Ask Oz December 2023 – Answering Your Top 3 Sexual Wellness Questions

Ask Oz December 2023. Thanks for the great feedback and this month we answer the 3 Sexual Wellness Questions that keep popping up.

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3 Sexual Wellness Questions
Questions Answered

3 Sexual Wellness Questions

Ask Oz December, 2023

Hey Oz, My Partner and I are discussing briniging in a third party into our relationship as it – put simply – is getting rather dull in the bedroom. Do you have any suggestions or comments?

Exploring open relationships can be both complicated and rewarding for couples seeking something different. When deciding to open up, it’s crucial to talk openly about desires, limits, and expectations. Setting ground rules on emotions, safe practices, and communication helps ensure everyone feels respected.

Navigating open relationships can lead to relationship growth. It challenges traditional ideas, promoting autonomy and independence. Honest communication about desires and boundaries enhances emotional intimacy and trust.

Couples in open relationships can benefit from seeking guidance from experts or online resources to navigate challenges. Prioritizing open communication, respect, and self-reflection helps partners explore this territory with compassion and empathy.

Discussing sexual fantasies is crucial for sexual wellness and can positively impact relationships. Sharing desires, like role-playing, creates a safe space for vulnerability and understanding. Trying out preferences and fantasies helps partners discover new ways to please each other and find common interests.

Sex Calendar
Sex Calendar

Hey Oz, How Often in Normal?

It’s often said that having sex once a week is considered good for a happy relationship, but everyone’s different. Your age, health, stress levels, and how long you’ve been together can all change how much a couple wants to be intimate. Young couples or those who just started dating might want more, while couples who have been together for a while might be okay with less.

Talking openly with your partner about what you want and need is really important to figure out what works for both of you. People have different ideas about how often they want to have sex, and that’s totally okay. Some might think it’s more about quality than quantity, while others want a mix of both emotional closeness and physical intimacy.

Stress, health, emotions, and what’s going on in your life can all affect how much you want to have sex. Things like work or family stuff might mean you and your partner have different ideas about how often you want to be intimate.

If you and your partner are cool with each other’s preferences and boundaries, it can make your relationship better. Talking openly, understanding each other, and being willing to make each other feel important are the keys to figuring out the right amount of sex for you both.

Hey Oz, Where should I go if I need to talk to someone about problems with sex issues?

When it comes to sexual health, you have helpful options. Sexual health clinics provide services like STI testing and birth control advice in a private and non-judgmental space. Online platforms offer information on sexual wellness topics, and they’re great for discreet exploration. You can also find support through counseling services, where professionals help with personalized advice and strategies to enhance your sexual well-being.

These resources allow you to take control of your sexual health and get the support you need.

Remember, taking care of your sexual health is a personal journey, and it’s okay to seek help when needed. Whether you have questions about relationships, safe practices, or simply want to explore more about your well-being, there are people and services available to provide the guidance and support you’re looking for. Don’t hesitate to reach out and prioritize your sexual health and overall well-being.


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