How Weight Affects Your Sex Life

Our body weight affects Your Sex Life and health and performance in multiple modes. Having a healthy and better sex life is linked to both emotional and physical health. Amongst many biological reasons that affect sex between couples, weight is one o the common uttered issues. Being overweight can disturb not only the quality of life but also the sex life. And the good news is, it can be treated. Desire, pleasure, sex drive, and performance all are linked to obesity and body weight. Excess weight can hamper sex life and also create psychological obstacles during sex.

Now keeping this in mind, let us know about how weight actually affects sex life between couples:

It Can Limit Your Positions

Trying out a variety of different positions during sex works wonders for relationships. There is difficulty in trying out and exploring new positions during intercourse. By being overweight, experiencing physical limitations hinder sex and intimacy. If one of the partners has obesity or excess fat the other can feel uncomfortable, and the sex should not be uncomfortable in any way. What happens is both the couple due to overweight find difficulty in getting to the climax which may lead to very decreased or no sexual satisfaction. Thus, losing weight by having proper healthy lifestyle habits might help to enjoy every sense of it.

Erectile dysfunction

Another main and common effect weight has on men is erectile dysfunction. It is believed that body fat lowers testosterone levels in men which can cause erectile dysfunction. Although it can be treated easily. In fact, low levels of testosterone can also cause a high risk of cortisol and estrogen which can lead to impotence, lower libido, and hair loss. And the best and healthy way to restore erection is to lose weight. Eating less and working out more can bring drastic changes to sexual activity.

Heart risks

All excess weight increases your risk of cardiac disease, even if you’re otherwise healthy and don’t have other risk factors such as high blood pressure and high cholesterol. People with cardiac diseases are often very concerned about their sexual performance. The primary fear they have is that they might cause a heart attack while having sex. Moreover, cardiovascular diseases affect men’s ability to achieve orgasm and both partners find it hard to experience sexual pleasure in a broad range. In order to cope with this and promote better heart health, supplements may be useful and convenient. Mitchelle Morgan, whose articles published on popular health news sites pointed out that the ingredients present in some supplements not only enhance cardiovascular activities but also trigger the body’s natural metabolism to promote weight loss.

Low sex drive

When it comes to sex drive our body weight can impact a lot on overall sexual performance. As mentioned above an increased weight decrease the testosterone level which is a sex hormone in males and thus, libido drops drastically, which leads to low or poor sex drive. And it is believed that both men and women who go through a weight loss journey have relatively improved sexual function and experience. Weight sabotages the sex life which is vital for a relationship. Apart from weight, stress, chronic illness, injury, intoxication, or hormonal balance also temporarily decrease sex drive.

Lack of intimacy

Intimacy is having a deep personal connection with a sense of belonging. And this intimacy can be affected by a variety of reasons such as trust, dishonesty, abuse, lack of self-esteem, and one major reason is being overweight.

Being overweight or weight gain can influence even penis size as well due to fat forming near genitals. People who are overweight quite often scrutinize their body, and it’s not always about the weight and other factors, how one feels about the body and body image also matter a lot. Being overweight or also somehow associated with other diseases as well such as diabetes and heart ailments which not only adversely affects the sex life but also the quality of life.

Disrupts hormonal balance

The main hormones that affect and influence sex drive are mainly cortisol, testosterone, estrogen, and thyroid hormones. Hormones basically act as signaling molecules that have a greater contribution to the maintenance and overall well-being of the body and involve almost all aspects of the body. Men, due to weight gain are more likely to face low testosterone levels and low fertility. With weight, certain lifestyle habits and diet can also eventually affect hormonal balance. The food we eat and the diet we follow can immensely affect our health. This piece presents the best weight loss diet plans and one can easily tailor it according to their preferences.


Our body goes through a lot of changes while gaining weight. It incredibly has a serious impact on our body and overall health. And with the top of it, sexual experience also has a great effect on both the couples. Obesity can affect sex and sexual performance dampening the desire for better and pleasurable sex. Excess body fat can take a toll on both physical and mental well-being which is a bad sign altogether. Therefore, a good healthy weight is important for a better and improved sex life. Although some changes in lifestyle would help toward better sex drive and arousal. And if the conditions are more worsen, then getting treatment or consulting a good doctor regarding sexual health would be a much better option.

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