VIP Interview With Frank Kok Sales Director At Kiiroo

Kiiroo sales director

This is a VIP interview wWith Frank Kok the sales director at Kiiroo.

Tell me about yourself

Hello Adultsmart blog readers 🙂 My name is Frank Kok, Sales Director at Kiiroo in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Before I got into this industry, I was a stockbroker for 18 years! I switched industries in 2008 to start a new adventure in the adult industry.

Over the past 10 years I have seen multiple areas of the adult industry which gave me the opportunity to build up a large global network in the novelty, content (video / VR) and the webcam industry.

As I have been in this industry for quite some time now, I know which companies we can work with to continue revolutionising interactivity. Next to that, my existing network in the novelty industry can help to open doors and make more exciting deals with partner companies.

Kiiroo company interview
Image: Frank Kok From Kiiroo

What inspires you?

In the sex-tech / interactive sex toy market, the demands are moving so fast that you need highly skilled people on board that are all able to keep up with the fast-paced environment. I am blessed to have very motivated colleagues around me who are all specialists in what they do and have the flexibility to think, work and enjoy working in a revolutionary interactive world!

Modern technologies in the adult industry have inspired me as they have created a new and exciting demand in the industry for interactivity. Customers are longing for a complete experience with a high level of pleasure, without too much effort. In the future, more adult products will become interactive and it will get easier to connect to other users, or content. It is all about the experience. See and feel what you see. I`m happy to say that Kiiroo is a pioneer in this field and I am glad that I have a helping hand in this new era of sexual pleasure.

What inspired the creation of Kiiroo?

One of Kiiroo’s founders; Toon Timmermans, got the idea for Kiiroo from the 1993 movie Demolition Man. In the movie, there is a scene where Sandra Bullock and Sylvester Stallone have “Virtual Sex” using connected helmets.

Whilst watching the movie, the idea sparked in Timmermans head “how could we have sex through the internet?”

An Indiegogo campaign and a very enthusiastic team set out to make this happen. They created sVir and oPue as the first prototypes – a vibrator and a masturbator as proof of concept.

By the beginning of 2014 the Onyx and Pearl were released to the public. The interconnected sex toys that could facilitate intimacy and transmit touch through the internet.

Tell me about your product range?

Our current product range consists of:

Kiiroo Onyx2; the second-generation Onyx. A masturbator that has 10 contracting rings in it, that simulate intimacy. It can be connected to a partner(s) device(s) through the FeelConnect App and the internet. It can also connect to 2D, VR and Webcam performers; simulating intercourse in real time.

Kiiroo Pearl2; the second-generation Pearl. A touch-sensitive, waterproof, G-spot vibrator that reacts to your body’s natural movements. When the Pearl2 is inserted into the body, the vibration intensity is controlled by the depth the device is inserted. As with the Onyx2, Pearl2 can be connected to partner device(s), 2D and VR content, and webcam.

Pearl2 comes in 2 colours; Purple and Black.

The Fleshlight Launch Powered by Kiiroo is a masturbator that connects an ordinary Fleshlight to the ‘interactive world’. The Launch moves the Fleshlight up and down at various speeds and lengths. The Launch mimics intimacy in the most realistic way possible. As with the other Kiiroo products, it can be connected to interactive content, partner devices and webcam. Put on your VR goggles and let the Launch take you on an adventure you have never been on before.

The OhMiBod Fuse Powered by Kiiroo is a dual-stimulating, touch-sensitive vibrator with built in LED lighting. The lights on Fuse change color depending on vibration intensity. As with the aforementioned Kiiroo products, connect to partner devices, interactive content and webcam.

Fuse comes in Black, but we will be releasing it in hot pink in July / August 2018 (date tbd).

Last but not least, we have the OhMiBod Esca Powered by Kiiroo that is an egg-shaped wearable vibrator. Esca was inspired by the webcam industry, as the LED light on the end of Esca’s tail flashes depending on vibration intensity. Esca is the only product of ours that does not have a 2-way connection possibility, but it can still be controlled by interactive content, partnered device(s), webcam and the FeelConnect app.

Kiiroo Pearl Competition
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What are your best sellers?

The Kiiroo Onyx2, the Fleshlight Launch Powered by Kiiroo and the OhMiBod Fuse Powered by Kiiroo are definitely our best sellers!

What can we look forward to from Kiiroo in the future?

More devices, more interactive content, more connection possibilities with companies such as We-Vibe, OhMiBod, the Cowgirl etc.

What has the response been for Kiiroo adult toys being LGBTQIA+ friendly?

The Kiiroo technology itself is what we pride ourselves on.

We like to think that sexuality or gender should not matter, if you feel you can enjoy our toys, we are never going to tell you not to use them. We do however, advise against using devices with non-flared bases anally, and of course if you do not have a penis 2 of our masturbators are not for you.

Our biggest issue (or not) is that it takes over 1 year to bring 1 toy to market because of the technology. Trial and error and months of testing goes into just one product, so unlike other pleasure product companies, we are unable to push out more products in our range for everyone.

