Allure Bliss : Unlocking the Secrets of Oral Pleasure

Immediately after I walked in to start my shift at Adult Smart I was drawn right over to the new Allure Bliss. True to its name it allured and intrigued me with its unique shape and bright colour. I thought oh wow I really want to see what you can do!

Turning on the Allure Bliss, I appreciated its user-friendly control panel, unlike previous disappointing experiences with other sex toys. Two upraised buttons: one marked with on/off symbol, the other cycles through 8 functions.


Pink Allure Bliss In Packaging
Sex Toy: Allure Bliss In Box

How To Use The Allure Bliss

To turn it on you need to hold down the on/off button for around 3 seconds and you will see a soft light illuminating both buttons to let you know it’s on, a quick second press of the on/off button will turn the suction feature on, or off without releasing the suck it has on you, to release suction at any point during use, hold down the on/off button for 3 seconds.

The larger button above will cycle through the different suck patterns that are used to stimulate the clitoris. I was genuinely surprised at how much I like the different patterns on this sex toy as I am a person who only enjoys consistent vibrations without breaks or changes in how the sex toy is vibrating, but this sex toy sucks! So for once, I will definitely be opting for patterns.



Allure Bliss Diagram Sex Toy Image
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The Design Of The Allure Bliss

The Bliss Allure is a super interesting shape, I looked at it and really loved how it reminded me of some kind of plant. I find its unique and cute shape comfortable to hold, showing consideration for ergonomic design.

The silicone the Allure is made out of is a lovely soft and smooth and is 100% body safe and phthalate free, there is a small strip of silver ABS plastic running around the join where you can detach the sucker head from its handle/base, apart from where its head detaches (for cleaning etc) the Allure is seamless, there are 4 lined ridges running down the handle which adds to its plant-like features but also help with keeping a grip on the soft, silky silicone.

Weight and Dimensions of the Allure Bliss

The Allure is 206g and 61mm x 48mm, the actual suction cup being a decent shape and size being a 25mm circle, which is bound to fit most if not all persons anatomy nicely and because of it being made of a lovely soft malleable silicone you can squeeze the suction cup to sit in a more narrow shape if you wish. This sex toy certainly can suck, the suction is extremely strong, suctioning it to my palm it can even hold its own weight when I let go so no need to worry if it will strong enough, its suction is excellent!

This sex toy is waterproof and rechargeable, essential features in modern purchases, worthy of your consideration. Charging the Bliss Allure is easy – just pierce the hole at its base with the USB charger. The light will flash while charging and go solid when it’s done, with the charge for the Allure lasting around 90 minutes. The box the Allure comes in is a sturdy cardboard that is great for storage or you can use the handy black velvet draw string pouch it comes with.

Cleaning the Allure Bliss

Before use, apply a water based lube to the suction cup/lip and then after use to clean your Allure you can actually twist and take off the suction cup part of the sex toy. Use water and a sex toy-cleaner, rinse the sex toy-cleaner off then leave it to dry completely before placing the suction cup head back on.

Honestly, my only gripe with its design is its motor is not “Ultra Quiet” as it claims, it is by no means loud but I certainly wouldn’t say the motor or suction is Ultra Quiet, you can hear it ticking away as it does its thing, but worth it? I think so. There are very few sex toys in my opinion that live up to their “ultra” and “whisper” quiet claims, so perhaps it is subjective, I can say you won’t be hearing it through closed bedroom doors though.

Company Information About Hott Products

The Allure Bliss range is brought to us from HottProducts a diverse company that makes adult toys and a range of products including a line of fantastic bachelorette and party products you can find some of these products online here on Adultsmart. So pop into one of our wonderful Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres soon and let the Allure help you find your Bliss. If you would like to find out more information, read our Complete Guide On Clitoral Stimulation For Women.


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The Rise of Suction Sexual Wellness Products for Women: Embracing Pleasure and Empowerment

In recent years, a quiet revolution has been unfolding in the realm of sexual wellness for women. At the forefront? Suction-based sexual wellness products. These innovative devices have captured the attention and imagination of many, transforming intimate experiences into journeys of exploration, pleasure, and self-discovery.

Why the Surge in Popularity?

Breaking Taboos with Boldness and Beauty

Conversations about female pleasure are no longer whispered secrets.Today, women everywhere are reclaiming their right to pleasure, seeking products that cater specifically to their needs. Suction devices, with their unique approach to stimulation, stand out as champions in this movement. They’re not just gadgets; they’re gateways to understanding and embracing one’s body.

The Science of Satisfaction

Unlike traditional vibrators, suction products focus on simulating the feeling of oral sex, targeting the clitoris with gentle, pulsating air waves. This method provides a type of pleasure distinct from anything else on the market, one that many find deeply satisfying. It’s a breakthrough in technology, aligning perfectly with the anatomy and desires of women.

The Benefits Unveiled

1. Enhanced Pleasure The primary allure of these products? Unparalleled pleasure. They offer a new dimension of sensation, often leading to more intense and satisfying orgasms. This isn’t just about sexual satisfaction; it’s about discovering what brings joy to the body.

2. Boost in Sexual Confidence Using these products can significantly boost sexual confidence. Women become more in tune with their desires and more comfortable in expressing them. This empowerment extends beyond the bedroom, influencing areas of personal and social life.

3. Stress Relief and Improved Sleep The benefits aren’t purely sexual. The release and relaxation that come from using suction products can reduce stress and lead to better sleep. It’s about overall well-being, touching on aspects of mental health that often go unnoticed.

4. Enhanced Intimacy with Partners Suction devices can also play a role in enhancing intimacy with partners. They introduce new experiences and avenues for pleasure, opening up conversations about desires and preferences. It’s a journey of exploration, shared.

5. A Safe Space for Exploration Safety and health are paramount. These products offer a clean, controlled environment for sexual exploration, free from risks associated with physical encounters. It’s a private space where women can explore their bodies and desires without fear or judgment.

Embracing the Revolution

The trend towards suction sexual wellness products reflects a broader shift in society—a move towards openness, understanding, and acceptance of female sexuality. These devices are not just about the physical sensations they provide; they’re about what they represent: freedom, empowerment, and the right to pleasure.

Author: Erin is a consultant at Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres

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