Exhibitionism – Out And About In Public! Personal Accounts

I have always loved Exhibitionism and it is one of many ways to bring something new to my play and many kinks.  Exhibitionism can be in the art of having sex, conducting sexual exploits, being naked in public or semi-public or being watched in public conducting sexy acts.

A simple and common example of exhibitionism is having sex in your car.

As with all and any kinks, consent is vital! Please make sure you have your partners permission before embarking on this.

Exhibitionism can come in many forms and many levels. Some Kinksters enjoy the feeling of being sneaky. The thrill of being in an environment where I might be caught, or seen, or the rush of having on secret Lingerie, cuffs or collars that strangers out in public do not know.

Sex toys For Exhibitionists
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One of my faves is wearing a vibrator while out to dinner. Wearing a discreet  vibrator like WeVibes “moxie”, that clips securely to your panties. It can be used solo or connected to the app through Bluetooth, for more public use.

Silent and compact, no-one will ever know.

You don’t need to go big or go home when it comes to indulging this kink. to start out think of scenarios that thrill you or increase excitement. Try wearing a butt plug or vibrator while doing your grocery shopping. Make it more surprising by giving your partner the remote to many of our wonderful toys such as we vibe, B vibe and let them take control of your pleasure while out at dinner.

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Many companies have designed toys to be discreet and travel friendly. Palm Power has a collection of wands suitable for travel.  The wand is small enough for a handbag but also comes in a pocket edition with carry case.

Bullets range in discreet sizes with carry cases but also come in a range of intense vibrations and settings.

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Get a Buzz with some exhibitionism play.

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10 Brave Personal Accounts of Exhibitionism

Exhibitionism is a psychological condition that involves the urge to expose oneself to others, The sharing of personal accounts can provide a fascinating insight into the mind of exhibitionists.

What Exactly Is Exhibitionism?

Exhibitionism is a type of paraphilia, or sexual disorder, that is characterized by the desire to expose one’s genitals to others, often in public places.Not all exhibitionists engage in this behavior for sexual reasons. Some do it for attention, as a form of rebellion, or as a way to cope with anxiety or depression.

What Types of exhibitionism are there?

Exhibitionism is a type of paraphilia that involves the exposure of one’s genitals to others, often in public places. The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fifth Edition (DSM-5), defines exhibitionism as a disorder that involves

“recurrent and intense sexual arousal from the exposure of one’s genitals to an unsuspecting person.”

There are two types of exhibitionism: “pure” exhibitionism and “complicated” exhibitionism –

Pure exhibitionism;

involves exposing oneself to others for the purpose of sexual gratification.

Complicated exhibitionism;

involves additional factors such as aggression, voyeurism, or pedophilia.

It is considered a disorder when it causes significant distress or impairment in social, occupational, or other areas of functioning. Not all exhibitionists meet this criteria, and some engage in the behavior without any negative consequences.

What is The Psychology Behind exhibitionism?

Some experts believe that it may be related to childhood trauma, such as sexual abuse or neglect. Others suggest that it may be a result of a dysfunctional family environment or a lack of social skills.

One theory is that exhibitionism is a form of acting out, a way to express repressed feelings of anger, frustration, or powerlessness.

Another theory is that it is a form of self-soothing, a way to cope with anxiety or depression by seeking attention and validation from others.

It can lead to legal problems, social isolation, and damage to personal relationships.

Let’s have a look at 9 personal stories from Exhibitionists –

1: My experience with exhibitionism

My first experience with exhibitionism happened when I was in college. I had always been a shy and introverted person, but one day, while walking home from class, I decided to take off my clothes and run through the campus quad. It was a rush of adrenaline and excitement that I had never experienced before.

After that, I started to engage in exhibitionism more frequently. I would go to parks, beaches, and other public places and expose myself to strangers. It was a way for me to feel alive and to break free from the constraints of my introverted personality.

Over time, the thrill of exhibitionism started to wear off, and I began to feel guilty and ashamed of my behavior. Help was sought from a therapist and was eventually diagnosed with exhibitionism.

2: A journey from shame to acceptance

I would go to great lengths to hide exhibitionist behavior from others, even from my closest friends and family. Over time, I started to realize that my exhibitionism was a part of who I was. That I didn’t have to be ashamed of it.

Seeking out other exhibitionists and to connect with them online. I found a community of people who understood me and who accepted me for who I was. Through this community, I was able to learn more about exhibitionism and to develop a healthier relationship with my desires.

I am proud to be an exhibitionist.

Now I take precautions to ensure that I don’t engage in the behavior in inappropriate situations. But I no longer feel ashamed of who I am.

3: Living with exhibitionism and its impact on relationships

As an exhibitionist, I have struggled with maintaining healthy close relationships. My desire to expose myself to strangers has put a strain on my personal and professional relationships.

I have sought therapy to help me cope with my exhibitionism, and have learned strategies to manage my urges in appropriate ways. Learning how to minimize the impact my actions have on others.

Before I had the feeling of isolation and shame, but have found solace in connecting with other exhibitionists online and in support groups

4: Exhibitionism as a coping mechanism

Exhibitionism has been a way to cope with my anxiety and depression. When I expose myself to strangers, I feel a rush of adrenaline and excitement distracting me from my negative thoughts and feelings.

I recognize that sometimes my exhibitionism is not a healthy, and that it can have serious consequences. Therapy helped me develop healthier ways to manage my feelings.  It’s an ongoing process, but I am committed to making positive changes in my life.

