The Best Foreplay For Women

All women have a thing in common; they focus and enjoy emotional pleasure before engaging in sexual intercourse. This is why I advise men to engage in foreplay with them before getting straight into sex. There are hundreds of forms of foreplay and each one of us will perceive a specific one as the best that makes our women crazy with desire. In this article you can read on what I perceive as the best form of foreplay from my experiences. If you want to experience the best sex you ever had with your girl, you need to follow my lead.

Top Foreplay Tips

Foreplay can be kissing, rubbing and tickling. There are times when getting straight into sex is appropriate and mutually agreed upon. However most of the times, sex is not just as physical for women as it is for men and it includes their emotions as well. Foreplay starts long before intercourse and it makes the difference between just having sex or experiencing the entire lovemaking and erotic experience. Always learn her likes and dislikes, focus on herself and her body and remember even the smallest things that make her excited and passionate. Learn the most of her erogenous areas and all the things that make her mouth smile when she gets hot. Use some of the sweet smelling oils and scent candles combined with a relaxing massage to bring out her woman inside.

Do not do the same things over and over again and try to be creative to avoid making your erotic experience something boring and time consuming. You can use these to start the foreplay process, making her understand that you enjoy and want to fulfill her desires and her deepest fantasies. Foreplay is all about pushing the right buttons and beginning the physical arousal of lovemaking. Learn how long to stay in one place and how many times to push that button. Women have sensitive areas and by kissing these areas and gently touching her and stimulating her, you will cause her vagina to be lubricated. Continue the vaginal lubrication and proceed to oral stimulation by sucking the clitoris and teasing her pussy lips with your tongue.

Don’t be in a hurry and go slow. The important part is to dedicate yourself to her and make her understand that pleasure is about her and not only about you. Trigger her hormones and make her so aroused until she squirts. Be gentle and erotic. Then, you should finish your foreplay with kisses, hugs and caresses while talking to each other. If you make proper foreplay a habit, you will both turn your sex life into something fun and erotic. To recap, men are logical by nature and get aroused by sight. Women are more emotional and want something that will dedicate to them and make them feel special and use these fun ideas to enhance your sex life. Kissing, caressing, fondling and getting down with her through oral will ensure that you both will be looking for the time to please each others.

Emotional foreplay is the most ideal path to a lady’s heart – and her bed – is not through her heart, but rather through her head. Men are physical to begin with, and passionate second. At the end of the day,

“if you are near me, will you engage in sexual relations with me, then you love me and I will love you back.”

  Ladies, then again, have a tendency to be enthusiastic first and physical second –

“I have a feeling of passion for you physically and spiritually.”


Since our own particular viewpoint is ordinarily the way we perceive things we need to open up and think what our partner actually wants.  We tend to see things just from our own perspective and this may restrict making and developing a compelling passionate relationship; putting yourself in your partners shoes will avoid this. Often it’s the easily overlooked details that are critical such as recalling the nice every day things she does for us that we take for granted.  Try doing those nice things for her, like a cup of tea in bed of a morning and she will repay you in spades.

Listening without attempting to “settle it” or “alter it’ gets a lot more brownie points.  Finding out what her favorite flowers are, or what she likes to dress in, just letting her know that you know the things that she likes and you have paid attention to that means a great deal to her.   Praise her, compliment her – it really is straightforward stuff that we often neglect to the detriment of our relationships.  Making note of the little points of interest goes a long way to reinforce to here that you love and care for her and will make her want to show her appreciation for you in the most amorous of ways.

Seeing you being strong, kind and understanding in your relationship will show that you will persevere and allow her to let down her sexual guard and become responsive to your needs and wants.  Communicate with her not only in words but in actions that will bring you closer together.



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