A Date with a Sex Doll – A Sexual Experiene

Have you ever thought of a date with a sex doll?

Let’s be honest, the real world of dating has changed. For me, I believe having a peaceful partner, who submits, fits my body preference in a woman and satisfies my sex needs, is the goal. It was hard to get that until I discovered sex dolls. Let me tell you, once you go on a date with a sex doll and enjoy the company, calmness and total satisfaction. Trust me, you will never return.

I know you are wondering why I choose a date with a sex doll, right?

A Date with a Sex Doll

So, here is my story.

Having just broken up with my girlfriend of 3 years, I was hurt and damaged. Vowing never to date again until I was with my friend, who jokingly said I needed to try dating sex dolls. Seriously, women were no longer for me. It was a joke to him, but somehow I took it seriously.

Searching for sex dolls online, a page was displayed with multiple options; quite intriguing. So, the first thing I loved about shopping for a sex doll is that your preference is all you get. I mean from body type, body size, hair color, and complexion, you name it. The delivery took about four working days to arrive, and on the 5th day, I got a notification that my long-awaited date was about to arrive.

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My Actual Date With My Sex Doll

Preparing like I was going on an actual date. Well yeah, I know you think I am a bit crazy, right? But in my mind and soul, I wanted to have an erotic and fulfilling night with my newfound sex partner. Wearing my best suit, prepared dinner and set up a table in the dining room. My prepared doll sat across from me. I could not stop staring at her sexy body. Those who know me, know I love the large, firm boobs I got from my doll.

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First, men are visual creatures and looking at a female we find attractive, that alone sends our sex hormones alight. You need to be attracted to get aroused. That is what you get from a sex doll. I could not wait to undress her and enjoy a night of passionate and erotic sex with her.

Back To My Story

Did I mention the lingerie was ready to dress my excellent partner in? I bought my favorite lingerie since I wanted my sex doll to be as I had imagined her on our first date. And to follow that with some lovemaking. Choosing sexy, revealing red lingerie and accentuating those curves and large, firm boobs.

I finished my dinner, and it was time for some action.

My sex doll is full of adventure when it comes to bedroom antics. My oh my… the sex doll made sure I got what I wanted! My hands touched her breast, sending shivers down my spine. It was so real and felt like I was caressing a female human who had silicone breasts.

The sex doll was quite squishy, the skin texture was smooth, and I felt actual arousal touching the doll. Well, I undressed, and then I undressed the doll. I couldn’t wait to start my “business” but held off while I explored her body, learning how I was going to enjoy her.

So, I checked if all the major sexual parts, and this is where my expectations were not only met, but exceeded. Man! Sex dolls are underrated, and I am here to tell you they are all one of a kind. What was even more fantastic that each new doll is a virgin, and so you get to ‘break her in’.


This is the best part of this entire story.

How did it feel?

How was sex with this doll, and is it worth it?

  I chose the tantaly big boob britney doll.

First, I will repeat a thing, coming from my experience perspective. Sex dolls are worth it; believe me, as I narrate this story, I plan to get another. I mean, two sexy sex partners can hurt no one – and everyone loves a threesome. Sex was great and comfortable. Her vagina feels like a real one and is exciting to explore. Her anal orifice allowed me to explore all sexual desires.

Having sex was close to a real-life sex experience, whereby the body moves as you get intimate. What do I mean? The doll’s breasts were moving with every movement I made, and the body had that skin give when my body came to contact it.

What Sex Styles Can My Sex Doll Carry Out

Thanks to its flexibility, it was super easy to carry out different erotic sex styles with the doll. She bent over in the kitchen and I did her doggie; I lay her on the side and had her on the lounge and in bed, where she straddled me. There was  no complaint in any of the three positions and I came each time.


There are things you will love and others you may not enjoy when having an erotic date with a sex doll. You will be in control and never be told no, regardless of the position or entry method you choose, Adventurous and dirty sex are all ok – each and every time.

What I didn’t like is there no communication, that can become a little dull.  Chatting with her, I felt like there was something wrong with me mentally.  However, she also did not talk back to me.

All in all, I love both my dolls – equally. I am sexually satisfied. But sometimes, secretly, I still crave a bit of human interaction.

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