Any of our devices can connect to one another though. Example: Onyx2 – Pearl2, Fleshlight Launch Powered by Kiiroo – Onyx2, Onyx2 – Onyx2, Fuse – Pearl2 – Esca and so on and so forth.

The interactive content we are compatible with ranges from straight, lesbian, trans*, gay and more.

This year we are working with partners to attend 9 Pride events across the USA. It is one small step for 2018, but we are working hard to be inclusive and appeal to everyone.

Just how many matching adult toy combinations does Kiiroo currently have?

That’s really hard to say because all our devices can connect to one another (as mentioned above).

What is it like to use FeelConnect and FeelVR technology?

We recently merged all of our applications into the FeelConnect mobile app. We have made our app as user-friendly and straight-forward as can be. You are guided every step of the way in the app.

The connection process is simple, and you can find out how to connect here (SFW):

Within the app, you are able to connect to partner devices – both in the same room and across the world, to 2D and VR content websites, you can control the devices by sound and you can also control the device through “device control” function in the app. Lastly, you can watch compatible VR videos directly in the app using a mobile VR headset.

Everything is possible in the FeelConnect 🙂

How many VR and standard videos are available? Are there amateur and professional videos in the video range?

Kiiroo does not produce content. However, we have partnerships with other companies such as BadoinkVR, VirtualRealPorn, WankzVR, PornHub to name a few. We also have a site called where you can find interactive content from some of the biggest brand names in the industry. As for the number of videos, your guess is as good as mine 🙂

How have Kiiroo devices changed the adult lifestyle industry? Do adult entertainers use Kiiroo devices for their live shows?

Yes, they do! With the technology, viewers of live shows can tip the performers and those tips translate into vibrations, in real time. Because of the 2-way capabilities of our products, live shows can turn into private shows where the performers take viewers into private sessions and pair their interactive devices to one another.

With the Esca and the Fuse, the visual aesthetics with the LED lights on the ends of the products make live cam shows more appealing to viewers. Being able to see tips translated into vibrations is an exciting addition to live shows.

What technology does the Onyx use?

Onyx and Onyx2 have 10 contracting rings inside it that contract in an up down motion mimicking intimacy. Onyx also has a haptic touch pad on the outside of it that you can use to control the Onyx in manual mode or control a partnered device’s vibrations or strokes.

How did the partnership of Kiiroo and Fleshlight come about?

When Kiiroo was just starting out, we had no idea how the adult industry worked. All of Kiiroo’s founders were not from the industry. By partnering with Fleshlight, the Onyx got a removable SuperSkin™ sleeve, and the Fleshlight name helped give our products credibility in the market.

How can couples feel even more connected when using Kiiroo devices?

Using Kiiroo products “closes the gap” between lovers, no matter how far apart they may be. Each device has its own unique aspect that simulates intercourse in some way or the other. The fact that you can use a social chat platform of your choice – Skype, FaceTime, Whatsapp etc also helps to give you a more comfortable atmosphere for your intimate moments.

Read the Kiiroo Pearl2 Sex Toy Review!

Sexpert is our resident full time sex blogger. Having successfully owned and managed a number of blogs relating to women’s lifestyle, she easily blended into her role as chief blogger of the Adultsmart Blog. She is in a long term relationship with her boyfriend. She also runs Good Girl Guide, a sexual lifestyle blog.

VIP Interview With Stephanie Berman of Berman Innovations

Insemination Dildo

Adultsmart is pleased to introduce Stephanie Berman CEO of Berman Innovations Inc as one of our VIP Interviewee’s.  Stephanie has been in the women’s reproductive health industry since 2003. As co-owner and Vice President of her familybusiness, Sepal Reproductive International, Stephanie hasextensive knowledge and understanding of the women’s reproductive health market.


Stephanie Berman
Stephanie Berman POPDildo

Stephanie knows first-hand what it is like to want to be able to get your partner pregnant, but not have access to any product which allows for an authentic and natural experience. When Stephanie and her wife were in the process of trying to conceive, it was their experiences with trying to get pregnant which sparked her desire to make a product of this kind available to women.

Stephanie is extremely happy to share that her and her wife were able to successfully use The Semenette® to try and conceive – they were blessed with a beautiful baby girl! As the product has gained national media attention, Stephanie learned that were many other communities in need of a high quality product which provided the technology of The Semenette®. After making some changes to the design and shape of the toy, Stephanie launched POP® by the Semenette. She is thrilled to be able to service so many different people and hopes to revolutionize the way couples are making love. Her main goal is to continue to bring people FUN and FUNCTION
in the bedroom!

Tell me about yourself Stephanie!

My name is Stephanie Berman, owner, founder and CEO of Berman Innovations and product, POP Dildo.

What inspired you to create the company Semenette?

Prior to creating my product, I had worked for my family business for 13 years which specialized in distributing products for women’s reproductive health.  More specifically, products that were used to help couples undergoing IVF or other types of assisted reproductive technologies.  This served as my insight into the medical aspect of conception which directly tied into my desire to create something other than the medical options available for same sex couples when trying to conceive.  In my work with my family business, I noticed a huge gap in the technology and resources available to lesbian couples trying to conceive.  If you couldn’t afford artificial insemination or IVF (which is insanely expensive and often not immediately covered by insurance for same sex couples), you were left with needle-less syringes or turkey basters.  I knew I could do better for my wife and I and ultimately, that’s how this all started.  When my wife got her first positive pregnancy test after using my prototype twice, I knew this could be something huge for the LGBTQ+ communities.

