Dance Seduction: A Natural Way to Enhance Your Relationship

With sexual attraction between homo-sapiens, something as simple as wearing seductive lingerie, or an alluring perfume often attracts the attention of a possible partner. There are numerous other ways to exhibit your deepest desires for them. There has been a unique way to attract sexual partners throughout history from as far back as the prehistoric era – dancing – also known as dance seduction!

What is Dance Seduction?

Dance seduction refers to using dance to attract and connect with a partner in a romantic or sexual manner. It involves the use of body movements, eye contact, and rhythmic synchronisation to create a sense of intimacy and allure.

In various dance styles and settings, one can easily witness dance seduction. This includes salsa and tango in social dance venues, to more modern forms in nightclubs. It’s not just about the steps or the music, but about the chemistry and non-verbal communication between the dancers, using the dance as a form of expression that can convey desire, confidence, and connection.

Dance Seduction In The Animal World

Within the animal kingdom, Dance seduction plays a vital role, serving as a complex form of communication and courtship among various species. Dance is a universal language of allure and appeal – from the elaborate and rhythmical mating dances of birds of paradise, which showcase a stunning array of feathers and acrobatic moves, to the synchronised light patterns of fireflies designed to attract mates.

Peacocks, for instance, perform intricate dances with their colourful fans to captivate potential partners, while the male bowerbird builds and decorates elaborate structures, performing within them to impress females. Female bonobo monkey hits a male’s body to show her enthusiasm for having sex. These rituals are not just about visual splendour; they convey strength, health, and genetic fitness, influencing the selection process and ensuring the continuation of species through the generations.

I strongly recommend you watch attached video below, especially between 1.30 – 2.00, just to understand what I mean and also to have a little bit of fun.


Just a little reminder: Scientists say that our closest ancestors are not Bonobo Monkeys but Chimpanzees so please don’t try to excuse yourself from hitting your mates after watching this video above.

Imagine some people from a hunter-gatherer society (see the extracted image from a cave painting below; yellow and green circles respectively) sitting around a fire 40000 years ago; something already gave two guys a boner (red circles). They are trying to get their mates attention by waving their arms (the ones in purple circles are our guys’ mates).

Although the one on the far left seems a bit unhappy with the situation, you can see another couple having further intimacy (blue circle). Whilst this is just my imagination, I believe that there is a high possibility for the things to be like this even many years ago.

Sex was one of the most powerful driving forces for humanity in the past, and it will be the same in the future as well. People are doing the same thing in clubs and bars in the 21st century instead of around a fire in an attempt impress a potential sexual partner. We have just adapted to the times.

Different Types Of Dancing To Stimulate Dance Seduction

A few years ago I enrolled in a dance class to learn how to perform 5 different latin dances across the period of a year. Only two weeks later, what I previously thought I knew about dancing embarrassed me. Each of the five unique dance styles represented five different characteristics, and those characteristics made me associate dancing with sex.

Cha Cha Cha

When marimba rhythms start to play it is time for cha cha. If you are in a ballroom and plan to ask a potential partner to dance, the song “Sway” will be a good choice to start ; preferably Michael Buble version. I wouldn’t mind though if they played Pussy Cat Dolls version.

Cha cha is perfect for the first time of couples. It is a cheeky, flirty dance. The girl tries to attract him with her showy moves and the boy chases her correspondingly. This is the teasing nature of cha cha. In the course of the dance, both parties will be learning something about each other even if it is in a challenging manner and they will be happy in the end, for sure.



Whilst cha cha will have you carrying your lust from dance floor to home with its effective and sharp movements, samba is all about excitement. I always associate it with foreplay; all night long, like in a carnival in Rio.

It is important to distinguish between samba and salsa as most people think that they are pretty same. African people in Brazil, who brought their culture to Latin America, originated the Samba dance. One can dance the Samba solo or as a couple. On the other hand, Salsa has emerged from the Caribbean and needs a pair to be performed. Salsa needs specific choice of music, but samba is pretty easy-going if it is the case. That’s why I find samba pretty suitable to foreplay, just as you want it to be according to your instincts.


