To Spray Or Not To Spray!!

Procomil Spray which is also known as a herbal delay spray is a very common sexual aid that helps prevent premature ejaculation or to just last longer.  Procomil Spray is manufactured in Germany and imported into Australia. This sex health product definitely works based off the main ingredient which is “Lidocaine” which is used for multiple medical reasons. The medical reasons may include it being used as a local Anesthetic, it can be used as a cough suppressor on people who are incubated so they don’t cough or used to relieve painful jellyfish stings! Lidocaine was founded in 1943 by a Swedish chemist and marketed to the rest of the world in 1949 and now in 2016, we use it for our penises because it is known to work time and time again. Another little known fact of Lidocaine is it used to dilute cocaine and heroin which is probably a useless fact but hey it’s a good fact. Procomil Spray is not suggested for oral sex as it apparently tastes terrible and considering the fact you’d be numb there wouldn’t be much point.


Sex Health Product: Procomil Spray


To use Procomil Spray you must spray the tip of an erect penis. Your penis will start to become topically numb wherever the spray has touched and will help to stop electrical impulses sent through to the brain saying “Hey.. this is really fun, you need to cum now!”. It will make your penis numb, so you can prevent feeling the sexual stimulation which will help you to longer lasting and give you more time to be intimate with your partner. A lot of people suggest not using this product alongside condoms but that could be due to latex not working well with the base ingredient but there is no definitive evidence to suggest it works or does not work so I can’t make a true statement on that. With the use of numbing spray for personal safety reasons, you have to be aware of how much pressure you put on your penis because you may use a lot more strength than usual and not be aware of it. Be sure to ask your lover, how they are going to make sure you are not using to much power.

With many people using Procomil Spray we find that customer think that there is a similar reaction to using the delay spray named “Spanish Fly”. Spanish fly is a very popular product that is sold through Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres. Half of the people who use it say it’s fantastic whilst the other half don’t swear by it as they report that a lot of men lose their erection completely or lose most of their erection due to the fact they can’t feel any sexual stimulation at all. Complete loss of sexual stimulation leads me to believe that people must be careful how much spray they use and should try not to overspray. Like any product, you will learn what work’s best for your body. It is also recommended that you wash your hands directly after use especially if your hands have come into contact with the Procomil Spray as you don’t want your fingers to go numb and place the cap on the product to avoid cross-contamination.

The only time I have used Procomil Spray this is when I got sprayed on the lip when I was in the tattoo shop as a joke. The Procomil Spray made my lip go completely numb, a part of my lip stopped working and I dribbled all over myself. This happened over a 30 minute period, so I can say comfortably that it definitely works on the face. So I’m assuming that it will no doubt work on the genitals just as good. If you have problems with premature ejaculation issues, delay sprays are often recommended to help solve this issue. Delay sprays are commonly used alongside cock rings to help the blood flow remain inside the penis whilst erect. What I love most about delay sprays is that you can try using them in different quantities to see what will work best for you.


About the author:  Nick is a sales consultant at the Oh Zone Store, Penrith.

Why Sex Can Be Painful

Facial Expression Upset

Whilst it’s not something we tend to regularly discuss, experiencing pain during sex is something everyone has felt at some point. According to my research, studies show that 3/4 of women have previously experienced ‘painful’ or ‘stinging sensations’ during sex, yet continue to push through it without seeking medical advice. It’s not healthy or wise to continue to have sex when experiencing severe or even slight pain, whether just once or on the regular basis. Think of the pain as a natural alarm bell telling you that something is happening in your body that needs to be taken care of.


Pain in Belly
Photo: Womans Stomach Pain


Pain during sex can be caused from a number of things such as small infections which can be cleared up with home recipes, while some more persistent and regular occurring pains NEED to be checked out by a doctor and may come with more severe side effects and treatments. But what can cause pain during sex and how can I fix it?

