3 Times The Anal Fun With b-Vibe!

A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to receive the newest rechargeable butt plug released by b-Vibe called the Triplet and my gosh am I impressed and more than happy that this is now part of my toy collection, it’s definitely my new favourite plug and is currently sitting at the top of my toy drawer ready to go whenever I need. I was very happy when I was handed the black one as it is my favourite colour but it also comes in a nice fuschia if that’s more your style.

I’ve been impressed by b-Vibe since noticing the Rimming toy when I first started working at Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres over a year ago now but at that point hadn’t ever experimented with anal play so you can only imagine how intimidating the rimming toy would have been for me. After a bit of researching, I noticed b-Vibe had 2 other sized toys available at the time and knew they were a must have in the stores and now is my go to brand whenever customers come in looking for a good quality butt plug whether they are a beginner or an anal sex expert who is looking to receive the benefits of a prostate massage.

b-Vibe Triplet Packaging

Let’s start with the fancy packaging all 4 plugs come in. They come in a nice black box with a photo of the plug on the front and covered with all the basic information any customer would need to know before purchasing one of their products but you’ll also find a booklet guide inside the box with all the information you’ll need. Once you open up your box you’ll see the hard case b-Vibe has included with your toy and it is literally the best carry bag I’ve ever seen a toy company give to their customers for toy storage, it has a pocket inside for you to put your charging cord and remote so that they’re separated from the toy when in storage. You’ll never have to worry about losing anything or having your toy melt onto another silicone toy in your toy box. The case reminds me of the old game boy carry cases you’d have to purchase separately and they wouldn’t be cheap either so BIG CLAPS and a 10/10 for b-Vibe for being so generous!

Material And Recommended Lubrication

The Triplet is made out of seamless body safe silicone, it is free of harmful phthalates, latex free and is non-porous. Because it made out of silicone I’d recommend sticking to water based lubricants but if you do prefer silicone based lubricants you can use Super Slyde with your toy and not have to worry about it eating away at the material, it’ll last a lot longer as your body won’t absorb it and it is a great anal lube as it is super slippery.

b-Vibe Triplet Fuchsia Sex Toy Image
Sex Toy: b-Vibe Triplet Fuchsia

b-Vibe Triplet Features

b-Vibe Anal plugs all come with a wireless remote which works from up to 30 feet away and is really easy to sync up with your plug. The remote takes one BP-232 battery which is already included with your toy.

Triplet has 2 strong motors in it, it comes with 6 different speeds and 15 pattern settings so whether you are someone who can’t handle strong vibrations or someone who loves a strong vibe this toy will cater to all your needs and the remote even allows you to increase and decrease your patterns if need be. It has 3 beads starting from smallest to biggest and is nice and flexible so you always feel comfortable no matter what position you are in once it is inserted.

Unfortunately, none of the b-Vibe range is 100% waterproof they are only splash proof and shower friendly so I guess that makes me half happy, it would be awesome if they’d work on that with their next release but one can only hope.

b-Vibe Triplet Fuchsia Sex Toy Image
Buy Now | b-Vibe sex toy range

I love a toy that tells you when it needs to be charged and this one does just that, the bottom of your toy will start flashing at you once it is getting low in charge and it only takes 2 hours to completely charge once flat and will last you about an hour or so in play depending on what settings are used. To charge up your toy you must simply connect your rounded end of the charging cord to the bottom of your b-Vibe which is really simple as it just works like a magnet and then you must connect the other end to any USB dock or computer. Your toy will come with a bit of charge when you first purchase it but I’d recommend putting it on charge before first use so there isn’t a chance of it going flat half way through your first session.

You also have a travel lock option so you’ll never have to worry about your toy accidentally going off in your bag when out in public and to find out how to activate the travel lock you have to go through the instruction manual which I find a plus as most people tend to throw that part away when there could be extra information in there that you may need to know but didn’t think about when first opening up the toy.

b-Vibe offers a 1-year warranty so that if there are any manufacturing issues you find with your product they are more than happy within the first year to sort that out for you if need be.

Enjoy and be safe!

Author: Elliana is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle CentresSave






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