What inspires you? 

My biggest inspiration and motivation are my wife and 2 kids.  When I have those tough days, they always keep me going.  As for other inspirations, I love poetry and also find lots of inspiration in music.  I have lots of quotes that I love but one I always refer back to is by Ralph Waldo Emerson and reads, “What lies behind us and what lies ahead of us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.”  I truly believe success is not an accident, it’s a choice.  And this quote always motivates me.

Squirting dildo

What is the POPDildo and Semenette range of products made with?

POP and the Semenette are made with platinum grade silicone.  I had several offers to use materials that were less expensive, but I always strive to create the highest quality products possible.  I want to be able to personally say I not only stand behind my product but use it myself and I would never compromise quality just to make a little more money.  That was and never will be part of my business model.

Who can use the POPDildo?

Anyone!  Of course, we have target customers such as same sex couples looking to conceive, however, the product can truly be used by anyone which is one of the reasons I love it so much.  I really enjoy seeing different people’s creativity when it comes to how they envision POP for them and fulfilling their fantasies.  One of my customers loves doing POV shots with glitter lube…how cool is that?!  We have customers ranging from lesbians and transgender folks to pegging and fetish enthusiasts.  The possibilities are limitless with POP!

What type of sexual health reasons would people use the POPDildo for?

The obvious of course, was as a tool for home insemination which I am happy to say worked twice for my wife and I and gave us our 2 beautiful children.  POP can also be used by men with erectile dysfunction or physical disabilities, serodiscordant couples, women with vaginal dryness, folks with gender dysphoria or those that want to play with gender role play, etc…  I like to think of POP as a 2 in 1 dildo.  You don’t always have to use the ejaculation feature if you don’t want to and you are getting a very high quality dildo at the same time.  It’s all about catering to each different persons desires and providing a unique function to do so.

Women and lesbian couples can use the POPDildo to recreate the experience of conceiving a child. What are the benefits of conceiving with the use of POPDildo?

One of the most important benefits for me (as the non carrying partner) was the fact that I got to be so involved in the baby making process and the intimacy we felt in our efforts to conceive were unlike any others that we had when using a syringe or turkey baster.  It can be quite challenging to make a turkey baster sexy and romantic!  POP allowed me to feel like we truly made the baby together, similar to how heterosexual couples would.  From a science standpoint, when the body is comfortable and not stressed, it always increases the chances of conception and POP really allows you to put yourself in the most private and comfortable situation right alongside your partner.  Additionally, the success rates of home insemination versus an intrauterine insemination at a doctors office are nearly identical, both providing a success rate of anywhere from 5-25%.  However, doing IUI’s at a doctors office are extremely costly.

For trans people can the POPDildo be packed for day to day use then easily be used for penetrative sex?

With the current version we have on the market, the POP cannot be packed.  For trans people, we would suggest using the packer of their choice and swapping out for POP when you are ready for play.  We are working on a new version that will be more ideal for those that want to pack and be able to go right into play so stay tuned!

What are the best harnesses and strap-ons that you would personally recommend to use with the POPDildo?

Hands down, no questions asked, any SpareParts harness.  We offer a the Joque harness as a bundle with the POP on our website and customers love it.  I’m also a personal fan of the Tomboi from them as well.

What liquids are safe to use with the POPDildo?

Being mindful and safe is of the utmost importance when choosing what liquids are safe to use.  The type of liquids used somewhat depends on how you intend to use them.  For example, if you were going to experiment with food play and wanted to squirt chocolate syrup on your partner, it would not be safe to introduce that inside the body and would only be appropriate for use outside the body.  The majority of our customers will use various lubricants to mimic ejaculation and one of our favorites is our own custom POP Lube made by Sliquid.  We partnered with Sliquid to create an extension of their Sliquid Silk to make it to look and feel even more like cum.  It’s called POP Lube and we love it!


Sexpert is our resident full time sex blogger. Having successfully owned and managed a number of blogs relating to women’s lifestyle, she easily blended into her role as chief blogger of the Adultsmart Blog. She is in a long term relationship with her boyfriend. She also runs Good Girl Guide, a sexual lifestyle blog.

VIP Interview Kate Sloan – Renowned Blogger GirlyJuice!

Kate Sloan is a successful writer, podcaster, journalist and speaker in the adult industry. In 2012 she started her own sex-positive blog, building a large readership interested in adult lifestyle and education content.  Making no secret of living with bipolar II and social anxiety disorders, she is more than qualified to write on topics on the challenges and triumphs of relationships and sex. Her blog is top-ranking in many sex blogging lists, including #4 on and #3 on Molly’s Daily Kiss, and she has a multitude of accolades bestowed upon her by reputed and respected media, organizations and individuals.

Girly Juice
Kate Sloan

Hi Kate, a warm welcome to the Adultsmart community lifestyle blog. I appreciate you taking the time to partake in this interview as I know that it is valuable and limited. Let’s start at the beginning! How does a self-described ‘nerd’ end up starting a sex toy review blog of her own?

