5 Ways Tantus Delivers Corporal Punishment

Tantus is an industry leader in body safe and environmentally friendly products a dream that Metis Black had since 1997 when she started to make beautiful hand poured products and from that Black helped develop the unique, pure and superior silicone formula that helps make Tantus the well-known and trusted brand that is, setting the bar for industry standards today.

Tantus Silicone Paddles

Tantus makes a variety of products including this range of silicone paddles that I absolutely adore and they are the pride and joy in my collection of impact play toys. There are 5 different shapes and types to choose from each with a name that gives you an indicator of the way the toy will feel. Tantus Silicone Paddles include:

  1. Pelt
  2. Twack
  3. Wham Bam
  4. Snap Strap
  5. Plunge Paddle
Tantus Pelt Paddle Image
Product: Tantus Pelt

About The Tantus Pelt

The Pelt is made from Tantus’s unique premium silicone blend that is absolutely the best silicone I’ve ever held in my hands, it is so beautifully silky smooth you just want to rub it all over your face which I did and do whenever I pick up one of my Tantus paddles. The ultra-premium silicone is also eco-friendly and hypoallergenic which is definitely a bonus and a credit to Tantus and their quality and care they put into their products keeping the buyer in mind first and foremost.

While holding the Pelt you can feel it has a well designed balanced weight, the Pelt is a shorter oval shaped paddle giving it a wonderful centralised and mildly heavy sensation (yet still having a wonderful sting) meaning you have more control over it during impact play and you will have a better aim and an easier time targeting the right spot for when you do pelt your partner, making it a good paddle for beginners and experienced players alike. Its name does fit the Pelt perfectly as it’s the exact word that comes to mind to describe this sensation from both giving and receiving ends of the paddle.

The Pelt is 11.6″ (29.5cm) long and 3′ (7.6cm) wide, all of the Tantus paddle range coming in a beautifully smooth satin finish black. These paddles are thick, sturdy yet flexible.

The craftsmanship of Tantus products is flawless, the Pelt having an almost seamless and totally smooth surface bar the upraised ‘Tantus’ stamp just above the handle, with the handle having a small hole in it for you to easily attach rope, chain, string or whatever you wish so you’re able to hang up your Tantus Pelt.


Tantus Pelt Paddle Image
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How To Take Care Of Your Paddles

I store my Tantus paddles out on a glass table and they are not dust collectors like some silicone and other toy materials can be, in saying this cleaning your Tantus paddle is a breeze, it is dishwasher safe but the premium grade silicone from Tantus is of such a high quality you can even boil or bleach your toys if you so wish.

I personally use hot water and a toy cleaner after each use, you may not have thought about cleaning your toys if they are not being inserted or worn but I highly recommend it especially if you are playing with multiple partners, during impact play there is a chance of breaking the skin or the toy coming into contact with skin that is already broken so keeping your toys 100% free from bacteria is important,Tantus is after all about good, clean fun! You can also read the Guide To Cleaning Leather And Fetish Gear to learn all about taking care of your products.

My Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a fantastic long lasting quality item to begin or add to your toy collection the Tantus Pelt is an excellent place to start, more than reasonably priced you are getting your money’s worth with Tantus. It is a great product especially if you are a beginner engaging in BDSM play.

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