Double Meanings In Advertising – When It’s Right To Be Wrong!

Sometimes people just don’t think or they do think.

Forget about being politically correct or incorrect when thinking of a book title or description of something one should always look to see if there are double meanings also known as a double entendre. Everyone get’s taught about double meaninsg when they are children through some of the jokes that we hear. One of the most common jokes that has a double meaning is this one:

A man walks into a butcher to buy some produce. The butcher turns around to the customer and says

“Nice to Meat you!”

There are two meanings present in this statement. The first meaning is from the word “Meet”, which is when two people are introduced for the first time. The second meaning is from the word “Meat” which is the flesh of an animal intended to eat for human consumption. This two separate words and definitions turn to form a joke which makes people laugh.

But sometimes there are more meanings to a word which are formed by suggesting it to someone or the intention behind someones thought process. For example:

I really feel like having a Sausage McMuffin. A bunch of people started laughing nearby and it turns out that they thought I was talking about wanting cock. The word sausage can also mean penis.

In the world of advertising people use double meanings all the time to sell products. It is hard to think that these types of advertisements happen by mistake, alter the product has come across multiple people’s tables to sign off for the creation of a product that has been made to make someone money. I have came across a book title for cat lovers to help them with taking care of a cat. Someone had named the book title

‘Games You Can Play With Your Pussy‘.

This title immediately brings up connotations of a  women masturbating with a vibrator or even something more hardcore than that.  So why on earth would publishers and writers use the title for a book on cats?

Well the answer is simple sex sells.  These people are not dumb asses they figure that they can ride off the sex boat and cash in a few dollars from people that will immediately be attracted to a headline like that.  The prudes jump up and down when they see a woman clad in some sexy lingerie on a billboard but making innuendos in order to sell a book cashing in on the sex industry is allowed.  Imagine the furor if I put on my porn site

‘God Is Cuming!’

Religous zealots would be up in arms screaming blasphemy and damning me to hell. But the funny thing is, there is no such thing as bad advertising. So even if people would kick up a stink about a title, you will find the product will be sold more easily because it has came across more people through the news.


Games you Can Play With Your Pussy
Stupid Book Titles


Think about it, I am not just having a lazy rant here.  Why is it ok for mainstream industry to cash in on

‘sordid sexual double meanings’

when the actual sex industry is often ostracized and demonized for what two consenting adults do in their bedroom.  If I put the image up of two lesbians engaging in cunnilingus in a public forum with the caption ‘Games You Can Play With Your Pussy’  it would be removed in nano-seconds.

What are some of the other incredulous headlines that writers and publishers have tried to cash in on.  Oh yeah, here’s one ‘Still Stripping’ which is a how to book on making quilts…. and no the 70 year old granny is not making them buff naked so why the title?  How about this one – although I think this may have been some dumb ass –

‘The Missionary Position’.

Yep that’s right the missionary position so have a guess what it is about?  C’mon it is obvious isn’t it.  It is the Autobiography of Mother Theresa – a Saint who I am sure did not get in the missionary position to often during her life.  Could you imagine ordering this online.  The books Catch Phrase is ‘In Theory and Practice’.   Sounds to me like it is XXX. They might as well be selling dildos at this rate of advertisement.

But there are a couple of helpful how to books out there and one even lives up to its title ‘How to Make Your Own Sex Toys – 50 Quick and Easy Projects (one hopes not too quick and that they clean up after themselves) and for me the gong goes to ‘The Pocket Book of Boners’ which is a book of school boy humor.  Mmmm, hopefully it was not a Catholic school.. Maybe have some real fun with some sex toys.



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