Womens Foreplay Tips – It Takes Time

All women have a thing in common.  They focus and enjoy emotional pleasure before engaging in sexual intercourse. This is why I advise men to engage in foreplay with them before getting straight into sex. There are hundreds of forms of foreplay.  Each one of us will perceive a specific one as the best that makes our women crazy with desire. In this article you can read my womens foreplay tips and what I perceive as the best form of foreplay from my experiences.

If you want to experience the best sex you ever had with your girl, you need to follow my lead.

womens foreplay tips
Top Foreplay Tips

Womens Foreplay Tips to Drive Her Crazy

Foreplay can be kissing, rubbing and tickling.

There are times when getting straight into sex is appropriate and mutually agreed upon.  Most of the times, sex is not just as physical for women as it is for men and it includes their emotions as well.

Foreplay starts long before intercourse.  It’s the sexual anticipation as well. It makes the difference between just having sex or experiencing the entire lovemaking and erotic experience.

  • Always learn her likes and dislikes.
  • Focus on herself and her body.
  • Remember even the smallest things that make her excited and passionate.
  • Learn the most of her erogenous areas.
  • All the things that make her mouth smile when she gets hot.
  • Use some of the sweet smelling oils and scent candles combined with a relaxing massage to bring out her woman inside.
womens foreplay tips
Women’s Unexpectd Erogenous Zones

Do not do the same things over and over again

Try to be creative to avoid making your erotic experience something boring and time consuming.  You can use these to start the foreplay process.  Making her understand that you enjoy and want to fulfill her desires and her deepest fantasies.

Foreplay is all about pushing the right buttons and beginning the physical arousal of lovemaking.

  • Learn how long to stay in one place and how many times to push that button.
  • Women have sensitive areas.
  • By kissing these areas and gently touching her and stimulating her, you will cause her vagina to be lubricated.
  • Continue the vaginal lubrication
  • Proceed to oral stimulation by sucking the clitoris and teasing her pussy lips with your tongue.

Don’t be in a hurry and go slow.

An important part is to dedicate yourself to her.  Make her understand that pleasure is about her and not only about you. Trigger her hormones and make her so aroused until she squirts.

Be gentle and erotic. Then, you should finish your foreplay with kisses, hugs and caresses while talking to each other. If you make proper foreplay a habit, you will both turn your sex life into something fun and erotic.

To recap, men are logical by nature and get aroused by sight.

Women are more emotional and want something that will dedicate to them and make them feel special.  Use these fun ideas to enhance your sex life. Kissing, caressing, fondling and getting down with her through oral will ensure that you both will be looking for the time to please each others.

Emotional foreplay is the most ideal path to a lady’s heart – and her bed

It is not through her heart, but rather through her head.  Men are physical to begin with, and passionate second.

At the end of the day,

“if you are near me, will you engage in sexual relations with me, then you love me and I will love you back.”

  Ladies, then again, have a tendency to be enthusiastic first and physical second.

“I have a feeling of passion for you physically and spiritually.”

Since our own particular viewpoint is ordinarily the way we perceive things we need to open up and think what our partner actually wants.   We tend to see things just from our own perspective.  This may restrict making and developing a compelling passionate relationship

Putting yourself in your partners shoes will avoid this.

Often it’s the easily overlooked details that are critical such as recalling the nice every day things she does for us that we take for granted.  Try doing those nice things for her, like a cup of tea in bed of a morning.  She will repay you in spades.

Listening without attempting to “settle it” or “alter it’ gets a lot more brownie points.   Finding out what her favorite flowers are, or what she likes to dress in.  Just letting her know that you know the things that she likes and you have paid attention to that means a great deal to her.

Praise her, compliment her.

It really is straightforward stuff that we often neglect to the detriment of our relationships.

  • Making note of the little points of interest goes a long way to reinforce to here that you love and care for her.  It will make her want to show her appreciation for you in the most amorous of ways.
  • Seeing you being strong, kind and understanding in your relationship will show that you will persevere.  Allow her to let down her sexual guard and become responsive to your needs and wants.
  • Communicate with her not only in words but in actions that will bring you closer together.
womens foreplay tips
Foreplay Tips

Best Foreplay Tips for Sexual Pleasure

A biggest misconception people have about foreplay is thinking that it is an option.

It is not an option.  Not something that you can just let go and get straight down to the good stuff.

Foreplay can transform you from a good lover to a GREAT lover

That jump is very significant for all the genders. Your partner will start looking forward to have sex with you.  A good love life will have its impact on your relationship as well.

