Chocolate Sex – Aphrodisiac Recipes That Ignite Your Desire

Chocolate Sex – just the thought of these two words on their own ignites a primal desire in many. Combine them together as an aphrodisiac and you have a recipe for passion that transcends the ordinary. The silky texture of melted chocolate and its rich, intoxicating aroma can transform any encounter into an indulgent experience, heightening the senses and deepening the connection between partners.

When used creatively in the bedroom, chocolate becomes more than just a treat; it turns into a playful tool that can lead to unforgettable moments of intimacy and pleasure.

Chocolate in the bedroom is the best midnight snack!

Since the days of the Aztecs, people have considered chocolate an aphrodisiac. Undoubtedly chocolate remains the sexiest, most sensual food. Many believe that chemicals in chocolate, like theobromine and phenylethylamine, are responsible for its erotic potency. The fact that chocolate tastes delicious and feels great when someone licks it off also contributes.

There are many fun and romantic ways that chocolate can be used in sex play. Just make sure when using melted chocolate that you don’t overheat it and either burn your partner or the chocolate.

A fondue set conveniently keeps chocolate at the right temperature without frequent reheating. Just the thought of going back and forth just seems like a mood killer and a great hassle.

Below I have listed a few different ways for using chocolate to have a bit of fun in the bedroom.

Foods That Ignite Your Desires

Chocolate Heated Pouring into Mold


Starting off with and obvious one, eating the chocolate.  Feeding your partner chocolate is quite obvious and fantastic foreplay. Weaving it into the dominant-submissive dynamic can make consuming chocolate much more exciting and sensual.

Get the more dominant partner to lie on the bed naked or wearing something sexy; then slowly hand feed your partner fruits dipped in warm chocolate. Touch and tease their lips, making your partner lick your fingers clean. If you love pampering or being submissive in bed, playing this little game can be a real winner.

Sticky Kiss

This one is classic, There’s nothing sweeter than tonguing your partner while their mouth is full of chocolate. You can also play around with this idea; try slipping a piece of frozen chocolate into their mouth while they’re distracted, and then kiss until it melts.

Steamy Massage

For those who love  the feeling of hot oil or wax on your back, this next one is for you. Try instead of oil and wax using chocolate. Firstly, warm your partner up with a sensual massage and then start dripping warm chocolate on his/her back. Then lick off all the chocolate while playing with their genitals – adding to the arousing effect.

Sensitive Sucking

Every partner has different sensitive spots on his/her body, whether that be areas like the nipples, ears or toes. Capitalising on this is always a definite yes. Apply melted chocolate to these areas then lick it clean off with your mouth and tongue. This will guarantee your partner a “hot” time. You can also combine this idea with rimming and lick warm chocolate out your partner’s booty.


This one is pretty self-explanatory but it’s easy to see why it’s so popular. Nothing puts more effort and enthusiasm into a blow job than when somebody is literally trying to eat you out or suck you down. It’s a warm, silky lube for your partner that doesn’t taste cheap or awful.

When using chocolate on or near the genitals you do have to be careful though. Women can easily contract infections from such play, although specialty chocolate that is genital-friendly is available. However, to ensure safety, never insert it INSIDE. Stick to the thighs and steer clear of the urethra and her hole.

With men, however, as long as you steer clear of the little  hole up top, covering his shaft and scrotum with chocolate and sucking if off will be a more than pleasurable experience for the both of you, and he may very well add some “white cream filling” to your genital truffle delight

Hide n’ seek

This is a very fun game involving you blindfolding your partner and dabbing chocolate somewhere on your naked body. Then make your partner try to “find” the chocolate using their mouth. When they do, switch places. This can offer a fun, slower way for you and your partner to get aroused if you both enjoy close intimacy.

Temperature Play

It’s nothing new to find people experimenting with temperature when it comes to sex as many just love the extremes of hot and cold on their body and find it extremely arousing too, and what better way to do this than with warm chocolate and frozen strawberries?

An especially sexy way to do this is to add a bit of bondage to the mix by cuffing your partner to the bed and then blindfolding them, this will cause anticipation and surprise when you’re teasing them with the chocolate, strawberries, and your mouth on their sensitive zones. Again, be careful around the genitals.

So if you were looking for a new, fantastic sexy experience, consider using chocolate, Remember, sex is about playing and having fun- and what’s more fun than chocolate? P.S its very tasty.

Other Foods That Are Considered Aphrodisiacs

Aphrodisiacs have held a place of intrigue and mystique for centuries. According to Greek mythology, people name these enticing edibles after Aphrodite, the goddess of love, and believe they kindle sexual desire and enhance pleasure. Yet, how much of this belief is mere folklore, and how much is backed by science?

