A Luxury Kegel Egg Named Emma!

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Are you tired of mundane sexual arousal? Or would you like to try something new on your partner? Well, have you heard or thought about the coco de Mer Emma?  Coco De Mer is setting the sex toy world ablaze with its Fifty Shades inspired luxury sex toy range.

The truth is that we all love to enjoy the best sexual experience whether at home, outdoors, in the office, or even at the public places. And this is why many of us are always looking for something new and more rewarding. Unfortunately, many of the sex or adult toys in the market require you to be very discrete or confine yourself to a specific location. This means that if you have the urge to arouse yourself then you have to wait until you get home or go find a hidden location. This, however, is not the case with the Coco de Mer Emma Vibrating Egg.

Just as the name states, it comes in an egg shape and this improves entry and exit. It also minimizes pain and also doesn’t require using lots of lube. The handy piece works perfectly for solo performance as well as on your partner. And thanks to its ergonomic design and lightweight, you won’t struggle to hold on to it, even if you decide to use it for a long time. One thing that I like about it is the nice finish which feels quite nice on the hands and also inside the body. This assures you of zero aches or abrasion, which can ruin the entire experience.

Emma Kegel Exercizer
Emma Sex Balls


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This luxury kegel egg is made of high-grade silicone to keep you and/or your partner safe from side effects which may include rashes, inflammation, infection, or reddening among others. And from the manufacturer’s take, it is completely safe for any skin type and also very hygienic. The seamless and smooth design makes cleaning it very easy and it also not affected by lubes. Nevertheless, just like other toys, you should always keep it clean at all times by washing or wiping it as recommended. Also, make sure you use high-quality products that aren’t corrosive or don’t contain strong bleaches.

The remote-controlled unit allows you to use it anywhere and without arousing any suspicion. In fact, according to most consumers, they love it because you can wear it at home, in the home, while traveling, and still control the sensation you get. And since the adult toy and remoter are both small, chances of you getting caught or being discovered are very minimal, unless you get overwhelmed by the pleasure such that you start moaning too loudly. Also, you can use the remote control to tease or excite your partner as you watch him/her enjoying every moment of it. And if this doesn’t turn you on, I wonder what will!

The remote control’s strong frequency allows a user to operate the vibrating egg from as far as 2.5 meters and is also not easily affected by other signals or frequencies. This makes it perfect for most situations and also enhances the discreteness. And to ensure that you don’t disturb the peace around or raise suspicion, the toy is ultra silent and doesn’t produce any humming, buzzing, hissing, whining or any type of sound. The only audible sound may be from you or your partner as you savor the moment.

It features 8 vibration patterns to cater for varied individuals, moods, or preferences and choosing the desired option is easy and all you do is simply making use of the handy remote control. The device works instantaneously and enables you to change the mode during use. You don’t need to remove it so as to choose your selection. You also get 12 speeds to cater for different desires. You will find Plus (+) and Minus (-) buttons for easy speed control. The highest speed provides quick arousing for faster pleasure and comes handy if time isn’t on your side or you want an instant high. The low speeds are more relaxing and offer a longer arousal and gratification.

If you are concerned about using it in a wet environment or it accidentally coming in contact with moisture, water, sweat or other fluids, then you’ll be happy knowing that the vibrating egg is fully waterproof. It won’t lose its functionality, corrode, get stained, rust, or degrade over time. And for the best experience, you are required to apply or dip it into a water-based lubricating oil or gel before insertion. This improves the entry, exit, comfort as well as granting you maximum satisfaction. And courtesy of the nice finish, you don’t need to keep reapplying the lube since it doesn’t become dry too soon.

The Emma Remote Control Vibrating Egg comes with a well-made and practical leather pouch for safe storage and carrying of the toy. The high-quality material not only protects the toy but also endures regular use, frequent carrying, abrasion, and other things. It features a smooth interior for added protection against scratches and also makes certain the toy’s smooth surface stay the same for reliability band longevity. Furthermore, inserting and removing it from the pouch is easy and straightforward due to the easy opening and closing whereas the lightweight and handy design make carrying it convenient. And courtesy of the travel lock function, you don’t need to worry about it accidental opening and embarrassing you.

The included USB charger allows you to charge it from different places without worrying about dead batteries or having to dispose of. It works with different devices included a laptop, power bank, travel charger, external charger, wall charger and much more. The quick charging unit can be used within a short time and also keeps the charge for a long time.

