5 Sex Toys Popular On Adult Cam Sites

Let’s admit it: live sex cam shows wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for the vast choice like these 5 sex toys that can be added into play.

Seeing the cam girl shake her fake boobs and big ass can be entertaining for a bit until it’s just plain boring. But here’s where the different types of sex toys that the adult industry just keeps spitting out like welcome fireballs come in handy.

It’s truly fascinating how much they’ve improved their quality and functions in recent years. Now, you can find a sex toy for pretty much anything, which takes sex life to another level. Toys you wouldn’t have even dreamed of a few years back!

In that aspect, they also rule the world of free live sex cams by giving the viewers a significantly more exciting experience of going as far as controlling the toy themselves.

Of course, out of the diverse choices, a couple of toys take an especially important place on cam shows. Keep reading if you want to find out which they are!

The Interactive Lovense G-Spot Vibrator


The Lovense Lush 3 Vibrator is promoted to be “the most powerful Bluetooth remote control vibrator” and has a well-deserved spot on our list.

Once inserted, it can send super intense vibrations into a chick’s pussy, stimulating the G-spot and making it hard to keep your moans down.

However, this is not even the best part of it! The reason why it is recommended for live sex shows is that it can be controlled from a long distance, which makes it ideal for viewers who want to get an interactive experience.

You can make up patterns with different intensities, leading the cam girl to squirt in the camera.

You can even make the vibrations sync to your favorite tunes! The cam girl better be praying you’re not a Rammstein fan.

It is also super quiet, which can be handy if you have neighbors and want to keep the vibration sounds down. The only thing to worry about is your moans!

Ball Gags

Speaking of keeping moans down, ball gags are the perfect accessory to help with that purpose while having both hands free to engage in other sleazy activities.

Sex toy play can get pretty intense, and it is clear that most cam models have neighbors or even housemates who shouldn’t, after all, hear it all for free!

On top of it, ball gags can be extra arousing as they’re a crucial feature for all the BDSM fans out there. They add to the submissive vibe of feeling helpless, which is caused by the inability to speak.

Combined with a remote-controlled vibrator, it gives the viewers a sense of control and dominance over the cam model, as far as it can go on camera.

So, to sum it up, Its use is a win-win situation for both – the cam girl and the viewer.

Flexible Dildo for Doing Blowjob Shows

Blowjob shows are a common occurrence on adult cam sites, and they can be insanely arousing for many viewers.

Since the dildo game has improved massively in recent years, cam girls can say goodbye to deepthroating bananas. I mean, they’re tasty, but not in that way!

The flexible dildos currently sold on the market can be a massive game changer for live cam deepthroating blowjob shows.

The material they’re made of makes it easier and more appealing for the girl to insert it as far in her throat as possible while still feeling comfortable.

Just imagine that with every token you spend, you can make the girl slide it deeper and deeper until it disappears entirely in her throat. That would be a view worth spending your money on, that’s for sure.

Bluetooth Sex Machines

Maybe the use of a G-spot vibrator is not cutting it anymore, and you want something more powerful. You’re in luck because we live in times when Bluetooth fucking machines are a thing!

Live cam girls can take it to the next level by letting their viewers control the thrusting speed of the machine. They can see how much their horny fans are willing to spend to get to see their pussy being drilled in the highest possible setting.

Sex machines will always give that sleazy and kinky vibe, which makes them ideal for live sex cam shows. The fact they can now be controlled remotely is just the cherry on the cake!

Remote Controlled Anal Vibrators

Similarly to the previously mentioned Bluetooth sex toys, remote-controlled anal vibrators do take anal games to the next level.

You can find anal butt plugs in all sizes and shapes, and cam girls can get ready to have their assholes ruined by the intense vibrations.

There are even butt plugs on the market that can sink to your favorite tunes, similar to the above-mentioned Lovense G-Spot Vibrator.

Battery quality has also been significantly improved, and cam girls can now sit with their assholes vibrating for hours on end on camera!

Using it is also a perfect addition to either of the previously mentioned sex toys.

So Would You Be Up for Testing Any of These Sex Toys?

Of course, aside from their use on live sex cam shows, all these sex toys can find a perfect use in your private life.

Maybe you have a long-distance relationship, or you have a horny partner who needs to take control of your orgasms while either of you is out. You really can’t go wrong by purchasing any of the mentioned in this article sex toys.

For example, the remote-controlled anal plug would be a great idea if you want to make your wife or girlfriend fight with her life to suppress her intense anal orgasms while she’s out in public.

Meanwhile, the sex machine is an excellent idea if you want to get her wet pussy drilled hard, but you’re not there to do it for her.

5 Sex Toys

Whatever it is, sex toys nowadays are a true blessing in making your sexual fantasies come true!

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