Foreplay is all about taking your own, sweet time. It’s definitely not something you should be doing just for the sake of it. Its main purpose is to get you and your partner hot and in the mood.

Ever tried warming a frozen turkey in 2 minutes? That’s what sex without foreplay fun is. Let the turkey melt for a bit, season it, let it simmer, and when you start feeling the heat, cook it. Because the term for this is foreplay, people automatically assume that the main ‘play’ is a better one. But we can tell you that is definitely not the case.

Foreplay is so much better than intercourse

So much more inventive, playful, and sexy.  Most humans who have a vulva cannot even orgasm just from normal sex. They need that extra stimulation on the clitoris to get an orgasm.  Best way to achieve this is via your fingers, tongue, or toys, all of which come into the picture during the foreplay.

Before you get to the tips for becoming better at it, just remember. Stop thinking it as foreplay, or the part before sex. Think of it as a play of its own, something which you do to extract every single ounce of pleasure with your sexual partner.

Once you give it the respect it deserves, you will automatically start getting better at it.

Tips for Better Foreplay 

1. Communicate your likes

Since foreplay involves so many things, it’s easy to get confused or even worried whether your partner will like your ideas or not. In such cases, it’s best to ask them directly what they feel about it.

While it does ruin a bit of the surprise element, it saves you a ton of time and worry. Communicating like this also builds some trust between you too, leading to both of you opening up more, thereby getting even more pleasure.

2. Vary the temperatures your liking

Don’t go about altering the temperature of your room after reading the title. We are asking you to introduce different elements with varying temperatures.

Holding an ice cube between your lips and running it gently over your partner’s body or picking up a cold glass of alcohol and letting the condensation fall on them are some serious turn-ons. If your partner likes warmer elements, you can massage them with warm oil.

For people who are into slight BDSM, there are candles which melt to give massage oil so that you can let them drip on your partner’s body. Choose what you like and go bonkers.

3. Have a good sexting session

Foreplay doesn’t always begin right before sex. You don’t realize how much you can turn your partner on by simply sending them naughty texts throughout the day. Do NOT be shy! Tell them what you want to do to them when you get back home, tell them how turned on you are, and exchange some sneaky nudes.

This will get them craving to come back home and jump on you even before the night.

4. Get in a tub together

While we have all been force-fed the fantasy of having sex in a jacuzzi, having sex when surrounded by water is not a good experience.  With the right elements, it can be an excellent place for foreplay. Heat up the water, get in, and explore all of them.

5. Take your sweet time when undressing

Foreplay is not a sprint; it is a marathon. You have to build up slowly and steadily, then up the ante as you get closer and closer, and then a final push for the finish line. While it may seem hot to quickly tear their shirt off and get your hands in their pants, just wait. Learn the importance of time.

Take some time after you remove an item of clothing. Use this time to explore the newly uncovered area with your lips and tongue, maybe even your teeth. While each body part deserves a lot of attention, do focus on the nipples (works for all genders).

6. Just think about the enjoyment

While it’s good to have fun yourself, it is a different world of pleasure when you realize your partner is having fun as well. This is what forms the crux of both sex and foreplay.

Do not hold back when doing things either you, your partner, or you both like. Stroke their sensitive areas, bite their soft areas, kiss them everywhere.

7. Wear some beautiful clothes underneath

While a lot of focus is on women for their lingerie, we must inform you that there are lots of underwear which make a man’s body look enticing. Do whatever make you feel confident or makes your partner feel hot.

If this means going completely commando, go commando.

8. Treat your partner to a strip tease

This classic old method of foreplay never gets old. And contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to be a good dancer to be a good stripper. You just need to let go of any shyness you may have, turn on some hot romantic music.  And tease your partner as much as you can while removing your clothes as slowly as possible.

Bonus tip: You may try some variations to make the strip tease more interesting.

Ask them not to touch you at any cost, and put a sexual fine for every time they do. You may tie their hands, or tie them to a chair while you strip tease in front of them, inching ever so closer.

If you wish to get better at foreplay before getting a partner.  Hire someone who can be that erotic companion for you to go on adventures with.

9. Slow and steady at the start

Another misconception that movies and porn have showed us is that sex and foreplay are rushed and hasty. Do not do so in real life, especially when your partner has a clitoris. The clitoris is so sensitive that over-simulation can be really painful for your partner.