Hi, thanks for having me! When I graduated from high school at age 18, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with my life yet, so I took a year off of school to consider my options. During that time, I applied for a job at a local sex shop – and, while I didn’t get the job, during the application process I did some research online to make sure my sex toy knowledge was up-to-date. I discovered sex toy review blogs like Hey Epiphora and Dangerous Lilly, and knew immediately – being a lifelong sex nerd and a born writer – that this was something I could do, too!


With the encouragement of my boyfriend at the time, I started Girly Juice. That was more than six years ago now and it’s still going strong! Additionally, those first few months of sex blogging emboldened me to apply to journalism schools; I got into all the ones I applied to and ended up getting my bachelor’s degree at the illustrious Ryerson School of Journalism here in Toronto. So, in a way, I owe my entire career to that one impulsive decision I made when I was 18.

That’s pretty daring for an 18-year-old Toronto-based bisexual woman. Since then your blog has evolved into lifestyle writing. Was it difficult to make that transition and expose much more about you and your personal self?

At first, yes, it was really scary! For years, I just called myself “Girly Juice” online, and never showed my face or any other identifying features. I was terrified that linking my real-life identity with my sex-blogger alter-ego would jeopardize my future employment options. After all, what conservative public relations firm or well-to-do magazine would want to hire a girl who’d spent years detailing her sexcapades for thousands of readers?!

But the deeper I waded into the sex-writer life, the more I realized it was my life. Writing about sex is what I do best and I think it is what I was put here to do. So I decided to “come out” as my real self – name, face, and all – and start writing fewer sex toy reviews and more deep-dives into personal topics like my relationships, my journey into kink, and my sexual and romantic philosophies. I acknowledge that not every sex writer is willing or able to be so public about who they are, but I’m much happier now that I’ve pulled back the curtain.

What were the obstacles that you faced starting off your blog?

When I started Girly Juice, I was in a long-term, vanilla, monogamous relationship. I was very much in love, and hadn’t yet figured out that I’m kinky and non-monogamous, so those qualities of my relationship didn’t bother me – but they did make me feel like maybe my contributions to the discourse about sexuality would be pretty limited in scope. I’d only had sex with two people in my entire life; what could I possibly have to say about sex that hadn’t already been said?

What I learned is that your experiences might be common but your perspective and your voice are not. You don’t have to have a wild, off-the-wall sex life to write about sex in a way that is thoughtful and compelling. I will add, however, that I do think my writing has gotten deeper and more interesting as I’ve amassed more sexual experience, had my heart broken a few times, and discovered my kinks.

In life there are always highs and lows.  With your blog,

  1. What most do you regret?
  2. What is the highlight?


I regret all the time I spent trying to mimic other sex writers’ style. Artists of all sorts often learn through imitation, and I’m sure this process was ultimately helpful for me, but I cringe when I look back at it sometimes! I admire lots of other sex writers whose work is flowery and erotic, or snarky and biting, or precise and academic, but none of those styles are exactly “me.” One of my favorite writers, Alexandra Franzen, says you don’t “find your voice” as a writer, you create it – and I wish I had created mine a little sooner!

The highlight of doing this work, so far, has definitely been the reactions I’ve gotten from readers. So many people have written to me to say that my work helped them figure out some aspect of their sexual identity – their kinks, their relationship style, even their genitals’ preferences – and it fills my heart with sparkly joy every time I hear this. I’ve always essentially endeavored to write the type of blog I wish 15-year-old me had had access to, so she could’ve learned about sex and kink and dating in a way that felt fun instead of scary, and when people tell me my blog has changed their sex life, I feel like I’ve achieved that goal.

If you could do anything differently when starting out, what would that be?

Aside from embracing my authentic style and voice earlier, I wish I had been more willing to branch out in subject matter sooner. I thought my readers were only interested in sex toy reviews and erotica, so I shied away from doing the quirkier or more expansive stuff I really wanted to do: writing about the awkward side of sex, for example, or anxiety and insecurity, or gender inequality as it pertains to sex.

Once you’ve developed a readership, I think you can and should trust that your readers are interested in your perspective, not just in the topics you tend to write about. Your true fans will follow you where you’re going, so you may as well go where your gut pulls you.

How would you best describe the way you review sex toys?

For years, I wrote sex toy reviews that were fairly technical and dry: I outlined toys’ key features, listed their dimensions, and maybe included a paragraph or two about how they actually felt. After a while, though, I realized that this wasn’t the type of review I most liked to read, so maybe I should take a different approach in my review-writing.

Nowadays, when I write toy reviews, I focus almost exclusively on my experience of the toy. Technical specs are easy to find on any product page – but what’s harder to sleuth out on Google is how real people actually felt when they used a particular toy. So that’s what I highlight in my reviews. For example, my recent review of the Neon Wand is mostly about the kinky headspace that it and other pain-inducing toys help me access – and I recently collaborated with my boyfriend on a post about cocktail pairings for sex toys, which moreso emphasizes the way the toys make me feel than the bland details you’ll find listed on their packaging.