  • The most common of all is having insufficient lubrication: Even though your vagina is a natural self-lubricator, there are instances in which the body is unable to self lubricate, resulting in pain during intercourse. It could be as simple as not being aroused and you’ve jumped the gun or you’ve boozed too much at the bar and your “minds telling you yes, but your body, your body is telling you noooo” (yes I’m fully aware I switched the words, hahaha). Or, a slightly less known cause, can be a change in your level of hormones, or more precisely a lack of Estrogen. I recently found out that some contraceptive pills and other birth controls such as the implanon, can cause a lack of Estrogen in the body resulting in Vaginal Dryness. If you must stay on the contraceptive you are on, you can boost your Estrogen levels by eating things high in Estrogen like dried fruits, chickpeas, beans, peas, bran cereals and even swapping your regular milk for soy milk, just to name a few. By adding a few of these foods into your diet, you can boost up Estrogen levels to get back to where you need to be. I also found out, as an Asthma and regular hayfever sufferer, that medications to help these things have drying affects to your whole body (including your vagina) to help stop the symptoms. So as someone with the Implanon, Asthma and Hay fever, what do I do?! Reach for the lubricant. Don’t be afraid to get all slippery with a good tub of lubricant, like AstroGylde, who offer a lubricant specifically for Vaginal Dryness which can help to alleviate the symptoms.
  • You’re allergic to something! While we’re on the topic, you can’t just go to the supermarket and buy the cheapest thing on the shelf. Lubricants are made with different chemicals, which can throw off your vagina’s natural pH balance – those deliciously sweet flavoured lubricants you love could be the reason you keep getting thrush… So stick to a brand who are SPECIFIC with what ingredients are in their products, like Wicked’s range of flavoured lubricants which have little to no glycerin in all of their products. The same goes for things like latex condoms. If you feel any sort of irritation after use, try to stick to “natural” based products and see how that fares with your body.
  • You’re doing unrealistic positions: Blame the Karma Sutra for introducing you to positions which look like a whole lot of fun but realistically turn into how-the-hell-am-I-supposed-to-get-out-of-this-position-without-breaking-my-entire-body. Not fun. It’s always good to experiment and deviate from your normal routine, but the Butter Churner (google it) might not be for you.
  • You may have an STD/STI/pelvic disease: Yeast Infections suck. UTI’s suck. Pelvic inflammatory disease sucks. Herpes sucks. Nobody wants any of those, so you should do what you can to try and prevent them. Simple things like washing/urinating after sex can help prevent UTI’s, while things as easy as adding Natural Yogurt into your diet can help prevent yeast infections.. But, know who you’re sleeping with and get tested regularly if you’re not in a monogamous relationship. And WEAR A CONDOM. So if you’re experiencing symptoms such as burning or itching, whether external or internal, go to your doctor and get it checked out! It’s most likely a small infection, but get it checked to be safe!
  • Your state of mind: Emotions such as fear, guilt, shame, embarrassment, or awkwardness about having sex may make it hard to relax. When you cannot relax, arousal is difficult, and pain may result. Stress and fatigue can affect your desire to have sex. So simple things like taking a shower or bath with candles after a long day at work, or giving each other massages are a great way to De -Stress. When you’re in a more relaxed state of mind and not carrying the weight of the days stress on your shoulders you will be able to focus on having fun with your partner and become more interested in having sex than before.

As previously mentioned, pain during sex can be caused from a number of different things, and is common among all women. It is SO important to your health that if you’re experiencing any re occurring burning, itching, stinging, or painful sensations in general during sex that you consult with your doctor. And hey, even if it is just thrush, at least they’ll point you in the right direction at the chemist and get you on the way to that life you took for granted when you had a non itchy vagina!


By Chloe a consultant Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres

Male Performance And Libido Recipe Unveiled!

Libido supplement

Trimaximum V is promoted as a male performance and libido recipe intended to assist men; it says it is to be a natural but different option for Viagra, furthermore publicizes to help expand penis length by up to “three inches”. The ad for Trimaximum V looks at itself to different items accessible for penis enlargement, and advances itself as being unrivaled in light of the fact that continued use of this product is a substitute to weights, pumps or surgery to increase penis size and performance. Trimaximum V utilizes a mix of herbal concentrates and is taken as an oral supplement.


  • Avena Sativa to support the prostate, the so called aphrodisiac “Spanish Fly”. Spanish Fly concentrate is typically utilized with the goal to give takers a sexual jolt, enhancing the men towards sexual movement furthermore enhancing the size of the erection. One of the ingredients is an extract of a insect local to southern Europe that is depicted as having an “in number smell and a blazing taste.”.
  • Damiana as a diuretic.
  • Cayenne pepper to support the digestive and circulatory systems.
  • California Poppy to increase muscle relaxation.
  • Tribulus Terrestris to increase testosterone levels. Tribulus Terrestris has been clinically shown to increase testosterone levels; as men age, this essential male hormone begins to deplete, which could lead to symptoms of impotency, loss of libido, and lack of energy. By restoring production to healthy levels, sexual function can begin to improve.
Trimaximum Supplement
Trimaximum Pills



For men encountering erectile dysfunction, for example, premature discharge, failure to get or keep up an erection or loss of sex drive, an oral supplement may be an attractive choice. A wide mixed bag of herbal equations are accessible – herbs are for the most part less expensive, more helpful, and more inclined to one’s wellbeing rather than pharmaceutical medications obliging a solution, so therefore they have less symptoms connected with them.

