Having Sex With An Escort For The Very Fist Time!

Hiring sexual services is as common as ever, or even more so than before, and new technologies are making it easier and easier to hire them. We can find an extensive offer of services in any country and city in the world, but in the larger cities you can always find a greater variety of girls and services, as is the case of Sydney escorts.

Surely many of you have already had an encounter with one of the many escorts, but there are still many that are undecided. Because a first time with a professional is almost never easy. That’s why we’re going to try and give you some tips, so you can have a fantastic first time if you’re thinking about hiring an escort.


How to choose the girl

If it is the first time you are going to hire a professional sex worker, there are two highly recommended options. The first one is to choose an escort with a lot of experience, who already knows how to behave in front of a new client, since she has surely met many before you. These women will make you feel good and safe from the very beginning, helping you enjoy every moment. Sex with a mature woman is always very pleasant due to the great experience of these.

The other option is to contact and book a date with one of the beginner escorts. It always gives a little more security to see that the other person is as nervous as you, and with a beginner girl in this sector you will connect and have more things in common. It’s not only bout sex.That’s what we’ll talk about next.

Where to Choose the Girl

There are many contacts networks where you can see erotic ads. But, make sure that the site you are using to find and hire an escort is a serious and professional one.

There are really professional sites that are present almost all over the world, and you can hire from an escort in Melbourne to an escort in Brazil.


Try to connect with her

If you meet a professional girl think that she is going to be willing to do everything possible for you to be at ease, after all you are a customer. Take advantage of it and try to connect a little with her and make her feel good as well. If you get her to be comfortable with you, sex is most definitely going to be better and more enjoyable. But be very careful with your feelings, remember that it is only a service that you pay for and you are only a client.

Treat the escort with the respect she deserves

If you hire the sexual services of an escort, remember that you don’t have the right to do whatever you want with her. Agree beforehand what exactly the services are going to be, and stablish what the limits are. An escort is a person who offers a service that people want and need, and will try to do it in the best way possible. But, in no case is that person going to have to do as you please just due to the fact that you are going to pay.

If you respect the girls and make them feel good, the service they are going to give you will be much better.


After these recommendations, we can only remind you of the importance of protection for safe sex, so we also recommend that you bring your own condoms.

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  7. Estoy totalmente de acuerdo con los puntos que se citan en el artículo.
    La discreción es fundamental para poder tener unas relaciones sexuales plenas.
    Una lectura genial!
    Hoy he descubierto una gran web.

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