I Love Oral Sex – Techniques To Make A Woman Orgasm

Okay, confession time, I love oral.  Now that that has got your attention let me elaborate further. Who wouldn’t want a man who knows how to use his tongue?

Six months I have been seeing my delicious man, who I dare say has the tongue of a god.   No, I’m not saying this to boost his ego because god knows he doesn’t need that. 
This man knows every spot, every motion.  When his tongue is deep down there and looks up into my eyes I swear to god I go to another place.

Do You Love Oral Sex Too? 

Believe it or not good oral sex has a lot to be said for.
I have lost count of the amount of women I know who have straight out said ‘He doesn’t do it’ or  ‘How I like it’, or on the other token ‘He doesn’t do it at all’. Something I have never understood.
One thing I do know is communication is so damn important in any relationship.  A lot of the time unless you tell your partner which or what way you enjoy a certain kink unfortunately they may not ever know.
Love Oral
Sex And Mouths
See there was a point in my relationship I guess you could say a turning point sexually.  Which is ironic because our bedroom life has always been amazing and I can vouch for that with great ease.

But at some point and I do remember the day, when my man called me up out of the blue.  He blankly told me, ”Babe I don’t think your really spending that much time down there anymore”.

I was if anything a tiny bit taken back.

Had I really been slack in giving him the oral pleasure he deserved.?  Was I falling short in an area of our sex life?
Being honest, I kind of second guessed myself, but at the same time I was thankful he had been honest with me at the very least.  You may be thinking what an ass.  But he actually told me he was concerned that maybe it hurt me or I was uncomfortable (Bless him).

The fact that he had been open made me look twice at the loving I had been giving him and helped push up my oral game.

Now it also has the flip side that it gave me a new take on communication.  As time passed I began to feel as though my cookie had been neglected in the oral lovemaking department.

One day after fumbling words I proceeded to spit it out and tell him, I felt neglected too.

I love oral as well! 

Truthfully our desire for one another’s bodies combined with the passion had began to push away all foreplay leading up to sex.  It made it so we literally just got straight to the good stuff.
Don’t get me wrong this is amazing. But all the same there is no better feeling then exploring and taking your time to taste and savour your lover’s body.
He surprisingly took it well.  After all it wasn’t me whinging about the way he ate me.  There was zero complaints there.  Just the act itself had become less prevalent.
A bit like how me spending hours down there pleasing him had dwindled away.  Now both these things neither of us would have known if it wasn’t for the fact that we decided to be totally honest and candid with one another.

I see so many women in my work who are frustrated that there lover isn’t performing to the ability they want, Or falling short in the bedroom.

Have you ever sat down and just told them what you want?

You would be amazed by the amount of both men and women in this predicament who haven’t.   Usually out of fear of hurting their partners feelings, or they genuinely don’t know how to approach that conversation.
Its crazy because I wasted too much time darting around the truth hoping not to hurt my man.  But the reality is honesty is everything in a relationship.
Especially to have a long healthy sexual relationship you cannot go about it any other way!

Love Oral?  Honesty Is The BEST Sexual Policy.

Love oral
erection guide

Love Oral?  Sex Techniques Guaranteed To Make a Woman Orgasm Every Time

When I was a young adult first starting out having sex on a regular basis, I had no idea how to make a woman orgasm.

I had heard about the clitoris, but had no idea where it was located, or its importance for a woman’s orgasm. This lead to a pretty bad sex life, at least from a self-esteem perspective… and a couple of failed relationships. 

After being fed up with the bad sex and results  I took the time to learn what was necessary to satisfy women in bed, orally and otherwise.

Among several other areas I needed to improve my sex life as a man.  I purchased a pile of books specifically on the female orgasm — including oral sex books, books with penetrative techniques, Taoist sex methods and more.

Use This Oral Sex Technique To Bring Women To Orgasm On Demand 

Bring your girlfriend / wife to orgasm on demand with this technique (well… with a few minutes of warming up and work).  You’ll have a happy partner every time. 

I learned several other techniques to make women orgasm since then — via penetration, orally or manually.  This is an excellent starting move to get down to ensure she’s at least had an orgasm during sex.

Get Her Warmed Up… So the Clit is Hot to the Touch Once You Touchdown

  • Make sure to circle all her erogenous zones without touching them directly during foreplay, for some time.
  • Tease her, get her hot and begging for some direct stimulation.
  • Lick around her nipples without touching them directly, same with her clit.
  • Then after a bit of teasing, stimulate the nipples directly.
  • Work your way down to her clitoris, and begin some stimulation to her clitoris with your tongue.

Forget Reciting the ABC’s With Your Tongue

Repeat the Same Stroke to help take her closer to Orgasm 

  • Repeated long strokes from bottom of tongue, where the tongue is wider.
  • Stroke all the way up to the tip of the tongue, and then a light snap on the clit with the tongue. 
  • It doesn’t need to be any one precise motion but something along these lines I’ve found works best for me. 
  • If you hear her moans, and she’s grabbing your head, hips rising off the bed, you know you’re hitting the right tongue stroke, so keep that up.
  • The whole idea of reciting the alphabet with your tongue must have started out of a joke.  But I’ve seen it seriously advised in some places… there is no worse idea than this.
  • Imagine a woman changing the type of stimulation she provides to your penis on each “stroke”.  It will take you a lifetime to reach orgasm. 
Love Oral
clitoral stimulation

Once That Pelvis Begins Rising Off the Bed, You’re On The Right Track

Introduce The Killer Finger Motion

  • After some time, she’ll begin raising her pelvis off the bed and into your face.
  • She may begin gyrating.  You’re on the right track.
  • At this point in time, introduce two fingers — your index and middle fingers into her vagina.
  • Keep up the oral stimulation on her clit. 
  • DO NOT change what you’ve been doing on her clit.
  • With these two fingers, you want to rub against her upper vaginal wall (her g-spot area) in a “come here” motion. K
  • eep those two fingers “coming here”… and she’ll be “cumming here” in no time.

Continue On and Soldier Through to Her Orgasm

Your neck muscles and tongue may begin to ache when first starting out giving cunnilingus, but keep it up.  They’ll get used to it.

You want to keep the clitoral stimulation up, and the manual as well.  Hit her hot spots from both sides like this.  And if she raises her clit into your face/mouth, respond back.

Control her, hold her… pin her back to the bed with your mouth for fun.

Before you know it she’ll be reaching one of the most powerful orgasms she’s ever experienced.

And thanking you for it.

Guaranteed Orgasms = Guaranteed Peace

This is not only a surefire method of ensuring her complete satisfaction.  But an excellent solution if you suffer from premature ejaculation.   You’ll be able to get her to orgasm before you even begin penetrating or shorten the amount of time

You’ll need to penetrate once you do actually enter (something I used to my advantage in the early days of my sex life). 

Just remember… even during penetration. Pay attention to the clit for better chances of her orgasm!

Bio / About the Author

David Carreras is a sex researcher, author and blogger who’s been writing about natural, mental and physical methods a man can use to improve his sexual abilities for over 10 years now.

His techniques are compiled in Mr. Manpower’s Guide, and you can find his latest research and ideas on his blog. He teaches natural methods over medical solutions, as this will improve a man’s confidence knowing he’s not relying on an outside source.

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