About Last Night!

Friday night at the bar was busier than I expected that close to midnight. And as my friend mockingly pointed out, there were so many ladies in their forties even I’d be able to get laid. Not that I was out for that, believe it or not.

But Angela certainly was. I was barely a quarter way into my pint of beer when she first sidled up to the bar, making space for herself between my friend and I. The small talk came quick, the tequila shots even quicker.

Angela was a visitor from interstate, out drinking and staying with her friend, who was being her ‘wingman’ by keeping my friend occupied.

Within half an hour, the three of us were in a cab, my friend having gone home to his partner with a bunch of sex toys he had purchased from the Adult Lifestyle adult shop, and we soon arrived at the house Angela was staying at.

While she poured the two of us some wine, her friend excused herself for being too drunk and disappeared. Angela led me into the lounge room, and before my second sip of wine, her soft lips were pressed up against mine.

I’m pretty sure I’m not naive, but for some reason I really didn’t see that coming (well not at that time anyway). She didn’t kiss me like a typical one night stand does, something usually either free of tongue and passion or sloppy and messy. She kissed perfectly. Right amount of pressure, right amount of tongue, and oozing with passion.

Maybe a minute later, she shimmied closer and climbed onto my lap, her soft lips never leaving mine, her tongue probing. She tasted of agave and raspberry, an odd combination, but given the skills of her mouth, I really didn’t care.

She shifted her weight back, her curvy ass pressing hard on my knees. She pulled her parakeet-green blouse over her head, along with her bra, and tossed them aside. Somehow I had not noticed earlier, maybe with the flowing material of her top, that she was packing a fantastic, augmented rack in there.

For a moment, with these big tits staring me in the face, and how quickly she was moving ahead with everything, I had started to wonder if there was a hidden camera somewhere, and I was a surprise guest in an amatuer porno!

Angela grabbed the back of my head, forcing my very willing face onto one of her erect nipples. I assumed she’d spent good money on them, because while they were perky and full, they were still softer than I was expecting. Well, that, and also because she demanded feedback on what I thought of them.

I simply replied with affection and attention, licking, sucking and fondling those bad boys as much as I could. Briefly, the inner child in my mind contemplated giving them a ‘motorboat’, but thankfully I restrained from such a silly (yet entirely fun) act.

When she shifted forward and started grinding on my lap, I knew she could feel my eagerness pressing hard against her. She pulled my shirt over my head, and her lips moved from my mouth down to my neck, kissing and nibbling as she went, and continued to go until she found my nipple and latched on. Not usually my thing, but like I said, Angela was talented with her mouth.

Her hands then started undoing my jeans, made possible by sliding off my lap and wedging herself between my thighs. Her mouth continued down my body, along the curve of my hip, just as she let my cock out into the fresh air. Her soft petite hand snapped me up at the base just as her mouth engulfed the head. The skills of her mouth translated well to her new task, and I was left with no choice but to let my head roll back, let my eyes close, and feel each and every sensation.

Angela’s gift brought me very close to ending the night far sooner than I hoped. She never took a great deal more than my head in at any one time, but she made sure she was extra sloppy and she perfectly used her hand in unison. A well trained version of feeling like deep throating, without the bruised larynx.

She yanked my pants all the way off, and kept working my shaft with her lapping tongue. As she nudged my legs further apart and her mouth travelled south, once again the idea I was an unwilling participant in an amatuer porno crossed my mind. Analingus can be tricky enough to ask your long term partner to do, let alone have an almost complete stranger dive right into it.

That definitely isn’t a complaint. With her nose nuzzled beneath my sack, she rimmed me with her tongue like a pro, her hand keeping my cock well satisfied as she did. Given the work she was putting in, I think she was enjoying it almost as much as me. Just as I thought I was about to empty myself, she withdrew with one more loong lick along the front of my shaft.

When I felt her pull away from me, I looked down and saw her climbing butt-naked onto the lounge. I must have missed seeing her pulling her slacks off while I was lost in the blowjob. But I definitely didn’t miss her pasty rump as she slid onto the lounge, tucking her knees beneath as she offered herself, propped in the air.

Who was I to reject such an offer? She was well wet before my tongue pressed into the folds of her labia. Her night out partying strengthened the sweetness of her juices, and I was hooked. I lapped her up, with broad strokes starting at her clit and dragging my tongue firmly against her labia until I penetrated her with the tip. She moaned, and sunk herself closer to my face, seeking greater depths.

I obliged by raising my chin, where my tongue found her tight little booty hole, and driving two fingers into her pussy. I hooked my fingers towards her belly until I found her g-spot, and latched on.

‘Fuck yea, eat my ass,’ she gasped from ahead.

I didn’t need the push, but fuck it’s hot when a woman talks like that. Especially when it comes to anything anal. I don’t know if eating ass is so hot because of the long held taboo associated with that end of town, but either way, I’m down.

Angela started rocking her hips back and forth. She was clearly keen to rush things ahead, but I was having way too much fun. I felt her fingers push my thumb aside so she could work her own clit over. Fair call, I had my hands full elsewhere.

