Hold On Tight!

As we get older, we tend to find that our muscles just aren’t as firm and tight as they once were. This is including your pelvic floor so hold on tight… That’s right, vaginal muscles, pelvic floor muscles, or PC muscles.

But never fear, as with every other muscle, with a little work, these can be back in tip top shape, even after childbirth.

In fact, you can get them into better shape than ever before, giving you a firmer grip, stronger bladder control, and more intense orgasms.

“More intense orgasms? Where can I find these kegel muscles?”

Quite simply really.

They’re the muscles you use when you hold in a wee and by activating and holding them, you can start to work them to be stronger and firmer.

And just like using weights with your presses, crunches and squats, using kegel balls can help greatly with the process of getting back to a tighter vagina.

Hold on Tight – the Basics

There are a heap of kegel training kits out there.  One of the most popular are the Satisfyer Balls.  There are three styles, and each one comes with three different weighted balls to step up from beginner, intermediate and advanced.

Options are single balled, double balled, or double balled with moving balls inside, which causes a vibrating sensation with movement.  It helps trigger your kegels into action.

Each one of these kegel balls have a ‘retrieval’ loop at the end for simple and safe extraction.

What to do with your kegel balls is fairly straightforward.

Always make sure they’re nice and clean before and after use.  Apply some water-based lubricant to the kegel balls.

With your legs open and your vagina relaxed, slowly ease the ball in.  There are a few ways to go from here.  Either by staying prone or standing upright, start to relax and contract the muscles, by exhaling and aspirating respectively.

You can also just go about your day, at work, exercising, cooking, as your muscles will activate to keep the kegel balls in place.

Also check out this simple chart for a visual picture of the above words.

hold on tight using kegel exercises
Kegel Exercises

In the Meantime

While you’re starting out with your kegel training, there are a few other ways to have that tighter feeling to enhance those intimate moments.

You’ve probably heard of or seen a pussy pump before.  By swelling the labia, this will give a similar feeling to having a tighter vagina.  Or using a serum like Intimate Earth’s Embrace offers the same result and effect.

For those with male partners, there are some other options for them as well.  They could wear an extender, like one from Fantasy X-tensions.  Or use a larger sized hollow strap-on.

Exercise with Rewards

If you would like to incentivise your kegel workout, here are a few, more advanced kegel trainers that will also deliver a happy ending.

Aneros is a company that started with designing prostate massagers.  But have since added Evi to their product lines under the banner of Aneros Femme.

Aneros Evi is an odd design to look at, but its form is all about function.

The inserted, bulbed end will rest against your g-spot, while the ‘handle’ sits outside to connect with your clitoris.  Evi doesn’t vibrate, instead the wearer uses their kegel muscles, which moves the device and stimulates both the clitoris and g-spot simultaneously.

Like other fully inserted kegel balls, the Evi is wearable.  So can be used while out and about.  Though you may find it becoming hard to concentrate with the pleasures this unit will bring you.

If you want to take it even further

Aneros now have a vibrating version of the Evi, the Vivi.

The Vivi is a rechargeable device, and while very similar in shape to the Evi, is in fact a little smaller.  Best of all, there is a free phone that can be downloaded to take full, hands free control of the device.

As with the Evi, the Vivi is wearable.  An app can even send you reminders throughout the day to do your kegel exercises.

hold on tight sex toys

Other Rechargeable Vibrating Devices

There are other rechargeable vibrating kegel balls such as the remote controlled Alulah Poppy or the app-enabled We-Vibe Bloom.

Bloom has three weighted, screw-on heads so you can amp up your exercises as you progress along.  And as with all We-Vibe app-enabled toys, you can also connect the free We-Connect app to your lover’s phone.

Where they can control it from anywhere in the world!

The next step up from the app-enabled Bloom is the Lovelife Krush.

Powered by the tech-centric OhMiBod company, that kicked off in 2006 with an iPod reactive vibrator.  The Krush is a sleek little pink device with some awesome control provided by the free Tasl app.

