How To Host A Swinger’s Party!

What is swinging?

Swinging is a form of open relationship where committed couples engage in non-monogamous sexual behaviour. This isn’t just limited to couples but also to singles who enjoy engaging in open sex and orgy-like scenarios. Swinging became more mainstream during the 60’s with the sexual revolution and as time goes on we see more and more people becoming involved in the swinging lifestyle.

Timing is everything

You’ll want to pick a date in advance to give yourself enough time to plan the party and give people enough notice. Ideally, you’d want to pick a weekend give yourself about 4-6 weeks to plan and prepare. Try to avoid long weekends or holidays as people may have other commitments and therefore fewer guests at your party!

Location, location, location

You could hire an external space like a hotel room (or a few) or even a hall. However, these options can be costly to hire and food options will also be an added cost. If you’re comfortable to do so you could host the party from your own home, just make sure you remove any breakables or things that you don’t want body fluid on! Once your date and venue are locked in you can begin the festivities.

Guest list and rules

You should allocate a set number of guest, many swingers clubs limit the number of single men but often encourage single women to attend by offering free entry. You will want to keep a similar approach in your party planning as more often than not you’ll find women are more incline to swing with other couples or seek a woman to join them. If you have a high number of straight men there is a decrease in swinging activities.

Snacks to spreads

No party is complete without food, and your swinger’s party should be no different. I am not suggesting that you need to serve a 7 course sit down meal. You could consider having a platter spread or bowls of snack food, this is a good chance to make people comfortable as a guest if they are hungry. This is also an excellent ice-breaker for people to meet over the snacks or platters, an easy option for people to suss out their next potential playmate.

Comfort is key

You should have designated sex areas such as: couches, beds, bean bags and thing cosy and where people can get their swing on. Should you not want guest getting it on in your kitchen – assign no sex areas in the house and be very clear if anyone breaks this rule they will no longer be welcome at your party. Like I previously mentioned make sure you remove anything you don’t want damaged during a sex romp or stained with the body fluids that COME with sex parties. (See what I did there?)

Plan your party with your planning style in mind

Make sure your guests have elected their playmate and that everyone is comfortable in their space before you all get busy; it’s easier to manage a party beforehand, otherwise you’ll be very upset if you don’t get an orgasm before you’re interrupted with something party related. If you’re like me, I find it easier to manage a party or event if I am not involved in the activities at all. There is nothing wrong with micromanaging if it’s your style, there is also nothing wrong with completely winging it and going with the flow, it’s your party, host it however you see fit.

To let sleepovers happen or not

You should decide before the party if you want guest to sleep over or not. Personally, as a party planner it is easier to manage if all your guests leave after the swinging is over. That way you don’t have to worry about guests needing to feed in the morning or having a guest potentially steal from you or other guests. Having an estimated end time to the party should prompt guests to leave and as host you can do a once over of the house before you go to bed to ensure everyone has left the property.

Hosting Swingers

The clean up

The worst part of hosting is the clean-up and I am sure you will have lots and lots to clean. You should try tackling a whole room of the house before you move on to the next room and having those sex free spaces will come in handy for the clean-up. Remember to wash all bedding, sheets, pillowcases etc. you will need to vacuum and mop and clear the dishes and left over food. Once you’ve cleaned your house, light a candle, sit down and relax – you did it, you threw a swingers party! If you enjoyed it you can start planning your next swinger’s party maybe you could post an ad in your locate OhZone centre and invite other local swingers!

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