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Satisfyer oral sex toy advertisement

“Press pleasure”

Ladies, it’s safe to say that they have finally found out how to package satisfaction. It’s almost as if the manufacturers have been listening closely through your bedroom wall. Feeling every desire that goes unattended that sums up your despair. It is none other than these considerate people at Satisfyer that are attuned to how to guarantee you better satisfaction. Their
livelihood depends largely on your pleasure, giving you the power to be rid of despair with this magnificent toy that they have attentively and expertly came up with.

Ideal for nights away at home, it is one of the most convenient toys to travel with that is currently available out in the market. Whether you are looking to substitute your lover for a while, add some spice to your bedroom antics or are just looking for some variety to add to your sexual experience – this will cut your search for satisfaction short. They know It gets lonely on the road away from your lover, the simple need to just be touched quickly escalates to the need of having a powerful sexual release. Having this compact Satisfyer Pro Traveler will make you forget all your woes and bring you into the present moment with its climax-inducing vibrations, you will lose track of time along with your sexual inhibitions. Let’s review this orgasmic device.

Be warned: This is for only those who are looking for explosive orgasms!

Satisfyer oral clitoral stimulator
Image: New Satisfyer Pro Traveler

Benefits of the Satisfyer Pro Traveler

It’s 4.85 inches of dynamite! Use the Satisfyer Pro Traveler to stimulate powerful orgasms, this wonder of a device is compact and easy to pack away conveniently in your travel bag, or even a purse. To save you the mortifying situation of having a vibrator turn itself on at the wrong time, the device is equipped with an ensuring travel lock which makes it the perfect
companion to go on a long business trip with. It snuggly rests on the vulva and works effectively on the clitoris. It will make your eyes roll back and your toes curl non-stop. The Satisfyer Pro Traveler is easy to operate with an ocean of orgasmic waves that can take you to sexual Utopia. There are 11 settings that toggle through just two buttons. You get the utmost control for a variety of experiences, alternate from gentle stimulation to very strong stimulation for your tender region.

Claims of the Satisfyer Pro Traveler

This will make you tap out! It is engineered to stimulate your clitoris to an instant orgasm – the team at Satisfyer certainly know how to light a fire in between your legs.

The best feature of the Satisfyer Pro Traveler

You can use this vibrator in the water as you shower or take a bath. It has a waterproof function that doesn’t disappoint in maintaining the same efficiency as you would experience otherwise. Convenient to use for when you have to smuggle in a quickie before you leave for work with a clearer head. For those who prefer to use it at home, it is ideal to use it on yourself or with the help of a lover as you relax into a well-deserved long bath after a long day making all your cares float away.

Low noise

Worrying about the buzzing noise that comes from most vibrators in the market is a thing of the past. Satisfyer motor is super quiet, ensuring that you engage in self-pleasure without any self-consciousness. Further increasing your guarantee of reaching climax very easily as you lose all your inhibitions and let waves of orgasms easily rush through your body.

Features of the Satisfyer Pro Traveler

  • 11 operational settings
  • Magnetic USB cable
  • Waterproof
  • Skin friendly silicone
Satisfyer oral sex toy
Image: Satisfyer Pro Traveler

Caring and cleaning the Satisfyer Pro Traveler

Caring and cleaning your Satisfyer Pro Traveler is a very easy task to fulfil. You can wash the toy with tmild soap and warm water. To get the most out of your efforts use sex toy antibacterial cleaner.

Who is the Satisfyer Pro Traveler for?

Although taking matters into your own hands is a one-woman job, you don’t have to always be a lone wolf when it comes to using the clitoral stimulator. It is a major turn-on for men to part-take in the experience and even use the toy on you from time to time. The clitoral stimulator is a great way for men to get to know their partner’s erogenous zone and what intensity level their lover requires to reach orgasm. When it comes to receiving a helping hand, it is always helpful to share your toys especially when it comes to receiving realistic oral sex from a Satisfyer.

Cons of the Satisfyer Pro Traveler


The vibrator can do with a bit of an improvement when it comes to its dimensions. A little bit of length would make it more popular with the ladies. At least, seven inches in length is the ideal size to tickle a lady’s fancies.