5: The thrill of exhibitionism and its consequences

The thrill of exhibitionism is unlike anything else I have ever experienced. My rush of adrenaline and excitement that I get with exposing myself to strangers is addictive.

In the past I have been arrested multiple times for indecent exposure, and have lost jobs and relationships.  Despite this I want to expose myself to others and get a real kick out of it.  I am just more careful now.

6: How exhibitionism helped me overcome my insecurities

As a teenager, I was incredibly insecure about my body and my sexuality. I had been bullied and shamed for my appearance, and felt like I didn’t fit in with my peers. When I started to engage in exhibitionism, I found a newfound sense of confidence and empowerment.

By exposing myself to others, I reclaimed my body image. While I recognize that exhibitionism is not always a healthy way to manage insecurities, I am grateful for the role that it played in helping me to overcome my own demons.

7: Exploring exhibitionism as a form of sexual expression

Exhibitionism is a form of sexual expression. When I expose myself to others, I feel a sense of liberation and empowerment that I don’t experience in other sexual contexts. I only engage in exhibitionism in appropriate contexts, and always with the consent of others.

Exhibitionism is embraced as a part of my sexual identity, while recognizing the responsibility that comes with engaging in this behavior.

8: Exhibitionism and the law

As an exhibitionist, I am aware exposing myself in public is considered a crime, and can result in fines, jail time, and a criminal record.

In most other instances I follow the law, I also believe that exhibitionism should be treated as a mental health issue rather than a criminal one. Those who engage in public exhibitionism should be offered support, rather than being punished for their behavior.

9: Seeking help for exhibitionism

Seeking help for exhibitionism can be a difficult. Many people are ashamed of their behavior but there are resources available for those who are struggling with exhibitionism.

Therapy can be a valuable tool for managing urges and developing healthier coping mechanisms, while support groups and online communities can provide a sense of connection and understanding.

If you or someone you know is struggling with exhibitionism, it’s important to seek help and support.

You don’t have to suffer alone.


Managing exhibitionism is accepting it as a part of oneself, while also recognizing the potential consequences of engaging in it. With therapy, support, and self-awareness, it’s possible to develop healthier coping mechanisms and to build a fulfilling and satisfying life.

7 Of The Worst Places To Have Sex!

Everyone loves having sex and the old saying goes-

‘When sex is good its beautiful but when its bad its still pretty good’

applies in most cases. However you generally have the choice of whom and more importantly where you have intimate relations. So here are my top  worst places to have sex and the reasons why –

Navy Wooden Futon

1  Grandparents house:

After a certain age people homes smell and look like their owners. Although grandma’s an grandpa’s house is nice to visit and having a nice pot roast with the smell of food cooking is great. But when you are not in that cozy living room the bedroom smells of mothballs, ointment and stale air. The doilies on the bedside and old crotched blanket on the bed. Add to the geriatric mood making it one of the most unromantic places to have sex.

Even if you manage to get the spare bed it probably hasn’t been changed in ten years and bed mites are not wanted participants in your amouress activities.

2  A futon:

A futon is a torture device made by the Japanese that they secretly released into Western Civilization market place as furniture. In Japan the scientists that developed it a secretly laughing at the naivety of us Westerners that we actually believed it and even more so that we are so gullible that we continue to buy them.

Sex on Futon is like have sex on a cement slab. It is just not meant to happen.

3  Sex in an alley:

After a big night out clubbing you have picked up a wild one and cannot wait to get home to consummate this one night relationship. Being a bit under the weather and adventurous you display some of your exhibitionism and consent to sex in the dark alley around from the club. Apart from the fact that there are rats and all other vermin partying in the garbage the possibility of being mugged and raped.  There is a strong possibility that seems to add to the excitement of the event until it actually happens.

This is just plain dangerous and stupid and has to be one of the worst places to have sex.

4  Public bathroom:

Your friend that you go clubbing with last week was raped and robbed whilst having sex in a dark alley so you think that will never happen to you. So you meet the love of your night and decide what safer and better way to have sex on the first night but in the bathroom.


Regardless of whether it is the ladies or the men’s bathrooms are filled with germs. People have been pissing on the seats, snorting coke on the cisterns and pooping in the bowls.

Sure the ambience is great with all those numbers to ring on the walls and some fanciful poetry to read but it is just plain dirty.

5  The in-laws car:

You are sick and tired of the in-laws. They drive you crazy and they are away for the weekend. Ahh, what better way to exact revenge than borrow their car and have some kinky sex on the backseat. Ok, the revenge idea I get but surely there are better ways to exact revenge. Rather than ruining your marriage or making you testy in-law acceptance even more testy

6  Port-a-loo:

Port-a-loos’ are worst then toilets. Can you imagine anything that could be any worst then having sex where there is feaces everywhere. There is also the potential of accidentally getting to frisky, maybe a leg might fall into the toilet. You might splash your lips with poo or worst yet, you could both take a tumble.

Then the port-a-loo entire contents get’s tipped over both of you, whilst you both struggle to get out from a fallen enclosure.

7  Near a turned on TV:

Nothing can break a mode quicker than a bad news update about the latest thing’s that have tragically happened in the world today. You are amidst a very sexual moment and you hear a bunch of people yelling about how McDonalds prices have went up by $1.  If you have a mind that can ignore those type’s of moment then your all good. Most people struggle to participate in sex when there is something emotional happening in ear or eye sight.

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  1. Yeah, I appreciate that sometimes there is a fine line with the legalities of it all – but nohthin is more ofa turn on than the risk involved.

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