You don’t have to look for a hidden spot or lock yourself in a room or bathroom to enjoy sexual arousal. You also don’t need to feel ashamed of a large, bulky or noisy sex toy that will more-likely alert the people around you of what you are up to. With the Coco de Mer Emma Remote Control Vibrating Egg, you get instant gratification from almost anywhere and will be able to enjoy the pleasure without raising eyebrows. Simply apply a water-based lubrication the smooth-surfaced egg-shaped vibrator, insert it, and then control the speed or pick the desired preference via the handy remote control. Take the pleasure and satisfaction a notch higher with the Coco de Mer Emma vibrating egg.

You can get the Coco De Mer Emma now at adultsmart sex toy shop.

Jennifer works marketing at Adultsmart an online sex toy shop. She has a non-judgemental approach to sex, sex toys and sexuality. Her favorite saying is if it feels good and right and is not illegal then why not!

Win A Coco De Mer Emma Giveaway – Valued At $299

Coco De Mer Giveaway

Adultsmart has teamed up with Coco de Mer to bring to you this latest giveaway. Win the Coco de Mer Emma Love Egg valued at $299! This exclusive sex toy which was featured in the Fifty Shades Freed movie is only available in a select few adult stores in Australia but you could win one of your very own if you enter this competition.

What’s prizes are up for grabs?

1 x Coco de Mer Emma Love Egg

1 x Remote Control

1 x leather travel and storage case for discretion and hygiene

1 x USB cable for convenient charging


Win The Emma Love Egg
Coco De Mer Giveaway

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Other ways to enter the competition

Instagram giveaway Coco de Mer Emma Love Egg
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Who can enter the competition?

You must be over 18 years of age to enter. The competition is open to people worldwide.

When does the competition begin?

The competition begins on the 18th of July, 2018

When does the competition close?

Entries close on the 5th of September and the draw will be conducted on the 4th of September. The winner will be contacted via email to arrange delivery.

About the Coco De Mer Emma Love Egg

My Lady, entrust intimate arousal to your beloved and abandon yourself to ethereal pleasures

Take charge of your pleasure with Emma, the first remote-controlled toy in Coco de Mer’s exquisite Pleasure Collection. Crafted from smooth, high-quality silicone, the slender shape of the love egg is designed for easy insertion and maximum pleasure. Simply press the button on the Emma love egg to activate it, then apply some water-based lubricant before insertion.

Boasting a range of eight different vibration settings and twelve incremental levels, Emma’s true potential is unlocked with the easy to use remote. Activate it by gently pressing the Coco de Mer seed emblem, with which you can select your pulse setting. From there, increase or decrease the intensity with the plus and minus buttons to customise your delight.

Perfect for using with a lover, it can heighten the intimacy of using a toy together by letting the partner holding the remote take control, dictating the speed and pacing for a truly dizzying climax – whether in the boudoir or out and about. The 8ft range makes this an ideal toy for risqué play in a public setting, as the quiet vibrations will leave onlookers none the wiser and the subtle tones of the remote make it easy to conceal.

Emma is presented in a gorgeous coco brown leather carrying case, complete with instruction booklet and USB charging cable. Whilst Emma will contain a small amount of pre-charge, it is advised that you allow for a full 2hr charging session before use, allowing for 60 minutes of play time. Emma is charged by unscrewing the base of the egg and plugging it is, allowing your toy to remain discreet whilst charging.

Inspired by Lady Emma Hamilton, the 18th century artist and socialite who took Europe by storm, becoming a household name and later one half of the era’s most iconic power couple with Admiral Nelson, the packaging and manual bear her portrait as well as her name.

Pleasure is redefined with the Coco de Mer Pleasure Collection, a range of indulgent products carefully crafted to let you explore your erotic imagination.

Material of the Coco De Mer Emma Love Egg

100% pure medical grade silicon.

Features of the Coco De Mer Emma Love Egg

  • Weight 0.384 kg
    Dimensions 15 x 11.7 x 6.5 cm
    Material Silicone

Read Adultsmart’s Coco De Mer Emma Love Egg product review for more information about this amazing product!  Don’t want to wait?

Jennifer works marketing at Adultsmart an online sex toy shop. She has a non-judgemental approach to sex, sex toys and sexuality. Her favorite saying is if it feels good and right and is not illegal then why not!

Pearl2 G-Spot Vibrator That Will Sync For Your Lover!