There should also be a spin on the variety of the colours. Black and white are not really trendy when it comes to a toy that you will get excited by just looking at it – this dehumanises the whole experience.

Pros of the Satisfyer Pro Traveler


The compact size of the vibrator is the most convenient feature of the Satisfyer Pro Traveler. You can easily just pack it in a bag and take it with you anywhere.

Low vibrating sound

It is almost impossible to hear the vibrator buzzing away as you use it. This works well for keeping away the thought of being embarrassed that someone can hear you as you use the clitoral stimulator on yourself – thus hindering the ultimate experience.


Perfect for use in the shower and bathroom. Playtime is not just limited to the bedroom like most clitoral stimulators. You can soak in the benefits while adding an extra advantage of not needing any lubricant to heighten the endeavour.

Conclusion about the Satisfyer Pro Traveler

The phrase “if you want something done, do it yourself” has never been truer. The Satisfyer Pro Traveler is the closest guarantee to an orgasm that you will get at this price – if at any price at all. Control over your experience is what you gain the most with the user-friendly settings – with just two buttons. You can’t put a price on pleasure, get this now.

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Win A Satisfyer Pro Plus Vibration – Valued At $86.90!

Climatical orgasms with Satisfyer

Adultsmart has teamed up with the award winning company Satisfyer to bring to you this latest competition! Enter the competition for your chance to win a  Satisfyer Pro Plus Vibration. The Satisfyer Pro Plus Vibration delivers lustful pleasure through arousing negative pressure and exciting vibrations. It’s a classic piece with a bit of a twist. It is a 2 in 1 sex toy that brings you the best of both worlds with pleasure waves and vibrations. Yes, you read that correctly. The Satisfyer Pro Plus Vibration works both as an oral stimulator and as a vibrator to deliver the ultimate in clitoral orgasms. A Satisfyer with 2 times the ohhhhhhhh power! Now, that’s a good idea if I ever did hear one!

What’s prizes are up for grabs?

1 x Satisfyer Pro Plus Vibration

How do I enter the competition?

Here is a list of the different ways you can enter the competition! Each action, like and share counts as 1 entry into the competition for your chance to BE A WINNER!!!!

Other ways to enter the competition

Instagram sex toy giveaway
Image: Instagram Competition Satisfyer Pro Plus Vibration
Pinterest oral sucker giveaway
Image: Pin To Win Satisfyer Pro Plus Vibration

Who can enter the competition?

You must be over 18 years of age to enter. The competition is open to people worldwide.

When does the competition begin?

The competition begins on the 28th of June.

When does the competition close?

Entries close on the 15th of August and the draw will be conducted on the 16th of August. The winner will be contacted via email to arrange delivery.

About the Satisfyer Pro Plus Vibration

The Satisfyer Pro Plus Vibration is made with the signature clitoral stimulator which is found on all products within the Satisfyer family. There is a setting for every level of pressure so that gradual orgasms can be built with a press of a button according to your personal needs. Go as slow or as fast as you would like to, so you can be in complete control of your experience from the top to the bottom.

The vibrations are powerfully sent through the head of the Satisfyer Pro Plus Vibration. Although the vibrations are incredibly strong they are also equally quiet this way you can use it in the comfort of your room without worry about disturbing your room mates in the other room! There is a grand total of 10 vibration modes to choose from so you can build up the perfect clitoral orgasm.

The pleasure waves and vibrations can work separately or you can choose them to work simultaneously together. The easy accessible controls make orgasming a delicious trip where you can go on your very own orgasm rollercoaster going from suction to vibrations and looping back around through the options in a matter of seconds. This way you can mix it up between uses, always keeping your sexual experience fun and rewarding each and every time.

Material of the Satisfyer Pro Plus Vibration

The silicone head is made to encircle the clitoris completely for a snug, comfortable and precise fit that works with your body. The silicone is soft and silky making it gentle on the skin. After use, the body safe silicone head can be easily removed and washed separately apart from the sex toy. This way you can own multiple head pieces if you would really like to. If there is a problem with the head piece, it can be easily changed rather than paying for an entirely new sex toy.

