Sperm Stoppers Are Cumming For You!

Sperm Stoppers are a type of penis plug with a glans ring.  It is the most famous popularly used penis plug around the world.  This stainless steel stopper is designed to make your experience with urethral sex toys a great deal of fun!

What are Sperm Stoppers?

It is suitable both for novices and more experienced people.

Its stopper on the top, blocks the top of the urethra.   This stops the stream of sperm going through.  A plug makes you feel really horny during insertion.  Its glans ring helps you get a stiffer penis and it also makes it look awesome.

Stopping sperm encourages the wearer to masturbate for longer.  It makes for some new and remarkable sensations that you will want to experience without a doubt!

A sperm stopper is often designed with a glans ring.

The glans ring goes around the penis’s head to secure the plug in place.  It gives extra excitement to the wearer.  Attached to the glans ring is the sperm stopper.

Most sperm stoppers are made of 316LVM surgical steel, which means it is surgical grade, body-safe and tough.

Sperm Stoppers
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Why Wear Sperm Stoppers?

This sex toy is often worn for the way it looks as a piece of body jewellery.

A lot of people love to wear it for that reason alone.  Sometimes their is a sparkly gem on top.  Best thing about it is that you don’t need to have a pierced penis to wear the sperm stopper.

Keep in mind, sex toys for men like glans rings and cock rings are lovely to wear.   But they also are worn for enhancing and upgrading sexual experiences.

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Alright, We Should begin off by Dispersing some Myths

This is NOT a chastity device.  It can bring a man to climax and it won’t stop you ejaculating.

At any rate, the sperm stopper is a mix of two items in one.  It’s a cock ring that connects to a “sperm stopper”.   This has a little stainless steel metal sphere on the end of a steel tube.  Other than the plug, it is luxuriously made from tough surgical steel.

Sperm Stoppers
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How Do I Use Sperm Stoppers? 

Slipping on the sex toy is simple.  Yet I’d suggest testing it out a little.

It’s made so the glans/cock ring rests with the pivot against the frenulum (the sweet spot on the underside of the penis).  Sperm Stoppers are almost effortless to slip on when semi-hard.  If you are excessively flaccid it may tumble off.  Or if you are excessively erect then it may hurt.

When placing the penis plug at first place it gradually onto the urethra.

I personally don’t have to use lubricant as I generate a lot of ‘pre-cum’.  But I understand that the majority of men need medical grade personal lubricant.  In case you’re uncertain, use lube!

On a side note if you’re puttong on an uncircumcised penis then you may need to draw the foreskin back first.  It’s not vital, yet it may feel better.

Once set up, the sensations are stunning!!

I initially attempted this with my lover and when I slipped the plug on, every touch of hers was exceptional.  Touching the head of my penis when I’m wearing it feels interesting.

Stroking the shaft made my head grow which in turn increased the sensations. Blended stimulation made my eyes roll back into my head.  After playing for some time, when I was building a climax, it felt distinctive yet in a pleasing manner.

I was extremely conscious of the metal ball on top of my urethra. But the mix of that and the glans ring appeared to heighten everything that was felt.   I use it all the time now, alone and with my lover.  Both experiences feel amazing.

My first time using a penis plug of this nature was very enjoyable.

Are there any Drawbacks?

  • On the off chance that you or your lover are excessively energetic, then it may fall off.
  • Be careful about penetrative sex with it on.

Other than that, it’s incredibl!!  It’s a finely crafted and body safe sex toy that’s simple to clean and great fun to use.

Using this has made me want to try out other types of adult sex toys that are similar and comparable nature.

I now need to attempt a few more glans rings (one specifically that focuses on stimulating the frenulum).  Also I need to attempt doing some urethral sounding.   I’ve heard that being stroked whilst using a sound is like nothing else I’ve ever experienced before.

In the event that you’ve never attempted this sort of masturbation before, Sperm Stoppers are a decent place to begin.


