bVibe Novice: A Great Introduction To Anal Play!

I was very excited to receive some new sex toys from b-Vibe in our Adult Lifestyle Centres this week. I reviewed their b-Vibe’s Rimming Plug when it came in a few weeks ago and was mightily impressed. Their marketing is really sex positive and couple friendly.  B-Vibe company was founded by a lady called Alicia Sinclair who is a sexologist with many years of experience in the field. So she really knows what she is doing. I thought I would review the bVibe Novice which is a remote control butt plug.

My interest in the BVibe Novice is piqued for several reasons.

Remote on the b-Vibe was excellent both in range and connectivity.  I wanted to see if this followed through with all their products.  So, I picked up the tester and it was the smoothest silkiest silicone.  I ended up just stroking it like a cat.

It is also the exact size and shape of a butt plug I often seek out for couples trying anal play for the first time, so I really want this to be good.

This plug which comes in turquoise, cerise, or black is housed in a sturdy cardboard box which could be used for storage. There is a picture of the novice on it.  So it isn’t discreet.

But it is cool stylish, approachable and unashamed about what it is.

I quite like this, it reflects what the company seems to be all about. If you don’t want the world and his wife to know you like stuff up your bum, then you are catered for too.

Inside the box, you will find that the sex toy has its own plastic storage case. Which looks like one of those corrugated ones spies hand over money in. It is a perfect travel case to house the plug, the remote, the charger and the instruction booklet.

There is also enough room to put some water-based lubricant and adult toy cleaner inside, should you wish.

guide to butt plugs for men
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About The B-Vibe Novice Itself

Plug itself is 3.5 x 1 inch, small and rounded at the tip.  It is gently tapered to the small indented neck.  And it has a 2-inch flange which as we all know is completely necessary for any anal toy. As the human bottom sucks things up just as easily and efficiently as it expels.

I mentioned before the silkiness of the silicone make me almost believe the plug could be used without lube. But that is never a good idea when it comes to anal play.

This, together with the unintimidating shape and size really do make this a great choice for first timers.  Some couples get put off by all the interesting curves and bumps on lots of anal sex toys. But this one appeals to a newcomer and more experienced people alike.

bVibe Novice Sex Toy Photo
b-Vibe butt plugs and prostate massagers

Other Features

  • b-Vibe Novice is 100% body safe, phthalate free, easy to clean and it doesn’t seem to attract dust at all.
  • Unfortunately, it is only splash proof and not waterproof, this disappoints me a little.  Other similar anal sex toys in this category and price range have managed to get round this problem.
  • It charges via a USB cord and for a 2 hour charge you get 1.5 hours of play.
  • Novice is small enough to wear around and about if you wanted.  Its base is small enough that you could probably sit down comfortably without the need for a cushion.  This opens up all sorts of fun avenues for couples to make the most of the remote control.

I must admit I had a bit of trouble using the plug the first time.

Am apt to dive straight in ignoring the manual. My default press and hold routine didn’t work though and I discovered the butt plug had a travel lock. It is a great feature but not so great for those of us selling the toys.

Once it is turned on the fun really begins.

Its range, power and rumbly quality of the vibrations is very impressive! This is especially true for a toy this small and unassuming.  Vibrations spread all through the toy evenly from the motor which is often not the case with toys.

You need the remote to increase and decrease the intensity. But the 15 patterns can be accessed either remotely or directly from the base of the toy by pressing the button.  Remote was just as good to use as the one which came with the Rimming plug.

It is one of the best remotes I have ever tested.

Worked to a distance of 30 feet. It easily worked through flesh and clothing to. A big round of applause for b-Vibe on that score.

I am not a patterns person but with 15 to choose from, there is definitely one for everyone. Vibrations, size and shape of this toy mean that you don’t have to limit it to anal play, it is also perfect for clitoral stimulation.

Just don’t forget to clean in between chopping and changing orifices.

b-Vibe Novice definitely gets a big thumbs up from me.

I can’t really think of any down sides.

If b-Vibe are listening, I say to you as I do to others, in the future maybe put some lights on the remote to indicate what intensity the butt plug is at. This plug is so narrow, there could be a danger of it slipping out if worn during vaginal sex. But conversely, its small size means that other toys can be used vaginally at the same time without the discomfort that is sometimes experienced when doing that.

So yes b-Vibe have done it again!

I eagerly anticipate what else they have to offer. It is also an amazing prostate massager used for better health.

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