Blogging is one thing – and pretty time-consuming.  But you did not stop there!  You guest and host radio shows, podcasts, workshops and writing for other media as a journalist/essayist.  How do you fit it all in?

Luckily for me, I work from home, so I basically get to arrange my schedule however I like. I get up at 8AM every weekday and do some work for my part-time dayjob at an adult-industry marketing firm. Sometime in the mid-morning, I usually head out to a local café to finish up more of that work, draft a blog post, write an article for a copywriting client, and/or edit a podcast episode. Caffeine certainly helps keep me on track and is a vital part of my creative process!

My brain tends to move a little slower in the afternoon, so that’s when I’ll typically switch to less creative and more methodical tasks, like answering emails from advertisers, taking photos for posts, or scheduling tweets.

I rarely relax on weekends, which is one not-so-glamorous explanation for how I stay so productive. If I don’t have social plans on a weekend evening, you’ll usually find me holed up in my bedroom with a beer and my laptop, pouring out my feelings into a blog post draft or sending out pitches for wacky essays I want to write.

What of the many hats you wear do you most enjoy and why?

My best friend Bex and I started our podcast, The Dildorks, almost two years ago, and it remains one of my favorite projects to work on. I get to giggle with my best friend over Skype every week, and then I get to edit our conversation into a hopefully-helpful, hour-long piece of programming. Our fans are so sweet, especially those who travel to events to see us do live shows. Plus our theme song is catchy as hell! (You can find The Dildorks on iTunes or whatever other podcast platform you use, FYI!)

Do you get a buzz out of teaching workshops?  What do you hope attendees will gain from them?

Teaching is so exciting! As someone who does most of my educational work via writing, it’s always a delightful challenge to step out from behind the laptop and impart information in a real-world setting.

My favorite workshop to teach is one I developed last year called Vagic Tricks: Hidden Hotspots of the Vulva and Vagina. It focuses on little-known vulvovaginal erogenous zones, including the A-spot (anterior fornix), external G-spot, clitoral shaft, and more. I love teaching this one because many people have genuinely never heard of these spots, so I feel like I am shifting their sex lives in big ways. The first time I taught this class, the crowd was mostly cisgender men, presumably attending so they could learn how to please their partner(s) better, and it made me so happy to potentially be teaching them something useful that they hadn’t heard before.

On a personal note, it took me many years of experimentation to figure out how to get myself off most efficiently, because these little-known spots are of great importance in my particular genital configuration. So it thrills me to think that someone might learn about the A-spot or indirect clitoral stimulation from my writing or teaching, and thereby be able to learn the easy way what I had to learn the hard way.

Sex Education
Overcoming Sexual Anxiety

Running a blog is a time-consuming exercise.  How do you find the time to fit everything in?

One of the best blogging tips I ever learned was from the ladies at the Blogcademy, who recommend “batch-processing” tasks. This means that you group similar tasks together: write a few blog posts at once, or take the photos for your entire week of blog content all in one afternoon, or spend a couple hours answering all your emails instead of just replying to them as they come in. It’s a simple tip, but it helps me a lot, because switching tasks takes up time and mental energy.

My other secret weapon is the Editorial Calendar plug-in for WordPress, which gives you an at-a-glance overview of which blog posts you’ve got scheduled for the next few weeks. I publish 2-3 blog posts a week, so I have to stay on top of what’s coming next, and this plug-in makes it easy. I can drag-and-drop my posts around as needed, plan my editorial lineup weeks or months ahead, and make sure any time-sensitive posts are scheduled for when they need to go live. It’s brilliant!

Have you any advice for somebody wanting to start their own adult blog?

Before you start, make a list of at least 50 different ideas for blog posts. If you can’t come up with that many, this might not be a sustainable endeavor for you. (I’m 700+ posts in and still have new ideas constantly, but I’m a huge nerd about this stuff.)

Make sure you really, really like your blog name before you decide on it officially. (I’ve come around to liking, or at least accepting, Girly Juice, but there have definitely been times when I’ve regretted choosing it!) Oh, and check to make sure the social media handle you want is available on every platform you’ll be using.

Talk to a lot of people about sex. Friends, family, partners, your Twitter followers, whoever is willing to chat with you about sexual issues. Make friends with other sex bloggers and talk to them, too. You’ll learn a lot and come up with lots of ideas from these conversations, even (and perhaps especially) when you and the other person have wildly different perspectives on the topic at hand.

Trust that your view on sexuality is important and valuable. You don’t need to copy other people’s opinions or approaches; the things you have to say are valid all on their own. That said, stay informed: read other sex blogs, read the news, read critical theory and legendary writers in the field. They’ll bolster you when you agree with them and inspire you when you disagree with them.

Pay attention to what people ask you all the time, and what people search for on your site (a tool like Google Analytics or Statcounter can show you this data). These queries can guide your writing, by showing you what interests people most and which topics you haven’t yet addressed in enough detail.

Chase after what authentically fascinates you, even if it’s kind of weird. Some of my most popular posts of all time, for example, are about blowjob-friendly lipsticks, the external G-spot, and keeping a sex spreadsheet – all somewhat bizarre topics I had never or rarely seen addressed anywhere else, and wanted to write about because I found them interesting. Your weirdness is what sets you apart, so follow it wherever it takes you!