Therefore, it is better to go slowly, gently licking and nibbling at each area, and then as you and your partner get into the groove, quicken things up. You can try out some clit ticklers as well.

10. Summon the legendary figure-8 technique

Figure-8 technique is the stuff of legends because of how effective it, for every gender.  It is more famous for people with vulvas.  An oral sex technique which involved the clitoris and the region around it. It is something that has withstood the test of time. When you go down there, try making a figure-8 design around the highly sensitive area of the clitoris. Keep doing this till that little button puffs up and then gently use our fingers to expose it.

Now use your tongue’s smooth underside for this next part. Make a circle to the right, and then to the left, or even vice versa. Now you use your tongue’s coarse upper side to flick the button; first upwards and downwards, and then sideways.

Now slowly and steadily enhance this technique.

Merge all these different motions into one cyclic motion resembling a figure-8. Each motion will constantly alternate between the rough upper side, smooth underside, and the rigid tip of your tongue. You can also keep changing the amount of pressure you apply to that region.

If your partner is a proud owner of a penis and is slightly into rimming, you can use the same pattern and move your tongue from the point just under your partner’s balls all the way round their butthole. Move your way back up and start alternating to form a perfect figure-8 oral sex technique. 

11. Learn more and more oral sex techniques

While we just taught you one of the most effective oral techniques, there are a lot of other techniques out there in the world. Some of them may actually work better on your partner than the figure-8.

But you can only know this if you try those different things first. If your partner has a clitoris, you can try changing the direction of your tongue’s movement, you can try changing the angle from which you are going down on them, and more.

If your partner is one who has a penis, you can try to form a circular-twisting motion around their penis with your hand and mouth.  Instead of the plain up and down. You can use your tongue to alternate the pressure between each stroke too.  May even get some toys to stimulate their prostate.

12. Don’t forget about the remaining vulva

When your neighbours are the clitoris and vagina, it is extremely easy to get overlooked.  Rest of the vulva is also very sensitive and can be simulated for extra pleasure. For example, you can take each labia in each hand and then use your thumbs and fingers to massage them very gently, going up and down slowly.

Don’t treat them as the gatekeepers to the vagina. They are so much more.

Even the portion of their crotch which holds the pubic hair has a few nerve endings. It is also very sensitive, though in a squirmy way. Try pressing it with your hand very carefully and you may end up relaxing your partner’s pelvis, directly engaging the internal clitoris.

13. Don’t get caught up in the penis

Just like people having a vulva, people having a penis are not just about the penis. Their balls are extremely sensitive too, as is the perineum (the point just below the balls). We encourage you to go over and beyond the general ‘menu’ for your partner and explore each and every inch of their genitalia, licking everything.

Do not be shy to do so even if the relationship is a casual one because this is the only way both you and your partner will experience new realms of pleasure.

14. Genitals aren’t the only spots on their body

While it is generally just a rookie mistake, do not lock in your target on your partner’s genitals and drone in like a homing missile. There are many erogenous zones on your partners bodies like their thighs, neck, and nipples (for all people).

While genitals are the primary sex organs and need more attention, do not ignore all these places because they are just as important. As we said, use your lips, tongue.  Just a little bit of your teeth to go exploring your partner’s body.

15. Bring all their senses into the mix

Sex is not just about penetration and orgasms, it is about all of your senses. Each of which is heightened when you are turned on. Try and get all of the senses into your foreplay routine. Set the perfect lighting for you and your partner, have sweet, relaxing aroma from some scented candles, turn on a good romantic playlist, and involve FOOD and DRINKS!

Look into each other’s eyes as you feed them something, pour some liquid on them and clean them up using only your tongue, east stuff off of them, and much more.

You can also try taking away one of your partner’s senses to heighten the other ones like blindfolding them. Once you deprive them of their senses, stimulate their clitoris/penis, and hit the G-spot, your partner will be teleported into another world.

16. Use Sex Toys

Gone are the days when vibrators were the only sex toys available. Nowadays, you can find all kinds of different stimulating toys on the internet for all genders. It’s never a bad idea to take their assistance.

You might even want to turn things up a notch and bring BDSM sex toys into play if your partner agrees to it.

womens foreplay tips
Bondage Kits

Only thing to keep in mind about foreplay is to not hold back.

Do whatever come naturally to you as long as your partner is okay with it. And the best part about having regular foreplay? When you want to have a quickie, it feels even better because it’s different from the norm, thereby adding another layer of pleasure.

Now go turn on your partner!


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