Future Sex – Is Sex Tech the Way Forward?

I think we would all agree that in the world, Future Sex is going in that direction anyway.  We already spend a good deal of our lives connected to machines and live some of our lives on the internet.

I have been thinking a bit lately about what sex will be like for us all in the future.

This was because I watched an episode of a show called ‘Black Mirror’, set in a society in the future.

People had implants in their heads which essentially recorded their lives.  They can replay events in their heads and save them.

This causes all sorts of problems for the main protagonist.  He is consumed with paranoia about whether his partner is watching her ex while she is having sex with him.

Was she flirting with him at a party?

You can imagine the issues it raises.

Well sit up straight because today I find out Google have this new app called “glance” glasses where you can watch what your partner is seeing!

We already spend a good deal of our lives connected to machines and live some of our lives on the internet.  Technology is improving though and we are just at the beginning of it.

People are now able to find a partner and fall in love, and have full on relationship with someone they have never actually met.

future sex

Future Sex

If you don’t want to deal with real people full stop when it comes to sex, then millions of people are members of a virtual world called Red Light Center.  A bit like “Second Life”.

But about sex and virtual prostitution where you can buy sex or persuade other users to have sex with you.

More and more we are directing our relationships and sex lives from our phones and devices.

When it comes to watching porn, we will soon be experiencing it in a more immersive way.

With the invention of 360 degree cameras and viewing glasses and virtual reality sex, it is already happening.  I am sure it won’t be long before we will have realistic holograms in our lounge rooms getting it on.

Only a few years ago I would have thought it inconceivable that I could use a sex toy like the We Vibe that my partner controlled from the other side of the planet.

Just last week one of my work friends sent around a picture of a 3D clitoris.

No doubt this will have amazing repercussions for the sex toy industry.

Soon we will be able to have sex toys made that are specifically designed exactly for our own bodies.

It gets more exciting though.

There is now Haptic technology.  This is a ‘touch’ feed back system, where a person wears sensors and feels the touch sent by another person. They are already developing “Fundawear” and a “Hug shirt”.

I believe that eventually we will be able to send our touch to other people with just thoughts.  Think about those prosthetic limbs that are controlled by the brain sending signals to nerves.

Imagine how great this would be for disabled people.

Sex Masturbation Robot
Image: Cleaning & Sex Robot

Future Sex will be much less about having babies and almost exclusively about fun.

The way we reproduce is already changing.  We are moving out of the bedroom when it comes to having babies and into hospitals and laboratories.

More and more our sex lives will move away from real intimacy and emotion.   This will be good in someways and bad in others.  Sex will be mostly about provoking pleasure and orgasm in the most efficient reliable way we can.

All fetishes and sexual needs will be catered for.   Sex will be safer, and never need harm another human being.

It will be much more exploratory.

Gender and sexual identity wont matter as much anymore. That can’t come quick enough.

Just as I think we are replacing friendships with Facebook. We may well replace Facebook with robots.  If you are wondering how soon it will be until you have a robot partner, well I think I may begin to see it happen in my life time.

If you have seen the movie “Her”.   Then I don’t think that is too far away. (In the film a guy falls in love and has amazing sex with his virtual assistant).

If you think this is just way out there.

We already have virtual assistants , Apple has “Siri”.

Add to that some ‘artificial intelligence’.  If you watched the news a few months ago, a robot has now begun beating the world champion in the most complex board game on the planet, it is learning from itself!

Add to that how realistic some of the latest life size sex dolls are.  And add to that, your 3d print inspired, custom designed sex toy technology.  You have yourself a partner.

Future Sex – does all this sound wonderful?  I think some of it does.

BUT the more we seek to get better and faster fixes, and the less we need real human to human contact, the more disconnected and fed up we will all feel.

I think we will see rises in sex addiction and other addictions.

The more time we spend away from each other the less we know how to be with each other.

Thankfully I truly don’t believe we will ever really be able to replace real human to human, soul to soul, sex though.  If we ever do, many centuries from now, I predict we will all probably be rising up in revolutions for a return to it.

future sex
virtual sex

Why You Need To Be Using VR Porn Sites With Teledildonics

There is simply no denying the fact that COVID has brought a grinding halt to a lot of things.

Not only are more and more people staying home, but couples that are staying home together are afraid to engage in physical interaction. One can only imagine what this has done for couples in long-distance relationships.

It’s not like long-distance wasn’t already hard enough. Whatever the situation is, this is exactly where teledildonics could come in handy.

You are probably thinking what? Don’t worry because you are going to learn everything that you possibly need to know.

A Look At Teledildonics

If you sound the name out tele-dildo-onics, it will probably give the meaning of the term away.

That’s right, you read dildo.  Pretty much what these devices are. They are high-tech sex toys that are allowing couples to take their pleasure to the next level while also remaining safer than they’d ever imagine.

If you were heavily sexually active back in the 90s it is possible that you’ve already heard of these devices.  In fact, this is when they got their start.

Back in the 90s during the HIV/AIDS scare these devices were introduced onto the market as safer more practical means of sexual interaction.

In simple terms, they are high-tech sex toys that can be controlled from the Internet by sending data back and forth between a device and a controller.

future sex

Sending And Receiving Pleasure

VR porn and teledildonics might seem like two new concepts, but as you can see both of them have been around for quite a while.

While VR porn hasn’t been discussed yet, it is something that’s been around and evolved over the years as well.

VR porn now offers users a more lifelike experience than ever before.

It will almost be like you are there in the room.

There are now even a handful of teledildonics VR porn sites that are taking advantage of both technologies.

They are doing just this by allowing users to control the depths, sensations, and use of sex toys that some webcam models employ.

Users can use these devices to send signals to the sex toys that these models are using on cam. But it doesn’t just stop there. That’s right, it can go both ways

These devices can also be used to pleasure the pleasure-giver as well.

Can Be Connected To Videos As Well

Don’t worry because you don’t have to use these devices only with webcam models. There are a number of sites that are also incorporating this technology into their videos.

That’s right, you can strap on your pocket vagina, pull up your favorite videos, and go to town.  Technology will sync the toy with the story and it’ll be as if you are the man receiving the pleasure.

Combine this with the VR technology available today, and the whole experience will be so immersive that it’ll take your sexual pleasure to a whole new level.

You might not even want to go back to regular sex again.

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