Since the Satisfyer Pro Plus Vibration is made from silicone, it is recommended to use it with a sex toy friendly water-based personal lubricant. Using a water-based lubricant alongside the sex toy can add to the pleasurable experience especially if you have a super sensitive clitoris.

The Satisfyer Pro Plus Vibration is environmentally friendly

If you are looking for a sex toy that is environmentally friendly, the Satisfyer Pro Plus Vibration could possibly be your perfect choice as it is made with an integrated rechargeable battery. You no longer have to waste money on purchasing batteries or throwaway any old batteries that no longer work. The Satisfyer Pro Plus Vibration can easily be plugged into a power source with its included magnetic USB charging cable.

The Satisfyer Pro Plus Vibration is completely waterproof

Bring the Satisfyer Pro Plus Vibration into the bathroom or shower as it is made with a waterproof finish that makes it safe to be used in the water.

If you are a massive fan of the Satisfyer sex toy range, the Satisfyer Pro Plus Vibration will be your next best thing.  To top that off, the Satisfyer Pro Plus Vibration has won a reddot award in 2018!

What is the media saying about the Satisfyer Pro Plus Vibration

Now, let’s have a look at what the media is saying about the Satisfyer Pro Plus Vibration:

“Brings you to orgasm in record time.” – Glamour

“Imagine this: a guy licking you, only more intense.” – Cosmopolitan

“Get ready for your life to change.” – Shape

Features of the Satisfyer Pro Plus Vibration

  • Weight: 143 g
  • Length: 130 mm
  • Breadth: 26 – 48 mm
  • Height: 43 mm
  • Battery: Battery
  • Material: ABS plastic and silicone
  • Color: Rose gold and white
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Rechargeable: Yes
  • Motors: 2 powerful motors
  • What’s included: USB charging cable

Read Adultsmart’s Satisfyer Pro Plus Vibration product review for more information how the product works!

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1 Effortless Tip For Womanizing Oral That’s InsideOut

Orgasm is a human right hashtag

I have always wanted to try a Womanizer oral sex toy! With their recent launch of the #orgasmisahumanright hashtag campaign taking over Instagram, I was even more interested to try out their latest product the Womanizer InsideOut which is a combination of an oral stimulator and a G-spot vibrator.

When I received my Womanizer InsideOut, I saw the plain packaging which I noted was very discreet. I opened the package up to find the sleek Womanizer InsideOut box. It’s a really classy box so it would be perfect to store the InsideOut for some extra protection. If you don’t want to use the box, it comes with a deluxe silky storage bag that is connected to a clip on black and gold tassel keychain. I really love this, as I own a lot of sex toys and this keychain sets it apart from all of the other ones in my collection which is great because I don’t want to spend any time fumbling around looking for it.

Sex toy packaging with storage bag and keychain
Image: Opening the Womanizer InsideOut packaging

I pulled out my Womanizer InsideOut to find that there are two head pieces. After doing some research online, I found out that there are different head pieces for different body types. I thought this was genius as using a product especially an adult toy for the first time, you don’t want to order a complete product expecting it to work only to find out that you need to buy additional pieces. I placed my Womanizer InsideOut on recharge and went about my daily routine. Charging took a standard 2 hours and the battery life lasts for 2 hours as well which I feel is a really good turn around in this day and age of modern technology.

After the 2 hour charge, my Womanizer InsideOut was ready to go. I got out my favourite water-based lubricant and placed it on my side table just in case I needed it. The first step in using the Womanizer InsideOut for me was placing the G-spot vibrator directly on my clitoris. It deeply rumbled the vibrations through my clit and I was very pleased. Within 1 minute, I was ready for insertion. I got a really firm grip on the handle for some manual play which is just what I needed before it was fully inserted. I used the handle to move it in a “come hither” action which felt too good to be true.

Sex toy for oral and G-spot stimulation
Image: Holding the Womanizer InsideOut

The shaft has a gorgeous curve to it, so I placed it fully inside and it automatically found my G-spot. This is a big YES for me. Most sex toys I have previously used have a bulbous shaft which disturbs the gradual orgasmic build-up especially if you are just not ready for that type of stimulation. I was really happy to find that this shaft didn’t have that bulbous tip.  Finally, something that works with my body and doesn’t hinder the build up – Thank you Womanizer!!!! Plus, this is great especially when I want to change things up in the bedroom.