And judging by the noises she was now making, she was definitely doing a better job than I had been, and I was happy just to be concentrating on her holes. Relishing the taste of her sweet ass, feeling her pussy juice macerating my fingers.

Quickly after, and with even greater volume, she came with a howl, gyrating herself back against my hand and face, sinking her head into the cushion of the lounge to try to muffle herself.

‘I need you inside me now,’ she panted back at me.

Given her reluctance to move, I assumed she was after doggy-style. Again, no arguments from me. I raised myself onto my knees, using her secretions to lube my shaft up, before gently entering her.

She moved herself forward, ‘Hey, wrong hole!’

Her statement confused me, more so when I looked down to double check. I had definitely gone in her pussy.

‘Fuck my ass,’ she demanded.

Again, not something I typically come across (pun intended) in a one night stand.  I eased into her tight ass. She flinched for a moment, before relaxing herself, and the resistance of the muscle lessened. I let some spit drip from my mouth onto my cock for some extra lube, and continued to gently thrust inside her. I figured it was the best way to go until she let me know she wanted it harder.

Again she shifted her weight down onto her elbows and moved her hand onto her clit, furiously rubbing away. Finally, she sent the signal, pushing herself hard back against me, increasing the pace I was giving nearly tenfold.

I grabbed her by the hips and drove my cock deep and hard into her ass. Her breath heaved, curse words and blasphemes dribbled from her lips. I leaned forward and shifted my grip to her swinging tits.

‘Oh yeah, you like my tits?’

‘I fucking love your tits.’

Angela raised her body up somewhat, so I could better grope those bouncing beauties, and still occupied her clit with her other hand. She dipped her head back towards me, the silky sheen brushing against my chest. One of those sensations you forget how much you love when out of a comfortable relationship and it’s all just a race to the finish.

‘Harder, deeper’ she moaned.

I wasn’t quite sure how to get deeper, but gave it shot by shifting position once again, hooking one of my legs over her thigh, and using both hands on the opposing thigh. Given how sharply she fell back onto her elbows, I guessed that had done the trick.

‘Yeah yeah, like that, keep it going,’ she ordered.

I listened, maintaining the motion and speed, listening to her raising moans as she raced towards climax. Everything about this night had me so turned on, so horny, and listening to her building vocals, I found myself nearer and nearer to coming.

‘Don’t you dare come inside me,’ she managed between heavy breaths. ‘Tell me when you’re there.’

Thankfully her fresh orders put a bit of a dampener on my excitedness, and I was no longer spinning on the brink. On the other hand, she continued to spiral headlong into her orgasm, still leaning forward on her elbows, still furiously massaging her clit while I pounded her sweet ass.

‘Fuck yeah, I’m there, I’m there, I’m coming…’

Her words faded into a heavy moan, a long loss of breath, and finally, a deep guttural groan. It was the hottest combination of noises I’d ever heard, and was ready to follow behind her.

‘I’m gonna cum,’ I relented, pulling myself out of her ass and tugging my rock hard cock, ready to explode all over her back.

But Angela had other plans. She quickly twisted herself round, and in the low light seeing her tits wobble about spurred my surge along beautifully. She grabbed a hold of my shaft and took my length deep inside her throat, far deeper than her earlier attempt. Her mouth was a deliciously wet and soft change from her ass, and had me explosively shoot my load into the back of her throat.

She moaned again as she took the whole lot and swallowed it deep, gently fingering my balls to ensure she got each and every last drop. I struggled to keep my eyes from closing in exquisite pleasure and keep them transfixed on hers staring up at me, almost my whole cock held within her lusty lips, and those huge tits pressing against my knees.

Angela drained me like a succubus, before rolling her tongue up along the front of my body, making all my hair stand on end, until she brought her lips to mine. Again with that amazing kiss. My arms slipped around her, pulling her tight against me.

At length, she led me into the spare room where she dragged her suitcase off the bed. We crawled into bed, and she immediately turned her back to me and pulled my arm over her for a rather oddly forced spooning.

By morning, my legs felt like jelly, and my head a little worse for wear from the tequilas. Angela was already dressed in a daggy, stay-at-home tracksuit and despite the still early hour of the day, quickly got me up and towards the front door.

Right there, in broad daylight, and her friend being anywhere nearby in the house, she kissed me passionately. The kind of kiss you know will be the last time you enjoy, but wish you could get everyday. Her body pressed against mine, my cock reacted once again, pulsating and protruding against her. She sank to her knees and blew me, enough to make my legs wobble, but not enough to do much more than tease me.

When she returned her lips to mine, inching me towards the door, I noticed something that she was wearing that she definitely didn’t have on last night.

The diamond caught the sunlight, which is what drew my attention to the two rings on her left ring finger. Angela caught me spotting them, and gave me an odd look as I walked out. I’m still not sure if it was a look of apology or guilt, but I thought long and hard about it on my walk home.

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