Let’s take a look into the fascinating world of aphrodisiacs, exploring their potential effects, identifying the top aphrodisiac foods, and examining the scientific evidence behind their purported benefits.

Understanding Aphrodisiacs

An aphrodisiac typically refers to a food, herb, or supplement that people say stimulates sexual desire or increases sexual pleasure or performance. The allure of these enticing edibles lies in their potential to boost libido, intensify sexual pleasure, enhance fertility, and improve overall sexual health.

It’s essential to note that the effectiveness of aphrodisiacs is largely subjective and often depends on individual factors such as overall health, mindset, and even cultural beliefs. While some aphrodisiacs may have a physiological effect on sexual function, others may work primarily through psychological mechanisms by enhancing mood or stimulating desire.

The Science Behind Aphrodisiacs

The science of aphrodisiacs is a complex field that encompasses various disciplines, including psychology, biology, pharmacology, and nutrition. Studies suggest that certain foods and substances can influence sexual behavior by acting on the brain and the hormonal system, increasing blood flow to the genitals, or stimulating the senses.

For instance, many believe that some aphrodisiacs increase levels of sex hormones such as testosterone and estrogen, crucial for sexual desire and performance. Others may enhance the production of neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin, involved in regulating pleasure and mood.

People have used many aphrodisiacs for centuries, yet the scientific evidence often provides limited and inconclusive support for their efficacy.  You should not view them as a cure-all for sexual problems, and any potential benefits should be considered in the context of overall health and lifestyle factors.

Decoding Aphrodisiac Foods

People revere certain foods as aphrodisiacs due to their nutritional profile, sensual appeal, or traditional associations with fertility and virility. Here, we unveil some of the most celebrated aphrodisiac foods, exploring their potential benefits and the science behind their allure.

1. Maca

Maca, a sweet root vegetable native to the mountains of central Peru, has long been touted for its potential aphrodisiac properties. This nutrient-dense superfood is rich in amino acids, which are essential for energy production and physical stamina. Preliminary studies suggest that maca may enhance libido and improve sexual function, but researchers need to conduct more studies to confirm these effects.

2. Tribulus Terrestris

Tribulus terrestris, also known as Bindii or Puncture Vine, is a plant that has been used in traditional Chinese and Indian medicine as a natural aphrodisiac. Scientific evidence is mixed. Some studies suggest that Tribulus may boost libido and enhance sexual function in both men and women.

3. Ginkgo Biloba

Derived from one of the oldest species of trees, people use Ginkgo biloba, a popular herbal supplement in traditional Chinese medicine, to treat various ailments, including sexual dysfunction. Some studies suggest that Ginkgo biloba may improve blood flow and enhance sexual arousal, but more rigorous research is necessary to confirm these benefits.

4. Red Ginseng

Red ginseng, a staple in traditional Chinese medicine, is believed to enhance sexual pleasure, improve sexual function, and boost libido. Some studies suggest that this potent herb may improve erectile function and increase sexual arousal. However, researchers need to conduct more studies to substantiate these claims and determine the optimal dosage for these benefits.

5. Fenugreek

Fenugreek, a culinary herb native to the Mediterranean region, has served as a natural aphrodisiac for centuries. Some research suggests that fenugreek may enhance libido, boost testosterone levels, and improve sexual performance, but more studies are necessary to verify these effects.

6. Pistachio Nuts

Pistachios are not only a tasty snack but also a potential sexual stimulant. Rich in protein, fiber, and healthy fats, people believe these nuts boost blood flow, enhance sexual stamina, and improve erectile function. However, scientists need more evidence to confirm these potential benefits.

7. Saffron

Known as one of the world’s most expensive spices, people have used saffron for centuries as a potent aphrodisiac. Many believe this vibrant spice enhances libido, improves mood, and stimulates sexual pleasure. Some studies suggest saffron may improve sexual function and increase sexual satisfaction, but more research is necessary to validate these claims.

Aphrodisiacs: Fact or Fiction?

While the allure of aphrodisiacs is undeniable, it’s important to approach this topic with a healthy dose of skepticism. Many of the claimed benefits of aphrodisiacs are based on anecdotal evidence, and the scientific research is often inconclusive.

It is crucial to remember that a myriad of factors, including physical health, mental well-being, relationship quality, and lifestyle habits, influence sexual health and performance. Therefore, while aphrodisiacs may provide a temporary boost, they are not a substitute for a healthy lifestyle, open communication, and emotional intimacy in a relationship.

The world of aphrodisiacs (and “Chocolate Sex”) is as fascinating as it is complex. While certain foods and herbs may have potential libido-enhancing effects, it’s important to approach this topic with a balanced perspective.

Ultimately, the key to a fulfilling sex life lies in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, nurturing emotional intimacy, and fostering open communication about sexual needs and desires.

Bronson is a consultant at the Oh Zone Stores.

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