First Timers Part Two

Continued From Part One…

Bec felt the mattress sink as Jon climbed on top. She still couldn’t see him, despite trying to shift her gaze through the small crack at the base of her blindfold. Her wrists and ankles kept the under-bed restraints pulled taut, holding her back from wrapping herself around him.

The gentle shift of weight on the bed as Jon shuffled around. She was dying to know what he was going to next! Her pelvis contracted and released. She craved him. Her whole body was on edge, waiting impatiently to be finished off, to be consumed.

And then there it was. The warmth of his breath, lingering so close to her pussy. She dared not utter a noise, or force herself towards him.

She had learned that lesson already. Instead, she tried to linger in the moment. Bec realised just how sensitive she had become tonight, having been kept on edge for so long. Briefly, she almost thought she might come just from the heat of his breath.

Jon inched forward, the light fur on his face first tickling her labia, before his tongue pressed broadly against her clit.

Bec wailed.

Jon kept on, long slow strokes to start with, struggling to stay on target as Bec writhed beneath him. His tongue shifted, tracing little loops around her clit, occasionally joining his lips and sucking hard on it.

His finger pressed through her soaking lips, her pussy quickly engulfing his digit, and begging for a second, to which he added. Jon pushed his fingers deep in her, until the other closed half of his fist pounded against her.

With great concentration, he kept his tongue circular, and a lot slower than his hammering fingers, which he was now curling towards her belly.

Bec’s voice grew higher and higher in pitch, until she could no longer produce any sound at all.

Jon felt his fingers macerating within her pussy, and despite the pelvic seizure beneath him and her breathy exhales, he did not relent for a second. Indeed he pushed on even harder, easily driving a third finger within her.

Bec wriggled violently, so much so that her blindfold peeled off, snapping off at the crown of her head. Her eyes were nearly crossed, unable to see Jon peering up at her from between her thighs.

Bec came like fireworks.

Rapidly rising, before bursting as high as she could go, exploding into a flurry of colour and fire. There was a delay from her release until her voice followed; her lungs forcing air through her lips, deep, trembling.

It felt as though she hung there in the sky forever, almost frozen in time, glowing and ablaze. She was still luminous and fiery as she fell slowly back down to earth, gently riding the waves of ecstasy coursing through her whole body.

Bec had had many an orgasm throughout her life, some far more outstanding than others, but something felt different this time. Not just the build and the climax, but the release itself. It felt… she felt…

She felt… messy.

With her consciousness slowly returning to her body and a smile stretching from cheek to cheek, Bec looked down her still jerking body. Between her thighs, Jon was looking right back at her.

She couldn’t quite make sense of his expression; it was somewhere between a smile and complete surprise. Bec figured he must have been working her over hard, as his face was drenched in sweat, his hair darkened from dampness.

‘That was…’ she began.

‘That was amazing!’ Jon blurted, cutting her off.

‘Did you come?’

‘No, but you sure did.’

‘Oh I know.’

‘I don’t think you do.’ Jon pulled himself on top of Bec, raising his face to meet hers. She was still rolling in the waves, her hands tugging the restraints to their limit. He reached up and released one of her hands. Immediately Bec yanked the blindfold completely off and grabbed the back of Jon’s head and pulled his face onto hers.

Her tongue plunged in and around his mouth, desperate to take him all in, to make up for all this time she’d been held back, unable to respond in kind to his toying.

Jon pulled himself away from her lips. ‘This is all you,’ he said, pointing to his damp face.

‘What are you talking about?’

‘You squirted!’

‘What?!’ Bec was thrown back. She had heard of female ejaculation but had barely even believed its existence. And yet, the whole idea turned her on. Discovering something new. This idea that she could squirt, ejaculate, it gave her a sense of power.

She took hold of Jon’s head and lashed her tongue against his cheek, tasting herself in a whole new way. It tasted different than her usual juice; milder, not as concentrated. She continued to explore Jon’s face, until her tongue met his, and the couple los themselves for some time kissing each other.

Yet the whole time, still with her scent on the tip of her tongue, and Jon’s hardened cock pressing against her, Bec could not help but wonder how the future of their sex lives was going to travel from here. How excited she was that they had set off on this journey, and just how much damn fun it was going to be to continue to explore each other.

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