9 Male Chastity Myths Debunked!

Male chastity devices were originally created during the medieval ages. Since the medieval ages, male chastity devices have entered into the bedroom as a sex toy for people who wish to roleplay BDSM, kink and fetish scenes. It is considered to be a gentle manifestation of fetishism. However, this is not the only motivation behind why individuals enjoy the world of chastity. Male chastity is not just about being strapped into something which was once called a torture device. There is more than meets the eye when it comes to chastity.  Here are 9 other male chastity myths that we will debunk for you.

Chastity Is Only For Unfaithful Men

Chastity is not about trust issues between a man and his lover.  Here are some other reasons why men buy and wear chastity devices for themselves.

  • To inhibit sexual arousal and the ability to act on them for extended periods of time which can lead to stronger orgasms.
  • To delay masturbation and sex. Chastity is a type of BDSM play which is ongoing, and not necessarily a part of a single scene. The experience can go on for much longer than most other roleplaying scenes and sex sessions.
  • To enjoy the psychological and physical aspects of being teased, controlled, dominated, tortured and humilated in a roleplaying scene.
  • To explore their sexuality so they are able to understand whether they would like to wear a chastity device in the future.
  • To control the access that their lover has to his penis to make their lover extra horny.
  • To test out whether a chastity device will suit their current relationship which will help to amplify the bond that two lovers have.
  • To help control their sexual thoughts if they fear that they will be unfaithful to their lover.
  • For a submissive person to wear so that they are labelled in a BDSM scene.
  • For slave training.

Chastity Devices Are Not Sexual

The dominant partner who holds the key to the chastity device is known as the keyholder. The keyholder controls when, where and how long the chastity device is removed and placed back on.  No matter whether the keyholder and the wearer are in a roleplaying scene or not, the fact that sex is controlled by their partner increases their desire to be with their partner.  Men wearing devices often say they feel sexy and erotic knowing that when they wear a chastity device they are excited to come home to find out whether the keyholder will allow it to come off.

Wearing A Chastity Device Can Cause Sexual Issues

The abstinence causes men to build up sexual desire leaving them feeling horny and sexually unsatisfied. In the long run, these feelings can be a massive turn on which will help build stronger and harder erections. The excess sexual desire can leave the wearer feeling energised. Men under chastity devices can become more attentive and willing to sexually please their lover when practiced safely in a supportive BDSM relationship. The excess energy can be used to perform other daily routines ordered by the dominant until they decide the wearer can take off their chastity device.

Chastity Devices Are Comfortable Despite Their Appearance

A part of the appeal of a chastity devices is the restrictive and controlling nature that it has. Chastity devices control the amount of space and air flow that is available near the genitals. The man can not gain access to his penis to masturbate. To an extent, it can prevent him from easily taking care of his personal hygiene with ease when he is showering or bathing.

He also has to control whether he gets an erection. Some devices are comfortable enough for the man to become semierect without an troubles. If he does get an erection it can feel uncomfortable as the chastity device may be too tight. Chastity devices should not harm a man if it is bought in the correct size.

Chastity Devices Are Only For Short Term Wear

A man can use it for short term wear on a particular day or for long term wear that can extend for many days, weeks, months and years. Most chastity devices are made from high quality, non porous and body safe materials like surgical stainless steel which can be used for long periods of time. There is a huge range of different types of materials to choose from including plastic, leather and silicone.

Chastity devices which can be used for long periods of time have features that allow the wearer to clean themselves and urinate but not effectively masturbate. They should also be lightweight, breathable and movable.

Chastity Devices Are Easy To Use

It may take the wearer a couple of times before he is able to accurately place it on and find out how to use it properly. To lock up someone’s penis for an extended period of time takes trust, respect, proper care and maintenance throughout the length of the session.

When first starting out with chastity, a nice way to introduce it into the bedroom is by wearing the chastity device and the keyholder can force the wearer to sexually satisfy them. When and if they do a satisfactory job they can be released from chastity or they can be locked up for the entirety of the scene. 

Any Couple Can Use A Chastity Device

It takes a lot of trust to use a chastity device because without the key, some damage can be inadvertently done to the penile tissue or the submissive can suffer severe anxiety from the situation. So for the purpose of long distance chastity, a key can be placed in an envelope if something unexpectedly happens.  If the master or dominant is unavailable than the submissive can safely remove the device whilst the primary key sits around the master’s neck. This way, proper safety can be applied and the submissive will still follow their BDSM contract.

The Wearer Or The Keyholder Will Forget He Is Using A Chastity Device

Once the chastity device works well with his body, you’ll both get really excited. All you have to do to get wearer to remember he is wearing chastity is to demonstrate that you have the key by dangling it in front of him or showing it to him when he needs to urinates. For men in chastity who wish to remind the keyholder that they are wearing a chastity device you can ask questions like “With your permission can I take the chastity device off now?”


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Chastity Restraints Are Just For Men

Although chastity devices are more commonly used by men, they were originally invented for women and men during the medieval times when there was a rise in Christianity. Christianity held the belief that masturbation was bad, the work of the devil and a mental illness whilst sex was a sin outside of marriage. Chastity device were worn by women to stop them from cheating on their husbands when they went off to fight in war and to prevent virgins from having sex outside of marriage. Chastity device were worn by men to stop them from masturbating at night.

Some people believe that chastity devices were derived from medieval torture devices. The initial chastity devices were cruel, limiting and dangerous. They consisted of a metal cage over the penis which could be completely closed, to prevent an erection or caused the erection to be bent at a 45-90 degree angle. Modern chastity devices for women tend to be a little more complicated and are not as popular as chastity devices for men. In the world of chastity, there is something for everyone!Save

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