The recipe for Trimaximum V is like numerous others available; we value the consideration of Tribulus, which is extremely powerful to enhance male wellbeing. One perspective the equation needs, be that as it may, is a powerful herbal love potion particularly for men.

Most herbal recipes contain properties that have sexual enhancer results for boosting the sex drive. Two prevalent herbs from the Amazon rainforest of Brazil are Catuaba and Muira Puama; these have been recognized in their local area for quite a long time and have been appeared to get rid of exhaustion and build stamina and expanding sex drive. No adverse symptoms have been connected with either one and the impacts are said to be increased when consolidated with each other. For men searching for the most intense mix of herbal concentrates, items that incorporate both of these herbs ought to be looked for.

The Good

  • Basic claims are recorded
  • Information on erectile dysfunction is given
  • Testimonials are posted on the official product site

The Bad

  • Does not contain Catuaba or Muira Puama
  • Company does not guarantee a cash back if it doesn’t work
  • Exact specific data not provided

We value that Trimaximum V contains straightforward herbal remedies as a part of its equation for upgrading male well being. As talked about, herbs have a tendency to be pretty much as viable as pharmaceutical medications and are for the most part less destructive.

We feel the recipe would profit by the consideration of more powerful concentrates with love potion properties for a more noteworthy increment in sexual craving. As talked about, Catuaba and Muira Puama have been successful in upgrading sex drive. These two are thought to have a synergistic impact when utilized together– utilizing an item that contains both can upgrade sex drive, stamina and sensations, taking into consideration an additionally fulfilling sexual experience.

With such a variety of choices accessible to men for enhancing sexual well being, it might be hard to pick the best one. It is essential to not ignore any pivotal component; when looking for the strongest mix of herbal concentrates. Search for those that have been appeared to work for quite a long time and that can make “sentiments of disillusionment” turn into a relic of past times and a dynamic sexual coexistence something to anticipate regularly. As this is a herbal product it is reasonable to try Trimaximum V and see if it works for you. Searching the net I can find no real adverse reviews or posts.

The Simple Male Prostate Guide!

P-Spot Massage

As our mentality has begun to open up regarding the matters of sex and sexuality, numerous things that were once viewed as forbidden, or a little out of the ordinary, are advancing into rooms in every nation.  Prostate play specifically had been something that was only ever thought of in private, let alone discussed publicly. Gone are the days when

“playing with your bum is viewed as “gay”

and many of you were using stealth search engines like duckduckgo so that your naughty little searches would ever be found out.  Many a straight man appreciates investigating the joys of P-Spot sex and prostate massagers to assist in ejaculation. There are now so many sites out there proclaiming the joys of prostate massage and milking that it is now readily accepted as a popular type of male sex play.

Prostate milking, massaging and draining has a rich history going way back to the ancient Asians and men from the Middle East. These societies and cultures effectively believed that it was a form of essential men’s health and regular massage would help stave off prostate problems later in life. 

What is the Prostate?

The Prostate is a little walnut-formed organ that is found between the bladder and the penis, in front or the rectum. The prostate is responsible for regulating male sexual functioning by secreting fluids that nourishes and protects sperm. The broad use of the prostate is to deliver a soluble liquid that makes up 50-75% of the volume of semen amid discharge. During ejaculation, the gland squeezes this fluid into the urethra whilst the sperm is transmitted from the testicles.The sperm is then expelled from the body as semen. This procedure can be accomplished singularly through prostate massagers or anal sex.

How would I discover my Prostate?