Kiiroo Sex Toy Review

Kiiroo Pearl2 is designed to fulfill sexual desires by allowing users to experience a new era of erotic pleasures. It opens the door to interactivity and allows everyone – no matter where they are – to share pleasures and connect with their lover and feel their embrace. Its design and technological innovation allows the fulfillment of our most intimate needs. As it reacts to our body’s natural movements, we can easily control the intensity of the vibrations it produces.

The Kiiroo Pearl2 comes with vibrations that stimulate the G-spot. Vibrators are touch-sensitive and Kiiroo is waterproof and this itself widens its usage. We can use and enjoy it whenever and wherever we want to. It is highly recommended for those that like to watch porn, those that like deep rumbly vibrators and to all those who are in a long-distance relationship. The couple set’s design allows us to feel and touch our partners the way we never could before. The best aspect about it is that we do not need even to be in the same room yet experience intense sexual pleasures controlled by our lover.

Manufacturers Description

The world’s most technologically advanced G-spot vibrator, designed to fulfill your most intimate needs.  Pearl2 is a technologically advanced G-spot vibrator enabled with touch-sensitive technology. It can be used for solo play, couples play from a distance or you can connect it to your favorite videos. Pearl2 is compatible with all existing and future Kiiroo devices, as well as with content sites and existing video, VR, 3D gaming and device partners of Kiiroo.


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Kiiroo System

Kiiroo is a system that allows users to connect Kiiroo and their partners sex toy of choice. Kiiroo Pearl2 is one such sex toy. This vibrator helps us to enjoy and experience the fun that is controlled by remote controlled action. You can also appreciate and relish this sex toy in sync with interactive porn. Kiiroo Pearl2 can stimulate the G-spot so is the one of the best choices to be used for vaginal play. Do not use it for anal play, due to the absence of a flared base. Kiiroo system is safe and secure. It grants access to *FeelPorna that allows the toy to operate in sync with adult movies. You can get an idea about its functionality and interactivity when coupled along with such erotica.

Teledildonics (also known as "cyberdildonics") is technology for remote sex where tactile sensations are communicated over a data link between the participants
Pearl 2 Sextoy Review

Specifications of Kiiroo Pearl2

Kiiroo Pearl2 is the latest model launched by Kiiroo and is an innovative vibrator when compared with their old design. Its design promises complete satisfaction and this is what makes it special and stand out among the crowd. It is unlike any other vibrator and has everything that a luxury vibrator can provide. It is aesthetically pleasing and is equipped with all the functions and controls that make it user-friendly. Instructions are provided or accessible online and the added bonus that it is waterproof  gives one peace of mind that we can use it whenever and wherever we want. It is USB rechargeable and comes with a warranty period of 1 year.

The appearance of Kiiroo Pearl2

Kiiroo Pearl2 is appealing and seductively coated with silicone that is soft in texture. This coating is present in most of the Pearl2 and that is what gives it such an alluring look. Silicone coating makes it soft, safe and secure and can be used without any concern. It is compact and non-porous and is free of phthalate. On its back, it is equipped with ABS section which aids in the control location that are easy and amazingly candid to operate. Pearl2 can be used as a solo sex toy, couples play or can be connected to other devices.

Vibrations of Kiiroo Pearl2

Vibrations of Kiiroo Pearl2 are strong and effective and will easily content and delight size queens. Vibrations are quite deep, rumbley and when it is inserted or applied to any part of the body the vibrations will satisfy with abandon. It can be inserted in the vagina for G-spot stimulation and can also be used externally for clitoral pleasure. In either of the cases, it does not disappoint and gives great realms of pleasure. It guarantees the ultimate sexual pleasures and sense of excitement leading to the ultimate climax.  Easy to use and with a head that has enough width to cover the clitoris and labia portions. This enables enjoyment with clitoral stimulation and amazingly delightful orgasms never experienced before.

It is wand-intense. It is equally effective when used with wands that are of mid-sized. It begins with gentle vibrations and this pace enables us to have a control over the speed. This mechanism prevents the inharmonious vibrations that are annoying and not so compelling at least for the new users. It is of perfect depth and that’s of great significance when keeping in account intensity of vibrations.