What do you feel is your greatest achievement?

While steadily writing a sex blog for over six years is no small thing, I always feel overcome with pride when I get a chance to write for other publications I respect. For example, I’ve dreamed of writing for Cosmopolitan since I was a wee little sex nerd, so I was thrilled this year when I got to write an essay for them about blowjobs, mindfulness, and pleasure. The prestigious Canadian magazine The Walrus also asked me to contribute an essay about “the future of sex” this year, so I got to wax poetic about how the eventual ubiquity of sex robots will transform our sexual culture. Interesting stuff!

How do you want your many followers to view/see you?

I hope they think of me like a cool, knowledgeable older sister whispering sex secrets into their ear in a way that feels fun and accessible. We all need a sister like that, methinks.

I also hope they come away from my writing feeling uplifted and invigorated. There’s a lot of awful stuff happening in the world right now (and always), and indeed a lot of aspects of sex itself can be discouraging or even traumatizing, so I try to provide a more lighthearted perspective on sexuality. If you leave my blog feeling reminded that sex is, at its best, goofy, fun, and connective, then I’ve done my job, as far as I’m concerned.

What will you be doing in 10 years’ time?

It’s my hope that I’ll have written and published a book or two by then, and that I’ll have expanded my sex-positive “media empire” even more. Think Dan Savage, only less problematic…!

On a more global scale, I hope we’ll have taken even more steps toward eliminating sexual shame and stigma by then. Writing about sex toys, blowjobs, and spanking can shift things in small ways for individual people, and I hope that my work contributes to the large-scale attitudinal shifts we need as a society on the topics of sex, gender, and relationships.

Rick is the owner of the Adultsmart, an online sex toy shop that stocks over 13,000 products. He has been involved in the adult lifestyle industry for more than 25 years. Rick is an active sex blogger who provides a wealth of information and experience. He is an advocate of equality for gender and sexuality.

VIP Interview With Haris Chaudhry Founder And CEO Of InnovaDerma

Prolong for better sex

InnovaDerma is a company who focus on bringing into the world a new range of medically approved health products. InnovaDerma’s newest device is making headlines in the health industry. Prolong is a climax control training program to treat premature ejaculation. Prolong doesn’t have all the side effects that normally come with the use of delay sprays, cream and ointments.

It’s the world’s first FDA-cleared premature ejaculation medical device that’s available in Australia and the United States.

To create this ground breaking device InnovaDerma conducted research on over 4000 men and women. The research that was collected had found that problems with premature ejaculation are very common:

  • In the United States 1 in 2 men believed they had problems with premature ejaculation.
  • In Australia 1 in 3 men believed they had problems with premature ejaculation.

InnovaDerma is now seeking CE Mark regulatory approval so that it can also be sold in the United Kingdom and Europe. Haris Chaudhry, InnovaDerma’s founder said:

“Through Prolong and Smiling Dick, we aim to provide a non-prescription solution with long term benefits and a platform to help people feel open and supported in what should be a healthy and normal dialogue.”

If you have tried other methods to delay ejaculation or would like to start your journey training your body to last longer in bed why not give Prolong Climax Control Training Program a try!

This is a VIP Interview with Haris Chaudhry the founder and CEO of InnovaDerma to find out what inspired the creation of Prolong Climax Control Training Program and everything you need to get started on your journey for a better lifestyle.

Tell me about yourself

My name is Haris and I am the founder and CEO of InnovaDerma, the parent company of Prolong. My expertise lies in identifying opportunities for better health and personal care; supporting trusted and clinically-proven solutions; and most importantly, bringing them to individuals across the world.

What inspires you?

I draw constant inspiration from the innovation we’re witnessing all around us. Over the past five years, we’ve seen unprecedented growth in computing, robotics, AI, global connectivity, automation, and their abilities to transform not only industry, but our everyday social norms. I see tremendous potential for these advances to further shape our health and wellbeing sectors; impacting the ways in which we perceive, treat and continuously enhance personal wellbeing.

What inspired the creation of Prolong Climax Control Training Program?

The Prolong Climax Control Training Program was inspired by a need to support men on an issue that is widely neglected out of shame and its associated stigma. Sexual health issues like premature ejaculation are far-reaching in their impact on a person’s wellbeing, including links to relationship problems, mental health issues, and alcohol and substance abuse. The stigma surrounding the topic of sexual health only serves to reinforce these issues. Prolong provides a lasting solution to those suffering, while the Smiling Dick platform aims to help those affected feel less isolated over what is actually a common issue.

Premature ejaculation control
Image: Prolong Climax Control Training Device

What is Prolong?

Prolong is the world’s first and only medically-cleared climax control training device and program, which has been proven to help men last longer in bed. We designed this solution for anyone who wants more control over how long they last in bed – regardless of whether you clinically identify as being affected by PE or not. Our research shows 35% of Australian men believe they experience PE, and 10% say this happens ‘all the time’. Prolong offers a lasting and affordable solution at a one off cost, which men can not only trust, but also enjoy.