There are two types of prostate massage, internal and external. Often for beginners who have not tried internal massages or are not entirely comfortable with internal, it is better to start with an external massage.  Some men feel the benefits of prostate stimulation through the perineum, the erogenous zone for men located between the scrotum and the anus. The perineum feels like it has a raised ridge. When a man is sexually aroused the prostate gland becomes very sensitive. Apply small amounts of pressure to the perineum, just a few moments prior to ejaculation to heighten the orgasm. Whilst the external method of prostate massage can be fun and does feel very good, the internal method is a much more effective way to reach a prostate orgasm.

For an internal massage splash lubricant on your finger and insert it into the rear-end. The prostate can be found at around 2 to 3 inches into the butt cavity. Run your finger along the inside of your colon with your finger curled towards your belly button. When you find the prostate, the little organ feels like a walnut ad is the size of a grape. Don’t be frightened on the off chance that you don’t find it straight away. Everyone is a tiny bit different, and it can take practice to discover it. Anyway that is the beginning of the good times after you find it!

What is Prostate Massage?

A prostate massage can serve 2 capacities. Restrictively, it is utilized to check for Prostate Cancer, or to help get an example of Expressed Prostate Secretion (EPS) to check for conditions, for example, Prostatitis. On the other hand, throughout the years it has turned into a famous sexual movement among men (and not simply gay men).

The primary reason for prostate manipulation is to attain to climax and this can be done extremely rapidly. The prostate is frequently alluded to as the ‘male g-spot’. Prostate incitement can help enhance erection size and quality, and build the general force of a climax (more so than simply standard penile masturbatiion). Numerous men perform it amid solo masturbation, or as a feature of couple’s foreplay/intercourse. You can accomplish prostate manipulation through different means: digitally (fingering), anal sex or utilising anal sex toys (despite the fact that it doesn’t need to be a prostate massager particularly – it can be a dildo or a butt plug).

Prostate massaging (performed inside) is the renowned “finger up your butt” technique. Rough, however graphically right. Your own particular finger is not the most proficient instrument for compelling prostate massages. Unless you have remarkably long fingers, it is troublesome to reach more than the tip of our own prostate organ as a result of the position it is in. Having your prostate massaged by someone else’s finger can frequently be significantly more successful than your own particular finger. This is on account of that they are not having to bend around themselves to get the right angle or depth. Prostate massages done by yourself with your own particular finger, can be a bit of a failure unless you are utilizing a prostate massager or similar. To get the correct incitement to the whole organ, you’re going to need something somewhat more than a typical finger. So I am going to let you know how to do that now.

Benefits of Prostate Massages

  • Helps to eliminate the build up of prostatic fluid in the prostate gland ducts, which can lead to prostatitis, a painful inflammation of the prostate.
  • It can help prevent Benign Prostate Hyperplasia, more commonly known as enlarged prostate. An enlarged prostate can also lead to difficulty when trying to urinate and cause bladder infections if the urine backs up into the bladder.
  • Helps in minimising painful ejaculation.
  • Keeps the prostate functioning properly, which reduce the risk of developing prostate cancer.
  • Increases the intensity of the climax, lengthens the climax, heightens sexual encounters and relieves sexual tension.
  • Improves blood flow to the prostate, which increases circulation. This can help with sexual dysfunction, such as loss of erections, impotence or ejaculatory problems.
  • Contributes to higher rates of fertility.
  • Reduce the consumption of pills or supplements.
What are Prostate Massagers?

Prostate massagers are toys made with the unequivocal reason for kneading the prostate. Kneading done inaccurately will get you or little or no outcome. Also, you could inure yourself of not done properly. Done in the correct manner there is no chance of injury or harm. Kneading your prostate is best when you do it without anyone’s help! The reason that without anyone else’s help you will have the capacity to apply the right measure of pressure from all angles. This is something that you would need to vocalize should someone else do it for you.  Doing it without anyone’s help is simple (for most men) and it will spare you a huge measure of cash for a specific prostate specialist.They come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, however most take after a standard configuration, and this is a bended shaft with a decreased tip, to give pin-guide incitement toward the prostate.

Most prostate massagers offer a vibration capacity, giving another sensation amid prostate play. Others are simply standard attachments, (for example, Aneros), which are utilized physically to give incitement. What sort of massager you utilize is completely up to the individual inclination. Some individuals like vibrations, some don’t – yet there are a lot of diverse sorts of massager to look over, for fledglings, straight up to the more experienced.