Now, the clitoral stimulator was hovering above my clitoris. The suction power was overwhelming at first. My back arched and I could feel the pleasure and warmth run through every part of my body. I had to remove it for a couple of seconds so I could get my head around the feeling. I was just using the Womanizer InsideOut on the lowest setting. When I first thought of using an oral sex toy for clitoral stimulation alongside a G-spot vibrator, I was incredibly worried that I would feel overly stimulated but I was completely wrong. There are different settings that you can use so it can work your body out as much as you choose to let it. The feeling of the suction is just what I thought it would be… it is AMAZING. In a couple of minutes I was ready to turn the intensity up. Hallelujah, the Pleasure Air Technology that this Womanizer uses is really something else! I orgasmed in under 5 minutes which made me really happy!

In conclusion, the black and gold sexy look is everything to me. It is ABSOLUTELY gorgeous. I find myself reaching for it every single night that I want to orgasm. The orgasm I experienced from using it was big and overwhelming. Especially alongside that feeling of warmth that surges through my body. Move over guys, Womanizer InsideOut makes my world go around and around and around every single time I use it! It is also pretty light, so I never tire out. So the next time my boyfriend experiences whiplash from oral, I have my Womanizer InsideOut ready to go. The Womanizer InsideOut is a knock out oral sex toy and I am glad it is now in my sex toy collection. I highly recommend it for anyone wanting oral and G-spot stimulation. Who ever knew you could have both at the exact same time?

Sex toy with Pleasure Air Technology
Image: Womanizer InsideOut on bed

Womanizer InsideOut technical details

  • Material: ABS with silicone skin
  • Material stimulation head: Hypoallergenic medical silicone
  • Color: Black and gold
  • Size: 192 x 120 mm
  • Weight: 240 g
  • Intensity levels: 12
  • Whisper mode: Yes
  • Battery life: 2 hours
  • Charging time: 2 hours

What are other bloggers saying about the Womanizer InsideOut?

“2018 is really raising the bar for sex toys. The Womanizer InsideOut is without doubt the best air pulse type toy I’ve tried. The added sensation of the G Spot stimulation really lifts the InsideOut above the other devices like this on the market.” Candy Snatch Reviews, 5th April 2018

“I really, really loved the Womanizer InsideOut. It’s stylish to look at, waterproof, silicone and USB rechargeable. I found it the most pleasurable of all the toys of this type I have tried so far. Bottom line: if you’d like a bit of internal stimulation with some fantastic clitoral stimulation, the Womanizer InsideOut could be your new favourite toy.” Miss Jezebella, 16th February 2018

“With the InsideOut I get strong stimulation exactly where I want it, and I only have to use one hand. If I keep my drawers on and try to lie still I can play hands-free. I’ve given myself so many orgasms with this thing and it’s almost funny how effortless they’ve been. God, I love it.” Scandarella, 21st March 2018

About Womanizer

When it comes to choosing to buy a sexual wellness product, choosing the right product can also mean choosing to purchase a product from the right company that has your needs in mind. Womanizer products are made with every different type of woman in mind. They understand that every woman is equal and they are all equally precious. Their products help people enjoy being themselves, making you come first. Womanizer products are designed ergonomically for different body types with an emphasise towards people not changing for the products that they choose but instead the products having the ability to adapt to the body that it is being used on. Their revolution is making orgasms for women a standard. Their slogan is:

“Discover the revolutionary sex toy”

Win a Womanizer InsideOut valued $299

Adultsmart and Womanizer are currently hosting a competition together for readers of Adultsmart’s blog to win a Womanizer InsideOut oral sex toy valued at $299!!!There are many different ways to anonymously enter the competition.

Can’t wait for the competition to end? Would you like oral and G-spot blended orgasms today?

Jump on over to Adultsmart’s sex toy shop to buy a Womanizer so that you can experience the Womanizer InsideOut and have one all to yourself!

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1 Vital Trick To Master An Instant-O

Evolved Instant-O An Oral Sex Toy

The Satisfyer Pro is one of my most treasured sex toys and remains a popular choice for so many women coming into the Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres looking for a unique product. The Satisfyer range of suction/pulsing clitoral stimulators make for extremely intense orgasms in and out of the bath with many shapes and designs to suit different tastes.

