  Its crazy because I wasted one too many times darting around the truth hoping not to hurt my man too, but the reality is honesty is everything in a relationship. Especially to have a long healthy sexual relationship you cannot go about it any other way!

Honesty Is The BEST Sexual Policy!

About the author:  Chanelle is a consultant at the adult lifestyle centers.

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