Prostate Massage

Step for a Prostate Massage

Subject to the definite shape and configuration of the sex toy, your use will by and large be the same, however with a couple of special cases. To guarantee most extreme delight when inserting any toy, the simplest way is to lie on your side with my knees pulled up towards my stomach. You could lie on your back with your legs raised. The best thing to do is simply test and discover what works best for you.  When you have discovered the toy for you, what you do next completely relies upon the capacity and configuration of the toy. Manual massagers like the Aneros reach are best utilized by tensing and un-tensing your pelvic floor muscles – so when the prostate sex toy is inside, you ‘grip’. Lay back, take it gradually – breathe in when you grasp, let your breath out when you release. The shape of the massager should be sufficient to stimulate the prostate. You don’t have to use your hands to ‘move it in and out’.

With a vibrating toy, you can at present apply the same ‘grasp/release’ method, however the vibrations from the massager will come into direct contact with the prostate. A few massagers have a base that rests against the perineum (the bit between your bum and your balls) – and when the prostate is stimulated inside – it truly is an astonishing feeling.

How To Massage My Prostate

On the off chance that you are utilizing your fingers to give a prostate ‘back rub’, make sure that you’ve douched, your nails are trimmed and your hands are freshly cleaned with body safe soap. You can utilise latex gloves for cleanliness. When you have lubricated up the finger and your butt, gradually insert it into your rear end. Around 2 to 3 inches in, bend your finger upwards and you ought to then feel the prostate – it will feel marginally hard and wrinkly – almost like a walnut. All you will need to do is apply delicate pressure and massage your finger on the prostate round in circles. Don’t “jab” or “push” the prostate as it is to a great degree sensitive and you could do genuine harm! You can also try to curve your finger and move it in a ‘come here’ movement. In the event that you are doing this yourself, stop immediately in the event that you feel any discomfort. In the event that you are doing it for another person, you’ll have to depend on them to let you know – yet to be on the safe side, constantly go tenderly and gradually and ask if they are ok.

You simply massage it to feel the full effects of this hidden apple, and don’t feel guilty about playing with your own body! Some men will NEVER experience a prostate orgasm due to the lie that it’s “homosexual” when in fact it’s completely normal to explore your own body! Never feel ashamed about searching for new awesome stuff that your body has.

How to Pick a Prostate Massager

Picking the right toy the truth be out there boils down to both inclination and experience. On the off chance that you are totally new to prostate stimulation, I would suggest at first trying for something little, or even simply utilizing your fingers. You have to guarantee that whatever you utilize, you take as much time as required and put on plenty of lubricant, we recommend using SuperSlyde. It’s likewise vital to be okay and not get disheartened if nothing happens on your first go. As you get used to the sensations, you can then begin to work some it up to something greater.

Prostate massage can be done by Novice, Intermediate and Experts and a prostate ejaculation is like the holy grail of cumming. Using anal sex toys can help ensure you’re touching simply the correct spot within your body. Some of the better prostate sex toy brands are Aneros, AFC and many more. When picking a prostate massage ensure that it is body safe, preferably made from silicone or another soft texture as butts are very prone to tearing. We suggest Fun Factory’s Moody. It’s made from a soft silicone, it comes with a 2 year warranty and is 100% waterproof. it’s designed for easy prostate play and has multiple modes of vibrations/rumbles that will tickle you.

How to Use a Douche

We suggest a simple nozzle with multiple holes on the end and shaft like Perfect Fit’s Ergo Deep. This product is super simple to use, all you need to do is lubricant up with some silicone based lube. We recommend Superslyde. Fill the douche with warm water and then insert it into the anus slowly and deep, as you’re pushing it in squeeze the water capsule end of the douche which will push warm water into your colon and clean any debris or poop stuck around the area. You will get a warm feeling all through your stomach then slowly pull the douche out as you squeeze. After you douche you need to clean it, which is very straight forward. Ue some hot water, soap and toy cleaner. Now it’s time to evacuate your inside, just pop on the toilet and push all the water out. Make sure you’re all clean! Once that’s done you may feel dirty but trust me you’ve never been cleaner.

Prostate Massage Preparation

Alright. To start with, attempt to go to empty your bowels completely as you will find you are more relaxed. If you are finding it difficult why not try an enema to fully empty yourself. When there is nothing in your bowels it will be all the more enjoyable and no nasty accidents or clean ups after.After you have emptied your insides, have a hot shower to relax and ease up all your muscles. Then you need to lubricate your finger, prostate massager and your anus. Do not worry about using too much, too much is better than too little. Apply liberally. Then lie on the floor and bring your knees to your chest – almost like the fetal position. Do some deep breathing, relax, let all the tension flow out of your body then slowly and gently insert your finger or device about 6” up your anus. This is all you need – do not go further at this point especially if you are a novice. The best conceivable instrument made particularly for prostate massaging is the Aneros Helix. Get one you will not be disappointed.