In the past when women asked me if they should choose between a sex toy such as the Satisfyer Pro or a vibrator, I had always found it a struggle to help them decide between one or the other. They both have such unique capabilities that offer amazing pleasure, for me it was like choosing between dark chocolate or red wine (I choose both of course but I also understand that not everyone has that option!!).

Faced with this conundrum, I was impressed to see the arrival of The Shot Toys Hiky All-In-One vibrator and clitoral stimulator. It solved the problem of having to choose and with its ability to control the 3 different stimulators, was a great option for those desiring to have both at an affordable price.

Of course after a while the novelty of new technology wears off – not unlike the excitement of my Nokia 3310 Mobile fading away when phones with cameras came out – and I started wondering why there was not a sex toy that could do both at the same time. The traditional rabbit vibrators offer dual vibration for simultaneous vaginal and clitoral stimulation however I was not aware of any dual clit suction and vibrators until recently.

Evolved Instant-O In High Quality Box
Buy Now | Sex Toy Shop That Stocks Evolved Products

About The Evolved Instant-O Vibrator

The Evolved Instant-O vibrator, new to the Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres, is the latest toy on my ridiculously long sex toy wish list. It offers users a uniquely pleasurable and intense experience – think oral sex for your clitoris with a vibrating shaft internally…just wow!!

The Instant-O measures 8.5” in total length with the insertable shaft 4.5” and 1” in width. The shaft features 4 ridges which is perfect for those who like a ribbed texture, with the bulbous end slightly curved intended for superb G-Spot stimulation.

This vibrator is made from fluorescent pink silicone with a beautifully silky feel. The handle is pearl white ABS plastic and features 3 control buttons which light up blue so as not to lose it in the dark when in use. This vibrator is USB rechargeable and features two separate motors-one for the clitoral suction stimulator and one for the vibrations. The vibrations are really deep and rumbly with 8 different vibrations settings however it is slightly on the noisier side compared with other sex toys so keep this in mind if you’re shy and your share house has paper thin walls.

When I first laid eyes on the Instant-O, I noted that the clitoral suction stimulator is reminiscent of a musical instrument – trumpet like with enough coverage to completely cover the entirety of ones’ clitoris. The suction on this sex toy is super powerful-when placing my finger or thumb inside the stimulator, the suction was strong enough to carry the weight of the whole vibe. Now this alone would make for intense feels never mind combining it with a vibrating shaft!! So if you care to take my advice, let me assure you that this sex toy is not for the faint-hearted!!

I see this sex toy as a perfect option for women who do not like to have to do a great deal when self-pleasuring. The Instant-O is the type of sex toy where all that is needed is to hold it in place, lay back and let it work its magic. For women who like to move the shaft in and out, this sex toy can be used for this however the clitoral stimulator needs to be kept still for the suction to be felt so you would have to sacrifice this feature for in/out penetration.

Now I Have One Serious Complaint

Now I have one serious complaint for Evolved and it involves the very important instruction manual. They have got the buttons mixed up when explaining which is the On/Off and the Shaft vibrator control. Luckily I am an expert at turning sex toys on so figured it out with no dramas however I recommend that if you are buying it from the Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres you have the friendly staff to show you the correct functions.

How To Take Care Of The Evolved Instant-O

The Instant-O is not waterproof so cannot be used in the bath or shower. This is a downfall especially when it comes to being able to give it a thorough clean under a tap so I would recommend using an antibacterial sex toy cleaner spray or wipes to keep it spick and span.

The Evolved Instant-O comes with a 5-year warranty so in the case of any manufacturing faults it is reassuring to know it will be covered. The process is quite simple with an online form easy to access and fill. Just be sure to keep hold of your proof of purchase.

The Evolved Instant-O is a brilliant vibrator with a unique combination of functions. I recommend getting in quick before they sell out!!