How does the Prolong Climax Control Training Program work?

Using the Prolong device, participants are instructed to use the ‘Start-Stop’ technique over a period of six weeks. Through consistent training – three sessions per week — Prolong works to reduce oversensitivity during sex, and in turn, empowers users with greater control over their ejaculation.

What separates Prolong from other solutions to PE on the market?

Unlike other treatments like pills and numbing creams and delay sprays, Prolong comes with no side effects, and offers a permanent solution that doesn’t induce dependency (as pills and sprays/creams require consistent use). When compared to the Cognitive Behavioural Therapy – the Gold Star treatment — Prolong is equally if not more effective, and far less costly.

Medically approved climax control trainer
Image: Prolong

Does Prolong have scientific backing?

Clinical trials demonstrated that upon completing the six-week program, users were able to last an average of 8 minutes longer in bed. Independent studies also showed an overall improvement in users’ sexual satisfaction and communication with their partners.

Do you see a stigma attached to issues of men’s sexual health such as premature ejaculation?

Absolutely. Sexual health issues like PE have been considered taboo for far too long, igniting shame and embarrassment in sufferers, which can manifest in various negative ways — impacting mental health as well as relationships. Unsurprisingly, our research confirms this, showing there remains a major stigma associated with discussing sexual health issues – with 46% of men and 54% of women both agreeing – and many men not seeking the help they need as a result.

If so, how do you aim to tackle this stigma?

In line with our launch, Prolong has introduced – a new sex-positive platform designed to provide a fresh perspective on men’s sexual health. Through offering a mix of information, tips, and humorous content, we aim to pioneer a more progressive and positive discussion amongst those who may be experiencing the issue but are too ashamed to speak up about it. Ultimately we want men to feel open, supported, and comfortable in what should be a healthy and normal dialogue.

What are the best techniques to use with the Prolong Climax Control Training Program?

As mentioned, our six-week program combines the ‘Start-Stop’ technique with the Prolong device, which is used to stimulate the penis during each session of control training. The technique consists of the user holding the device under the penis as he masturbates, and then bringing himself to a stop just as he feels he is about to climax. This process continues for three consecutive rounds until the user allows himself to ejaculate.

How long does it take to see results from using Prolong?

Users can expect to start seeing results from week one of stating control training. However, best results will be achieved by the end of the six-week program with our clinical trials showing gains of up to 8 minutes. As mentioned, our study participants not only reported a reduction in issues with premature ejaculation, but also higher levels of sexual satisfaction and communication within their relationship and diminished anxiety symptoms.

Once a person finishes the Prolong Climax Control Training Program, do they need maintenance sessions? How often?

None at all. The best news about Prolong is that the gains are long-term. Our clinical trials have showed that six months after completing the program, time to ejaculation amongst users had either stabilised or improved even more. Once the six-week program is complete, you can say goodbye to control training and hello to longer-lasting sex.

Is there anything you would like to add?

We hope Prolong gives users new confidence in and outside of the bedroom, as well as a willingness to speak up about their sexual health challenges so that more men feel comfortable in seeking the support they need.

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For more information about the Prolong Climax Control Training Program, be sure to read Adultsmart’s product test and review of the Prolong Climax Control Training Program.

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If you are tired of waiting, why not buy a Prolong Climax Control Training Program today! We have teamed up with Smiling Dick to bring to you a 10% of discount code. Visit their website so you can begin your training program today!

Website: Smiling Dick

Discount code: ADULTSMART

Is it time to enjoy better sex, greater control and more confidence? Then you should definitely give Prolong a try.  You can get some, with Prolong!

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Sexpert is our resident full time sex blogger. Having successfully owned and managed a number of blogs relating to women’s lifestyle, she easily blended into her role as chief blogger of the Adultsmart Blog. She is in a long term relationship with her boyfriend. She also runs Good Girl Guide, a sexual lifestyle blog.

VIP Interview With Keith Jones CEO And Joint Founder Of Sensuous

Male erection enhancer by Sensuous

Sensuous is an adult lifestyle company with well over 15 years experience in the romance and sexual health industry. Sensuous was established in 2003 with a focus to create products in Australia that follow strict standards of high quality control whilst sourcing only the best natural ingredients that can be found. Let’s begin by looking at what the word sensuous means:

Sensuous – adj

aesthetically pleasing to the senses

appreciative of or moved by qualities perceived by the senses

of, relating to, or derived from the senses [C17: apparently coined by Milton to avoid the unwanted overtones of sensual ; not in common use until C19: from Latin sēnsus sense + -ous]

As their brand name suggests, Sensuous ignites the senses with new experiences that arouse and delight. If you use their products, they can bring a world of intimacy, passion, love and pleasure into your love life as they have already for many men and women all over the world. Sparking sexual arousal has never been easier! Their product range includes:

  • Edge™ – Delay gel for men
  • Frenzy™ – Pleasure gel for women
  • Frenzy™ Extreme – Pleasure gel for women
  • Raging Bull™ – Male enhancement formula
  • Sweet Touch™ – Kissable massage oils
  • Deluxe Body Chocolate
  • Smooth™ Personal Lubricant (Water Based)
  • Smooth™ Silicone Personal Lubricant

This is a VIP interview with Keith Jones of Sensuous to find out what inspired the creation of Sensuous and more about how their products can be used for better sex.