Paso Doble

It means double-step in Spanish and on contrary to popular belief, the traditional couple paso doble was commenced in France. Then the Iberian Peninsula has adopted it. This type of dance represents bullfighting. Many different variations of the music “Espana Cani” is used, especially in ballroom performances.

The man is in the role of the matador in this dance. The woman can be anything but the bull such as the cape, the shadow of the matador so on. Masculinity is not my cup of tea. I can’t help thinking how sexy movements in the paso doble remind me of the beginning of an intercourse after foreplay; captivating, a little bit of brutal but ecstatic.



This is the slowest one in all latin dances, don’t be fooled by its rhythm though; believe me, posing and maintaining the choreography are really hard to achieve in slow motion. It is said that Rumba is the dance of love; it doesn’t necessarily have to show a couple’s fantasy or steps to the bed though, it can also exhibit a tragic love between two.

The main point is emphasise the tenderness between lovers which perfectly fits my perception of the second stage of an intercourse. After an intense start to intercourse, some people want to have a kind of break to lower their heart beat, to recover their breath but they don’t want to get the sweat dry, so there is nothing better than rumba rhythms to keep playing; slow, tender but lustful enough to be prepared for grand final.



And finally, here is my fave! Jive is originated from African-Americans in 30s in the States and it is the fastest one among five international latin dances. There are some similarities with samba in terms of pace and partying, yet the music is so different that whilst samba seems like you are having fun with your drink in a street festival, jive feels like you are going to have a more decent night with your lover.

Jive is generally performed in the end after other 4 latin dances in dance competitions meaning that “We still have energy to dance even at the fastest pace (176 bpm)” to show the prowess they have just like most people having sex with thrusts as fast as they can just before reaching climax.

10 Physical and Mental Benefits of Dancing & Dance Seduction

Dancing offers a multitude of physical and mental benefits, making it an excellent form of exercise for people of all ages. Here’s a list of 10 physical benefits that come from dancing:

1. Improved Cardiovascular Health

Dancing is a great cardiovascular workout, increasing heart rate and improving the efficiency of your cardiovascular system, which can help to reduce the risk of heart disease and improve overall heart health.

2. Enhanced Muscle Tone and Strength

Various dance styles engage different muscle groups, leading to improved muscle tone, strength, and endurance. This includes core muscles, leg muscles, and even arm muscles depending on the dance style.

3. Increased Flexibility

Dancing often involves a range of motions that require stretching and bending. Regular dancing can help to improve flexibility, reduce stiffness, and increase the range of motion in your joints.

4. Better Balance and Coordination

Learning and performing dance routines enhances your balance and coordination skills. This is due to the complex movements that require precise timing and control.

5. Weight Management

Dancing is an effective way to burn calories and can contribute to weight management or weight loss as part of a healthy lifestyle. The amount of calories burned depends on the intensity and style of the dance.

6. Boosted Physical Stamina

Regular dancing increases physical stamina as your body becomes accustomed to prolonged periods of physical activity. This can help in everyday activities and improve overall endurance.

7. Enhanced Brain Function

Dancing requires memorisation, coordination, and rhythm, which can enhance brain function, including improved memory and spatial awareness.

8. Reduced Risk of Osteoporosis

Weight-bearing dances can improve bone density and strength, reducing the risk of osteoporosis, particularly beneficial for older adults.

9. Improved Posture and Core Strength

Many dance styles require a strong core and proper posture, which can lead to improvements in overall posture and core strength over time.

10. Increased Physical Confidence

As you become more skilled and comfortable with dancing, your physical confidence and body image can improve, leading to a more positive outlook on physical activities in general.

The benefits of dancing are similar to the benefits of sex, exercise or even using sex toys. Dancing helps you improve your general and psychological well-being which leads to better social skills.

Additionally, dancing is a perfect way to fix the problems of a couple losing their lust and physical connection with the help of its intimate nature.

There are many dance classes in Sydney where heterosexual and same-sex couples are more than welcome. Check them out and give dance seduction a try with your partner. You never know – it could improve your sex life dramatically!

Dance Seduction: A Natural Way to Enhance Your Relationship

By Goki a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres

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