Right Motion Can Make ALL the Difference Between Achievement and Failure

So now, first we’ll move ahead using a prostate massager. *note: Using the Helix for your prostate massaging is around 3 times simpler than any other method. This is because with most men the Helix goes in simply the right way every time. What’s more, its shape normally gives simply the right pressure and to the right parts of the prostate. Alright, to continue simply put a little weight forward, toward your prostate organ, with the Aneros or other prostate massager. It will be delicate the first few times. Keep in mind: work GENTLY and steadily. Keeping up the light force, gradually slide the Aneros up and down about half an inch on the prostate gland. Pretty much as though you were utilizing your finger. This is the methodology and technique utilized for milking the prostate also. So don’t be astounded if some liquid starts spurting from your penis. You will feel when you have moved past it. It is little. For the most part about the extent of a walnut and if you move too far past or not far enough the sensations will immediately cease. Do this between 5-10 times. This way the prostate massage will cause a ton of sexual excitement and feel exceptionally sensual.

After Your Prostate Massage

This is what you will experience: Right after you complete your prostate stimulation session, you’ll feel like you recently had a workout! The vast measure of nerve excitement will leave you somewhat depleted and tired. You may feel somewhat calmer and distressed. Be that as it may, in the event that it’s your first time you will likely be a bit sore. Despite the fact that you were GENTLE.

The following day you will presumably be somewhat MORE sore than you were on the day of the massage. Don’t be frightened. On the off chance that you were tender, this implies you did the procedure well. What’s more, with the best results! The explanation behind the soreness is that you had a ton of stagnant lethal blood there that is now currently moving. The caught toxic substances are currently being purged and discharged and aggravating them has rejuvenated your prostate tissues. So the pain is a good thing – as you do prostate massages more regularly this pain and discomfort will disappear and it will be a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

If you are still questioning why you should do this?? The reason is simple, you will have invigorated the blood stream to this incredibly important buy not appreciated territory. Furthermore, you have brought a considerable measure of crisp healthy blood and invigorated the tissues. In a day or two that stagnant harmful blood will be supplanted by new blood with a superior health stream.

How Long Before You Feel The Better Health Results!

Prostate stimulation the first try is the hardest. Thereafter you will be feeling better and better. It is less your organ itself that you are working with this procedure. You are really taking a shot at enhancing the blood stream to it. You are diminishing the blockage. The expanded blood stream is bringing a more prominent supply of supplements and oxygen. Furthermore, you are currently issuing it an opportunity to truly recuperate itself.  Some men get to be torment free after one and only of these sessions!! Prostate stimulation is best done toward the end of the work day when you will have the capacity to unwind. Keep in mind to inhale DEEPLY while you are doing it. Prostate massages will result in a LOT of sensation and utilize a great deal of nerve vitality. In this way, you must inhale profoundly amid the procedure to supply your blood with a lot of oxygen. This will give your body and sensory system the vitality it needs.

Eat something – preferably healthy. The high sensation will utilize a considerable measure of nerve vitality and some nourishment will help to restore your vitality rapidly. At that point, unwind and get a decent night’s slumber! Prostate stimulation and health is best when performed often – make a schedule. At the same time, don’t do it more than two or three times a week. Much the same as anything you can overdo it. On the off chance that you were extremely delicate, do not repeat is for at least 3 days between sessions. It takes a couple of days for the entire cycle of purifying to complete and for the tissues to recover (much the same as any physical activity activity). At the point when your blood and nerve energies are moving openly, you will feel better all over.

How Prostate Massages Effect Your Body?

When you experience the ill effects of consistent or constant torment or abuse, your body sends a LOT of blood and nerve vitality to the territory so as to mend it. The blood and energies can get stuck there. These need to get moving again in place for your body to its optimum levels. Right prostate stimulation is the most effective non-medical or medicinal approach to do this. Discharging stuck nerve energies is the thing that Chinese acupuncture is about. In this needle therapy, the conviction is that when the nerve energies are streaming typically, the body will work ordinarily, be centered and mend itself.  Rubbing accurately and consistently will get your blood and nerve energies moving once more! With right prostate manipulation procedures, you will be giving your body a vastly improved opportunity to mend itself and feel well once more! It is safe to say that you are prepared to begin and use this prostate guide for better health?