Sperm Stoppers
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I Love Penisplugs.eu

It is a site basically for people like me and you that enjoy that urethral play every once in a while and it is totally and completely incredible.

There is this sensation that these cock plugs bring that is just out of this world.  If you enjoy that then this is the place for you!  Incredible service and an amazing range of men’s urethral toys that are available.

You can actually get to play with and have a lot of fun with yourself or if you enjoy  play with a partner then it is even better.  This is because this urethral play is just amazing and fun and when enjoyed by two, then the more fun you are guaranteed having.

We all have amazing desires.  Whether it is enjoying that sizzling sensation in your urethra or just stretching or even dilating the urethra.  Hence this is the best site that you will ever actually visit.  You will get the perfect male sex toy that you need.

A Wide Array of Cock Toys

You will be blown away when you see the wide array of cock toys that are available.  Buy at any time which makes them even cooler.  I like the various ways in which the site actually takes to tell you exactly what to expect from a specific product. This is really incredible.

What can you learn about on Penisplus.eu?

You will find that the more you learn about these various products, the safer and easier it will be for you the next time that you are having this play.

I learnt the plugs are made from surgical stainless steel.  This makes them not only durable but also safe as well.  You can always disinfect them before using them again.

They are easy to use and does not require a genius to pull it off.  That is why I even like this site more.  They can also be heated as well as cooled to achieve a much more desired effect of pleasure.

The fact that the items are also really stylish because they have this shiny finish to them is what is even more amazing.  You will totally find them worth the money and the time like I did.

They are just incredible and the time that I am alone with my sex toys is the best time of my life.


Sperm Stoppers Purple Penis Plugs Sign
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I also spotted some aluminium and as well as chromed products that were cheap.  But I was assured that they meet the same quality mark that the stainless steel ones possess.

It doesn’t matter how much money you have.  If you want to have penis fun, then there is nothing really to stop you at all.

What Kind of Sensations will I Experience? 

The kind of sensations that these toys actually make me feel is totally unexplained.  I just love every second of it.

If you are into BDSM or any other form of penis play, then these sex toys are just the right kind of stimulation that you need.  Because I found mine here and am sure that you will also find exactly what you are looking for if you look close enough.

Urethral sounding penis plugs or cock plugs is one that is the best of them all.  This is exactly why I came to this site.

Sounding gives that feeling that you want if you want some sort of penetration.  There were steps that I had to take to make sure that it is not only safe, but also amazing to use.

Some guys have this tendency of inserting things that fit into their urethra and I understand them.  I was also tempted to do so before I discovered that they were actually these great sex toys.  I could order and receive mine within days.

How was My Online Shopping on Penisplugs.eu Experience? 

I did not have to limit myself on exactly what I wanted.  After going through the site deeper, I got to like even more of the things I came across.

I ended up ordering four which arrived just in time for me to have the best moments of my life with them.

Everything that these toys that I bought make me feel and the fact that it is all at really affordable prices, I just couldn’t resist the urge to try not just one but four of them.

Can I get Advice on this Site? 

Whenever I visit the site, I get all kinds of advice on how to use my urethral toy better so that I can get the best results out of it.

A lot more people are embracing this.  I just feel like I was one of the pioneers actually with everything that I have done with these sex toys.

Would I Recommend Penisplugs.eu? 

They were truly authentic and that’s what stood out to me the most.  Their products were of great quality and finish.

Upon placing my order on their website, I was pleasantly surprised by the quick delivery.  This speaks volumes about their customer service.

In the past, I’ve had negative experiences with online orders taking a long time to arrive.  But this was not the case with them.  I was extremely satisfied with all aspects of my purchase.

Their customer support was also very helpful and responded promptly to my inquiries. This made my overall experience even better.  Their prices are very reasonable, and I found myself tempted to buy even more than just five items.

I did end up purchasing five and have no regrets about any of them. Delivery is prompt and amazing and discreet if you are one of those guys.

That is why penisplugs.eu is just on a league of its own.

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