Krush has a slew of built in sensors designed to measure your pressure, endurance, control and grip.  The app translates all of this info as it guides you through a range of exercises.

Krush is also now able to connect with the OhMiBod Remote App.

Adding a whole new level of fun to this already amazing little toy.  As with the We-Connect, the OhMiBod app can connect with lovers around the world.  But also has an in-app chat function to keep those sexts going during play.

There are a range of other features in these apps, but maybe you’ll just have to see it for yourself to believe.

You’ve Chosen Your Exerciser so Hold on Tight

Now that you’ve chosen a kegel exerciser and worked your muscles back into shape, you can now look forward to the following.

  • A vice-like grip during intercourse (or holding a strapless strap-on in place)
  • Enhanced arousal through increased blood flow
  • An enhanced bladder control
  • Enjoy more intense, multiple orgasms, more often
  • Being a step closer to squirting!
hold on tight
love and fun

Luv N Fun In The Bedroom

This is the third time I’ve bought a vibrator for personal use, and I must say that the Luv N Fun 5 Waterproof Vibrator has kept me very content.

It treated me very well, it was very good to me.

The vibrator is different than the ones I’ve had previously.

Luv N Fun sports a very flexible shaft, I mean it really bends almost to a 25 degree angle!

To me this was very surprising as I hadn’t come across many sex toys that could flex this well.  I mean it would bend and mould with my body, I could apply the pressure I needed and I wouldn’t accidentally hurt myself.

One of the reasons why I choose to buy this toy was because of the ribbed pattern on the surface of the shaft.

From seeing the ribbed pattern I knew I would love it and would make me feel so good.  The ribs are gentle and they are just enough to make climaxing that much easier.

Length of the vibrator means that it is long enough to reach your G-spot with ease and the ribs will be able to rub against your G-spot

Luv N Fun 5 was my first flexible vibrator

When it arrived at my house I was very excited and couldn’t wait to try it for the first time.  Just make sure no one is around when your opening up your sex toy parcel!

The Luv N Fun 5 is completely waterproof so you don’t need to worry about it when you’re in the shower or having a great time at the tub.  You can even take it into the sauna if you really wanted to.

It comes in a pretty pink, and while I must say I’m not a fan of that colour, I also say don’t judge a book by it’s cover.

Luv N Fun 5 shape is pleasing to the eye.

It also does not take that much space when putting it inside its storage pouch for safekeeping and storage.

hold on tight
Luv N Fun

The vibrator does not seem to consume much battery, and it is pretty quiet with just a little buzzing sound to indicate it’s doing its job.

Its great because with around three hours of fun per charge, you can put it to charge during the night and by the next day you’re ready for another Luv N Fun time.

I was surprised at first when I discovered it had eight vibration modes.

After I tested all of them I found that there are some that can give you a slow building climax which would feel so lovely.  Whilst there are stronger modes that are good for people who need a heavier climax.

Since you can change the modes, you choose the one which will work well for you and you can change them depending on your mood.

There are several good things I liked about the Luv N Fun 5.

First being its size and portability, which allowed me to take it with me when I went to visit my sister in another state in Australia.

Another one is how the combination of a flexible shaft and several of the vibration modes felt.  I really liked the synergy of the design of the vibrator.

Even better, it can be taken into the shower for some water play!

Material of the vibrator is body safe soft silicone that feel gentle.

Since it is a silicone vibrator you will need to use your favorite water proof lubricant rather than a silicone based lubricant.

For cleaning, all it takes is a quick bath in soapy luke warm water and dry it down with a clean towel.  When I had to clean it, the time it took me around 20 to 30 seconds to have it completely pristine.  It was ready to use all over again.

I really recommend the Luv N Fun 5 Waterproof Vibrator.

Because it is a portable sex toy that is made of quality that met and exceeded all my expectations.  Many features and surprises all while keeping the quality that Luv N Fun are known to have.

It is a great vibrator to find the g-spot!

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