Design of Pearl2

Pearl 2 is designed keeping in mind the needs and necessities of its potential users. It has a compelling design which is what makes it popular and well recognized. Pearl2 is relatively large in size when compared with the original Pearl. Head is slightly more protuberant. It provides a perfect profound angle that helps in the G-spot stimulation. The angle that it provides facilitates perfect distribution of the pressure. It is coated with silicone and that is what makes it a substantial rigid dildo and we can use it by applying the pressure as per our needs and demands. We can use it with a liberal amount of lubricant alongside some warm up to reach the peak of pleasure and climax. It is easy to insert and it causes perfect thrusting that instills a sense of confidence coupled with excitement.

Product Specifications:

Materials: ABS, silicone

Finish: Matte chrome for ABS, matt finish for silicone

Size: 200 x 39 x 36.5 mm

Weight: 139 grams for device, 159g for device + USB cable

Battery: Lithium-ion 540 MAH 3.7V

Charging: 2 hours

User time: 1 hour

What you get in the box:

· Pearl2 device

· USB Charging cable

· Authenticity Card

· Quick Setup Manual

Kiiroo Pearl2 versus Other vibrators

Other luxury vibrators available on the market do not come with so many wonderful aspects, options and features that Kiiroo Pearl2 provides. Many do not provide connectivity to other users digitally and can cost up to twice the amount of the Pearl2 .  Kiiroo Pearl2 is the perfect luxury vibrator that presents value for money for those that want to experience a VR sexual experience.  Kiiroo Pearl2 is a *teledildonic luxury device and it simply means that it allows the connection to other Kiiroo users digitally. It has many notable extraordinary aspects and innovative features which make it popular. Its design is efficient, powerful and comes with a deep thrusting intense vibrator. It is intelligently shaped and its big head design coupled with intense vibrations can effectively be used to stimulate G-spot for vaginal play and can also be used for clitoral stimulation and excitement. Kiiroo Pearl2 is an excellent toy and is highly recommended to all the people who want to experience ultimate excitement and reach orgasm easily.

  • Feelporna is a proprietary interactive porn video that allow an immersive video experience that interact with an interactive sex-toy like Kiiroo Onyx and Pearl.
  • Teledildonics (also known as “cyberdildonics”) is technology for remote sex where tactile sensations are communicated over a data link between the participants.

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Selling Guaranteed Orgasms – Satisfyer Pro

Satisfyer oral sex toy advertisement

“Press pleasure”

Ladies, it’s safe to say that they have finally found out how to package satisfaction. It’s almost as if the manufacturers have been listening closely through your bedroom wall. Feeling every desire that goes unattended that sums up your despair. It is none other than these considerate people at Satisfyer that are attuned to how to guarantee you better satisfaction. Their
livelihood depends largely on your pleasure, giving you the power to be rid of despair with this magnificent toy that they have attentively and expertly came up with.

Ideal for nights away at home, it is one of the most convenient toys to travel with that is currently available out in the market. Whether you are looking to substitute your lover for a while, add some spice to your bedroom antics or are just looking for some variety to add to your sexual experience – this will cut your search for satisfaction short. They know It gets lonely on the road away from your lover, the simple need to just be touched quickly escalates to the need of having a powerful sexual release. Having this compact Satisfyer Pro Traveler will make you forget all your woes and bring you into the present moment with its climax-inducing vibrations, you will lose track of time along with your sexual inhibitions. Let’s review this orgasmic device.

Be warned: This is for only those who are looking for explosive orgasms!

Satisfyer oral clitoral stimulator
Image: New Satisfyer Pro Traveler

Benefits of the Satisfyer Pro Traveler

It’s 4.85 inches of dynamite! Use the Satisfyer Pro Traveler to stimulate powerful orgasms, this wonder of a device is compact and easy to pack away conveniently in your travel bag, or even a purse. To save you the mortifying situation of having a vibrator turn itself on at the wrong time, the device is equipped with an ensuring travel lock which makes it the perfect
companion to go on a long business trip with. It snuggly rests on the vulva and works effectively on the clitoris. It will make your eyes roll back and your toes curl non-stop. The Satisfyer Pro Traveler is easy to operate with an ocean of orgasmic waves that can take you to sexual Utopia. There are 11 settings that toggle through just two buttons. You get the utmost control for a variety of experiences, alternate from gentle stimulation to very strong stimulation for your tender region.

Claims of the Satisfyer Pro Traveler

This will make you tap out! It is engineered to stimulate your clitoris to an instant orgasm – the team at Satisfyer certainly know how to light a fire in between your legs.

