Are You A Bitch Or Just Competitive?


Why are us females such bitches?

First of all let me start by saying I absolutely, unequivocally love being a woman! Not only do I love being a woman but I love all my fellow women and I feel there is a lot to be said about a female who can not only go after and achieve her own goals but also celebrate and cheer for all her same sex counter parts at the same time.  After all there is room for each and every queen to shine and it is so incredibly important that we preach this idealism before it is totally forgotten.

Now I’ve been that girl. The one who immediately discards another female based on her appearance, because she’s so pretty she’s an automatic threat. Because she’s so perfect I have to make her feel small. I’ve also been that girl on the receiving end too. I look a certain way so I must be stuck up, must be conceited, Or I’m comfortable with my sexuality/body so therefore I must be a hoe. I work in an industry built around half naked women, women who take ownership of their sexual prowess and women who own every damn inch of who and what they are, which in the eyes of some people that translates to me being an escort, or having a price tag attached to me.

Perhaps the most disheartening part of that all isn’t even the labels, it’s the fact that the majority of the time is a female throwing those words, a women my fellow women firing those shots.

working together
harmonious relationships

Why can’t we just learn to accept and support each other?

Why is there a constant rivalry?

As I mentioned earlier I’ve been that girl, And I think back to each and every time I let my own insecurities cloud my judgment and I cringe, I truly do. You see I’m no saint, but one thing I do believe in is no matter how much someone belittles you, tearing them down to their level is never the way. I’ve learnt as I’ve got older to no longer see a beautiful women as a threat, but to admire her, and appreciate what she brings to the table not just aesthetically but as a human being, with a soul and a purpose.

I can honestly say when I see a women out there doing big things, Not only just career wise but also at home holding it down I go into full admiration mode. To me the stay at home mothers, home makers and housewives are equally as amazing as the modern day workforce women. Each type of women shares a significant role in creating a harmonious balance with men and society itself. I have girlfriends who also hold it down with both said hats and I have to say I hold them to a huge regard, balance is not my strong point but some of these queens make it look too easy.

Often we as women forget just how important it is to not only applaud each other but at the same time applaud ourselves. We place a giant emphasis on constantly striving for perfection while almost forgetting to acknowledge all the accolades we already have big or small.  We minimize our successes usually without even intending to, and compare ourselves with total strangers most of whom we do not know from a bar of soap.

I only hope that one day we women are able to distinguish the importance of promoting and living self-love as well as love for one another. The day we can do this without being labelled as an ultra-feminist or male hater is the day women will begin to truly understand and accept not only themselves but each other. After all there really is room for every single queen to shine!


Love from Channelle!

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