When to Talk to Your Doctor

If you think that you may be suffering from any type of prostate problem, it is extremely important that you consult with your doctor prior to starting to massage the prostate, to find out if massage is ideal at this point in time.

Women and Anal Sex

Although women don’t have prostates they can insert butt plugs, vibrators, dildos or her partner’s penis into her rear-end. At climax, the body contracts around the sex toy stimulate the nerve endings around the anus. By inserting a sex toy, the amount of space within the pelvis is reduced and as a result the canal feels tighter. The firmer pressure and additional texture provided by a sex toy can make her canal feel totally different and can be gratifying.


8 Masturbation Techniques You Will Want To Try!

Man Looking at Banana

From time to time a fellow simply needs some alone time to reconnect with himself with male masturbation. Everyone needs to know simple methods to gain sexual fulfillment without needing to satisfy another person. When you think about it, it’s not selfish because if you feel good and your sexual health is taken care of that is what matters. There are times when masturbation needs to be done. Obviously, I’m not proposing that you start stroking off chronically and demonstrate to your lovely young lady the exit door. Yet sometimes, on the off chance that you feel the need to stroke it, here are seven masturbation strategies you ought to go for a little of difference to spice up your stroking techniques.


Man Looking Down His Pants

Be a little daring and try one or why not try all of them?

1  The Masturbation Sock:

People use the sock method of male masturbation mainly because the feeling is nicer as inside of the sock is soft. People like trying new things and experiencing different types of sensations because using a hand for masturbation all the time can get boring. When you have came and blown your load into the hamper, just throw it into the washing for reuse. People can’t tell what type of adventure your sock has been on as there won’t be any staining on the outside. People don’t actively look at sock’s because sock’s do smell bad after they’ve been used on someones feet for a whole day. If your a person of texture, you can even turn the sock inside out for some more fun times. The main types of people who use socks are people who are not circumcised as it is less likely to irritate their skin.

2  The Sandwich Bag:

Fill a plastic sandwich bag with petroleum jelly and put your erect penis straight in, squishing the jelly so that your whole penis is secured. At that point, put your penis, still in the bag, between the sleeping mattress and the base. Pump until climax. The best part? No mess to clean up afterwards.

3  The Hand Job Plus:

While standing, contort your lubed-up hand. Our house favourite lubricant is SuperSlyde. Pick the hand which you feel most open to using. Your hand position must be with your thumb against your stomach. Wrap your hand around your penis. Instead of stroking with your hand, move your pelvis to pump hard until you are done with your hand. It’ll make you have a feeling that you’re really infiltrating a vagina. Alright, perhaps not quite.

4  The Tapper:

Despite the fact that you need to have a touchy penis for this to work, this will at any rate prove that you don’t in the event that it doesn’t work. Keep your clothing on and make yourself erect. Once you’re at your fullest erectness, tap the tip of your penis with the tips of your fingers. It ought to take some degree longer than common masturbation for you to achieve climax yet when you do, it will be beautiful no doubt…

5  The Ball Squeeze:

Whenever you’re stroking off and feel just as you’re going to cum, put your other hand over your scrotum and gently crush and draw it down (or all the more forcefully, on the off chance that you like that kind of thing). That way, you get to feel your semen going through your body, going through your urethra and out the hole.

6  The Palmer:

Once you’re erect, put some lubricant within one hand, and instead of rubbing your penis with your hand, continue rubbing the tip of your penis against the palm of your hand to climax.

7  The Ring In:

Spread both your hands with lubricant, and structure a ring with your thumb and pointer. Place it around the base of your penis. Slide the ring up to the base of the glans (where the head begins). Presently structure a ring with the fingers on your other hand and do likewise thing. Continue stroking with one ring or both until you peak.

8  Ice, Ice, Ice Baby:

For this strategy, stroke off as you typically would, yet when you feel the impression of sperm going through your urethra, seize some ice blocks or pulverized ice with the other hand, then keep stroking off to finish. The inclination of ice in one hand, warm in the other will enhance your ejaculation

So why not try these 8 great masturbation techniques and they can only improve your male sexual health.