The best feature of the Satisfyer Pro Traveler

You can use this vibrator in the water as you shower or take a bath. It has a waterproof function that doesn’t disappoint in maintaining the same efficiency as you would experience otherwise. Convenient to use for when you have to smuggle in a quickie before you leave for work with a clearer head. For those who prefer to use it at home, it is ideal to use it on yourself or with the help of a lover as you relax into a well-deserved long bath after a long day making all your cares float away.

Low noise

Worrying about the buzzing noise that comes from most vibrators in the market is a thing of the past. Satisfyer motor is super quiet, ensuring that you engage in self-pleasure without any self-consciousness. Further increasing your guarantee of reaching climax very easily as you lose all your inhibitions and let waves of orgasms easily rush through your body.

Features of the Satisfyer Pro Traveler

  • 11 operational settings
  • Magnetic USB cable
  • Waterproof
  • Skin friendly silicone
Satisfyer oral sex toy
Image: Satisfyer Pro Traveler

Caring and cleaning the Satisfyer Pro Traveler

Caring and cleaning your Satisfyer Pro Traveler is a very easy task to fulfil. You can wash the toy with tmild soap and warm water. To get the most out of your efforts use sex toy antibacterial cleaner.

Who is the Satisfyer Pro Traveler for?

Although taking matters into your own hands is a one-woman job, you don’t have to always be a lone wolf when it comes to using the clitoral stimulator. It is a major turn-on for men to part-take in the experience and even use the toy on you from time to time. The clitoral stimulator is a great way for men to get to know their partner’s erogenous zone and what intensity level their lover requires to reach orgasm. When it comes to receiving a helping hand, it is always helpful to share your toys especially when it comes to receiving realistic oral sex from a Satisfyer.

Cons of the Satisfyer Pro Traveler


The vibrator can do with a bit of an improvement when it comes to its dimensions. A little bit of length would make it more popular with the ladies. At least, seven inches in length is the ideal size to tickle a lady’s fancies.


There should also be a spin on the variety of the colours. Black and white are not really trendy when it comes to a toy that you will get excited by just looking at it – this dehumanises the whole experience.

Pros of the Satisfyer Pro Traveler


The compact size of the vibrator is the most convenient feature of the Satisfyer Pro Traveler. You can easily just pack it in a bag and take it with you anywhere.

Low vibrating sound

It is almost impossible to hear the vibrator buzzing away as you use it. This works well for keeping away the thought of being embarrassed that someone can hear you as you use the clitoral stimulator on yourself – thus hindering the ultimate experience.


Perfect for use in the shower and bathroom. Playtime is not just limited to the bedroom like most clitoral stimulators. You can soak in the benefits while adding an extra advantage of not needing any lubricant to heighten the endeavour.

Conclusion about the Satisfyer Pro Traveler

The phrase “if you want something done, do it yourself” has never been truer. The Satisfyer Pro Traveler is the closest guarantee to an orgasm that you will get at this price – if at any price at all. Control over your experience is what you gain the most with the user-friendly settings – with just two buttons. You can’t put a price on pleasure, get this now.

Enter the Satisfyer Pro Traveler giveaway!

Adultsmart has partnered up with Satisfyer to bring to you this latest giveaway. If you want to find out what the Satisfyer Pro Traveler is all about, enter the giveaway for your chance to win a Satisfyer Pro Traveler!

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Satisfyer logo

Jennifer works marketing at Adultsmart an online sex toy shop. She has a non-judgemental approach to sex, sex toys and sexuality. Her favorite saying is if it feels good and right and is not illegal then why not!

Satisfy Her Like A Pro With Satisfyer

Sex toy revolution

Sex toys go a long way to fulfill our fantasies if not those intense dreams we have when alone. Even so, finding the right toy is often not so easy. Just because one pleases you on the eye doesn’t mean it will please you on the other end. Then there is the much talked about category of toys whispered among friends. The Satisfyer Pro Plus Vibration is with no doubt in this category and not without reason. Let’s review this fantastic product and see why.

Oral sucker
Image: Satisfyer Pro Plus Vibration Side Photo

Satisfyer Pro Plus Vibration is a unique product

The Satisfyer Pro Plus Vibration is really different from their other Satisfyer clitoral sex toys for women. This unique product is made with silicone and has a plastic gold-colored stripe separating the head and the body. The shape is that of a boomerang with an almost 90-degree angle. It is accompanied by a magnetic charging cable.