Author: Sophie is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle CentresSave




The Perfect Lipstick For Oral Success

Womanizer 2GO In Different Colours

Looking for a great sex toy that you can keep in your handbag and have it ready to go whenever and wherever you go? Well, Womanizer has just released the perfect new product for you called the Womanizer 2GO which comes in a luxurious black, white and green/pink. For those of you who are unfortunately not familiar with the Womanizer brand it is a unique type of clitoral simulator and it is honestly, in my opinion, one of the best. The Womanizer is not a vibrator, this sex toy sucks on your clitoris with new PleasureAir technology which makes it so much different to most of the other clitoral stimulators on the market. They have a good range of different styled and shaped sex toys so I’m sure there will be one type for every woman to fall in love with, I know I definitely have my eye on one specific style that I’m saving my pennies for.

If you are a husband, boyfriend, girlfriend, fuck buddy or even a best friend looking for the perfect gift for Valentine’s day, anniversary, birthday, Christmas or literally any other gift giving occasion bless your woman person with this wonderful gift from the heavens because they will seriously thank you later once they’ve used this little gem. If you’re a woman reading this well then TREAT YO SELF! I promise you, you won’t regret it.

Womanizer Statistics

If you don’t believe me then here are some statistics Womanizer has collected from surveying their customers.

  • 73% experienced a multiple orgasm
  • 76% experienced an exceptionally intense orgasm
  • 63% sensed an entirely new sexual experience
  • 98% wanted to own a womanizer®
  • 100% evaluated the womanizer® to be absolutely unique
Whats Included In The Womanizer 2GO Package
Sex Toy: Womanizer 2GO Package

About The Womanizer 2GO

Womanizer 2GO is rechargeable, it only takes 60 minutes to completely charge up and lasts up to 90 minutes in play. To charge there is a sealed section at the bottom of the sex toy which you have to pull off and then plug your cord in and then the other end can be plugged into any USB dock or computer like one which runs a MAC operating system. When the sex toy is getting low on charge the button at the bottom will start blinking at you so you know it will lose full battery soon. It has 6 intensity levels so whether you like it slow and steady or quick and easy there is a setting for you to love. There is one button at the bottom of your sex toy, hold it down for 3 seconds to turn it on and then just keep clicking to intensify the speed, unfortunately, though if you want to go back a setting you’ll have to click through to the beginning again.

The body of the sex toy is made out of ABS plastic and the detachable head is made out of silicone, phthalate free. To clean simply take off the head and either use one of the sex toy cleaners we stock on Adultsmart or in any of our Oh Zone Lifestyle Centres and some warm water or you can even boil to sanitize. Womanizer knows we all have different sized and shaped clitoris’ so they’ve included 2 different head attachment sizes for you and you can also purchase replacements in the future if need be. If you are going to use any lubricant on the head of the sex toy make sure it is water based and it is definitely safe for you to use oil based lubricants or any arousal oils for extra pleasure! (See my article named “The Best Arousal Oil Guide” for my recommendation for On Arousal Oil ).

Now see, for me having a Loreal makeup product in my pocket or bedroom may seem very sus as I am a very masculine female but for all you makeup lovers out there you could keep it on your makeup desk or in your drawer at home and if you carry around a makeup bag or any other kind of bag everywhere you go you could keep your new sex toy in there and no one would ever know it is a sex toy!

Womanizer 2GO Makeup Bag
Buy Now | Womanizer Oral Sex Toy Store

Different Ways You Can Use The Womanizer 2GO

If you’re a woman who enjoys shower or bath time fun well then you are in luck with this one, it is 100% waterproof so just make sure your charger seal is completely closed and you can get your sex toy going under water! The sex toy works just as great under water as it does above. Womanizer is also a super quiet sex toy so you won’t have to worry about anyone hearing you use it no matter where you are using it, as for the noises that come out of your mouth though when using it you are in full control of that.

Please don’t limit yourself to just using it on your own, definitely, give your partner a chance to use it on you. Either have them hold it on your clitoris for you and let them watch how your body reacts to the pleasures this sex toy can bring or because of the way the base is shaped either you can or they can hold it on the clitoris whilst being penetrated.

If you have any manufacturing issues with your sex toy Womanizer offers 1-years warranty so just make sure to keep your receipt.

P.S We all have nipples so whether you’re a woman or male you can some great nipple stimulation from this sex toy as well.

Author: Elliana is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle CentresSave