Ask Oz January 2024 – Effective Contraception Explained

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Ask Oz January 2024

Hey Oz, There is so much information on contraception and contraceptive methods. What’s your take on the most effective ones?


Effective Contraception Explained

Choosing the most appropriate contraceptive method involves considering not only personal preferences but also the method’s reliability in preventing pregnancy.

Effective Contraception Explained
Contraception: Condom

Does Contaception Always Work?

Effectiveness in contraception is influenced by the method’s correct usage, any associated side effects, and how well it aligns with your health needs and lifestyle.

Choosing an effective contraceptive method is significant for avoiding unintended pregnancies.  Long-acting reversible contraceptive (LARC) methods, like the contraceptive implant and IUD, are highly effective due to their ability to provide continuous protection without daily maintenance.

Considering these factors is crucial in determining the best contraceptive option that aligns with your reproductive goals and overall well-being.

Long-Acting Reversible Contraceptive (LARC) Methods?

Did you know there are special types of birth control that you don’t have to think about every day? They’re called long-acting reversible contraceptive methods, or LARCs. These include things like the contraceptive implant and the intrauterine device (IUD).

LARCs are super good at preventing pregnancies – they work better than 99% of the time if used perfectly! They’re some of the most reliable options out there, which means you can trust them to work well. Plus, they last for a long time without needing much attention.

The contraceptive implant is a tiny rod that goes under your skin and can prevent pregnancy for up to three years. It’s like having a secret superhero power against pregnancy! And then there’s the IUD, which is a little T-shaped device that goes inside your uterus. It can keep you protected for several years without you having to do anything!

These types of birth control are perfect if you want something you can just set up and forget about. With LARCs, you don’t have to worry about remembering to take a pill every day or use something before having sex. And because they last so long, there’s less chance of making mistakes and ending up with a surprise pregnancy.

Birth Control Pills
Contraception: Birth Control Pills

Sterilisation Methods for Contraception

Sterilisation methods are among the most effective contraceptive options available, with both male and female procedures boasting effectiveness rates of over 99%.

For guys, there’s something called a vasectomy. It’s like turning off the road for sperm so they can’t get into the semen anymore when you have sex. And for girls, there’s a thing called tubal ligation. It’s like putting up a big stop sign in the tubes that carry eggs to the baby place, so they can’t meet up with sperm.

But before deciding on sterilisation, there are some important things to think about. These methods are permanent, which means you can’t change your mind later very easily. And even if you try to undo them, it might not work, and you might not be able to have babies again.

It’s really important to talk to a doctor and think about your life and what you want for the future before deciding on sterilisation. Things like how old you are, if you want to have kids later, and how healthy you are all matter.

Learning about contraception
Let’s Talk Contraception

Male and Female Condoms as Contraceptive Options

Condoms are the most commonly used contraceptive methods.  Male condoms, which are about 98% effective when used correctly, act as a reliable barrier method during sex.

On the other hand, female condoms offer internal protection and are a valuable option for women seeking non-hormonal contraceptive choices. Even though they have lower effectiveness rates compared to LARC methods and sterilisation, condoms are easily accessible over-the-counter and do not involve invasive procedures.

Can condoms really help with unplanned prgnancies and infections?

There was a study by the NHS that found couples who always use condoms have less chance of getting infections or having a baby. That’s why condoms are so important – they help keep us safe and healthy when we have sex.

Natural Family Planning for Contraception

Natural family planning is a hormone-free way to prevent pregnancy, and it can work really well if done perfectly – up to 99%! But sometimes, things like irregular periods or mistakes can make it less effective.

To make natural family planning work better, you can keep track of signs like your body temperature, changes in mucus down there, and use a calendar to know when you’re fertile. This helps you plan when to have sex to avoid getting pregnant. But remember, it needs careful attention and sticking to the plan to be most effective.

Key Considerations for Choosing Contraceptive Methods

Choosing the right birth control method is important. It’s about figuring out what works best for you based on your health, lifestyle, and budget.

Firstly, consider your health. Some medical conditions or medications may affect which birth control is safe and effective for you. If you’ve had blood clotting issues before, certain hormonal contraceptives might not be the best choice.

Next, think about how easy it is to use the method. Some methods, like intrauterine devices (IUDs) or implants, require less daily attention. They provide protection for a longer time with fewer hassles.

Your lifestyle matters too. Pick a method that fits well with your daily routine and activities.

Don’t forget about the cost. Different methods have different price tags, and it’s essential to think about what you can afford. Even if something seems pricey at first, it might be cost-effective in the long run because it lasts longer. Your healthcare provider can help you understand the financial side and may have info about assistance programs or insurance coverage.

Couple on a date
Child Free Date Night

Optimal Contraceptive Decision-making

A young couple who is sexually active might want something easy to use and effective. They might choose a method like the contraceptive implant because it works well and doesn’t need much attention

Someone who had problems with hormonal contraceptives in the past might go for something like male condoms. These not only prevent pregnancy but also protect against infections, and they don’t involve hormones.

Doctors and nurses are really helpful in guiding people to choose the right method. They can talk about all the options, explain the good and not-so-good things about each one, and answer any questions. Talking openly with healthcare providers helps people make smart choices that fit their unique situations, making sure they stay healthy and happy.

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