The standout feature making this product unique is the nozzle and its design. The nozzle is not detachable like previous designs of their other toys, the whole product is firm. Additionally, the nozzle area is covered with silicone and is very smooth. One cannot help but hope that it will feel just as good. What’s more exciting is the way the nozzle is angled slightly to sit perfectly on the clitoris. The head is ergonomically shaped to comfortably nestle against your clitoris sucking it gently with the chosen intensity. The range of intensities to choose from is almost enormous with eleven choices. The stimulation will engulf the whole clitoris teasing it with pleasure waves you have not experienced before.

This fantastic product has combined the power of air pulse wave technology and vibrations to offer that unique sexual pleasure and sensation that you crave for. One can choose either of the two since they can be operated independently of each other or you can choose to use both types of stimulation at the same time. The best experience is using both simultaneously since the pulse wave creates strong orgasms that will be compounded by the vibrations. The vibrations come with a choice of speeds and up to 7 pulsation patterns.

Oral sex toy stimulator
Image: Satisfyer Pro Plus Vibration Side Photo

How to charge the Satisfyer Pro Plus Vibration

The Satisfier Pro Plus Vibration is USB rechargeable either using your computer or a USB charger. This really comes in handy. It should charge for up to 8 hours for the first time but subsequent charging takes around 3 hours. This will largely depend on how often you use the product and for how long. On average though, a single charge of two and half hours should give you at least half an hour of ample playtime to enjoy an orgasm. The charger is also magnetic so that one can connect it to the contacts on the toy that are also magnetic. LED lights on the toy will blink to indicate charging and will stay lit when it is fully charged.

Working with the Satisfyer Pro Plus Vibration

The control mechanism of this fantastic toy is quite easy, to be honest. There are just three controls that can be used to operate the whole product. One button turns on the vibrations while another switches the pulse wave sensations on and off. The vibration button has a wave sign on it and controls both the pulse patterns and the speed of vibrations. The speed and pulse patterns are ten in all with seven different pulse patterns and three speeds. The third is a larger middle button which can be used to increase or reduce the speed of pulse wave sensations. Use this button to adjust the speed to the right amount that you desire. On turning it on, the speed of vibrations starts on a high just as with other sex toys. You may not prefer this but there is no need to worry because you can turn down the speed.

Satisfyer Pro Plus Vibration is amazingly light which makes using it easy and delightful. It is also easy to hold due to its design with the head further away from your clitoris. The incredible shape and design come in handy as it also suits nipple play.

Imagine having some fun in the bath. Wouldn’t you like that? Well, that is what the Satisfyer Pro Plus Vibration gives you as it is waterproof. The great advantage of using the toy in water is the seal that it creates over your clitoris for greater efficiency in giving you the pleasure you desire. This is the principle behind water-based lubes that may also be used to achieve the same effect. This little unique product comes with a lot of surprises for sure.


The product is a fabulous clitoral stimulator offering the satisfying pleasure of vibratory power coupled with pulse wave sensation and stimulation. The effects of this combo are beyond your wildest dreams and fantasies. The vibration and pulse wave can be independently controlled and combined to create different sexual sensations. The dual controls offer different sexual adventures for you to explore.

This sex toy is also really comfortable and easy to use. The ergonomic shape make it easy to hold and control. The head nestles very well on the clitoris to give you a nice time. The design is clever and thoughtful as it will also allow you to clean the toy without struggling. The nozzle can be dried using a tip. Since the product is waterproof, one does not need to worry about it coming in contact with the water. This also makes it ideal for use during bath time after which you can immediately clean it.

It is unbelievably quiet when one is using the pulse wave stimulation or the vibratory stimulation. It is a little bit noisier when the pulse wave and vibrator are used together but not noisy enough to worry you. It maintains the required silence in all and does get the job done satisfactorily.

A little setback

This Satisfyer product, like all others, may be challenging to position in the right place. The ideal position is critical for the pulse wave stimulation to work efficiently. The head may be firm to some while the silicone coating on the nozzle is very smooth. The trick to deal with this is by just gently holding it in position and it will work just fine as it is very powerful.

The Satisfyer Pro Plus Vibration is a unique product that provides pleasurable stimulation. It is worth your while!

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Satisfyer logo

Jennifer works marketing at Adultsmart an online sex toy shop. She has a non-judgemental approach to sex, sex toys and sexuality. Her favorite saying is if it feels good and right and is not illegal then why not!