Tell me about yourself

Keith Jones, CEO and joint founder of Sensuous Pty Ltd.  Originally from the UK but been living in Australia for almost nineteen years and loving it.

What inspired the creation of Sensuous?

My wife and I have always run our own businesses and when we were in the UK we owned and operated a successful video production company (before you ask, it wasn’t that sort of video production, it was mainly corporate and training).   Having ran a service industry for many years, when we emigrated to Australia we wanted to re-invent ourselves and do something completely different and we were drawn to selling something more product based.

Originally, we imported and introduced the Kama Sutra range to Australia and we built this up over five or six years getting it into most adult stores, gift outlets and even some pharmacies.  Things naturally run their course and with the parting of the waves we decided to start again, but this time with our own brand.  Sensuous really was the Phoenix from the ashes and we literally had to start from scratch creating our own products.  This was an enormous challenge and looking back probably quite foolhardy!  We went to market with only three products and surprisingly quite a few of our customers bought, it was probably more out of sympathy than anything else.  Over the next couple of years, we kept adding to our range, improving packaging and culling any products that didn’t work.  Slowly we started to get more and more traction and more importantly more and more acceptance in the industry.  To say the least, it has been a very interesting and exciting journey so far.

What inspires you?

Lots’ of things inspire me, from Dale Carnegie to the Shawshank Redemption. I think one of the most important human traits is tenacity and I love to read or hear stories about people who have overcome adversities to achieve greatness.

Tell me about your product range?

Our range isn’t huge and is currently 18 SKU’s.  We have what you might class as two categories, romance and sexual health.  In the romance category we have our Deluxe Body Chocolate and Sweet Touch™ Kissable Massage Oils, and in the sexual health we have personal lubricants, clitoral stimulants, a delay gel for men and our latest product a genital and libido enhancer gel for men.

What are your best sellers?

Undoubtedly Edge™ Delay Gel for Men, followed by Raging Bull™ (male enhancer) and for women, Frenzy™ and Frenzy™ Extreme our two clitoral stimulants.

What makes a good sexual wellness product?

Probably the most important thing is that it does what it says it on the box.  Also, for us quality is extremely important and having all our products made in Australia is the way we achieve that. Finally, although it doesn’t make any difference to the product the way it is packaged is paramount.

What is it like to use Raging Bull™?

Raging Bull™ is a topical gel which is applied daily to help men with their size strength and libido.  Without going into too much personal detail, I have found that the product does what it says on the box and it has certainly increased my sexual desire.

What ingredients are used in the Edge™ Delay Gel for Men? What are the benefits of the ingredients? What is the best way to use Edge™ Delay Gel for Men?

Edge™ is a propriety blend of herbal ingredients and works in a completely different way to traditional delay products. Edge™ is non-numbing, lasts for hours and can be applied long before required.  Each pack comes with a multilingual instruction leaflet, but basically all that is required is to apply one drop of Edge™ to the head of the penis.

Male delay spray by Sensuous
Image: Sensuous Edge Delay Gel For Men

What ingredients are used in the Frenzy™ and Frenzy™ Extreme Pleasure Gel for Women? What are the benefits of the ingredients? What is the best way to use Frenzy™ and Frenzy™ Extreme Pleasure Gel for Women?

Frenzy™ and Frenzy™ Extreme are a propriety blend of herbs and flower essences known for their aphrodisiac qualities.  Frenzy™ Extreme gives a slightly warmer sensation.  Both products are designed to increase sensitivity and sexual arousal.  Frenzy™ and Frenzy™ Extreme can be used for some fun solo play or used with a partner for a more intimate experience.

Female arousal gel by Sensuous
Image: Sensuous Pleasure Gel For Women
Arousal gel for women by Sensuous
Image: Sensuous Frenzy Extreme Pleasure Gel For Women

How would you recommend people include delay and excite gels beforehand or in the heat of the moment?

As Edge™ can be applied long before required, it is completely discrete and therefore doesn’t have to spoil the moment.  With Frenzy™ and Frenzy™ Extreme it’s easy to introduce and include them as part of your foreplay.

What are some fun ways to use Kissable Massage Oils and Deluxe Body Chocolate?

Our Sweet Touch™ kissable massage oils come in 7 delicious flavours including Salted Caramel, Crème Brûlée and Cookies n Cream.  Massage a small amount onto your partner, blow gently to release the warmth and then let your lips explore.

With our Deluxe Body Chocolate, choose your favorite flavour, Milk, Kahlua or Cointreau and then use the small artist’s brush to draw on your partner to see who has the best artistic tendencies and see who can resist the longest before tasting.

Sexual arousal and delay products but Sensuous

Sexpert is our resident full time sex blogger. Having successfully owned and managed a number of blogs relating to women’s lifestyle, she easily blended into her role as chief blogger of the Adultsmart Blog. She is in a long term relationship with her boyfriend. She also runs Good Girl Guide, a sexual lifestyle blog.