4 Reasons Condoms Break!

In high school we learnt about sex. We learnt about about how cocks and vaginas work in a heteronormative sense. How they’re supposed to go together to have sex and how they make babies. Some schools if you’re lucky, will teach you how to put on a condom with a banana. But let me blow your mind:

Why do condoms break?

Firstly, if you’re embarrassed to buy condoms you shouldn’t be having sex. The amount of people that come in to the Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres and tell me they have not been taught about contraception methods and safe sex is astounding. Although times are changing, not every circle of friends is willing to talk about their cocks to one another.  We are all adults here but for safety sake, I’m going to go over correct condom usage and reasons why condoms may break.

How to put a condom on

Here are 5 steps you need to know to put on a condom:

  1. Open condom packet carefully.
  2. Pinch the reservoir at the end to release any are within the condom. The reservoir is the tip of the condom. You do not want air inside your condom.
  3. Place the condom on top of the tip of your penis.
  4. Roll the condom down over an erect cock.
  5. If you are uncircumcised, before you place the condom on. You may want to put just one small drop of lubricant over your head to protect from chafing. Do not use more than one small drop of lubricant.

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Reasons why a condom may break

 Here are 4 reasons why a condom may break:
  1. The incorrect condom size has been chosen: Every cock is different. Trust me, take my word on it and don’t ask why! Some are bent, tapered, fat, thin, stumpy, long, cut and uncut. The list goes on. With this in mind, there is no way with the correct usage of a condom that it should break. Although latex stretches, using an incorrect condom size can be pushed beyond it’s limits. Eventually, the additional friction of sex will cause it to break. This is also true for those who have a large penis head which is also known as a mushroom cock. You’ll need a special condom with a flared head to provide supports but it can also be used with cut cocks to provide extra support and sensation. Measure your penis before you plan on buying a condom and compare it the the condom maker’s website. The size and shape of your cock always affects the condom you will need to use. There’s not a one size fits all condom. If you put on a condom and it’s loose, you’ll need a tighter condom. If you find that the condom is to snug, grab the next size up.
  2. There was not enough lubrication used during sex: Condoms come with a small amount of lubricant, and yes most people self lubricate to a certain extent but if the conditions aren’t right, there could potentially be a dry spot on the wall which will kill the condom. Place lubricant on the outside of the condom, especially if you are having anal sex.
  3. The condom has not been stored correctly: Store them safely, and correctly. It’s not exactly rocket science. No heat, no friction, no constant movement and no going through the wash with jeans. The best place to store it, at home is in a drawer. Keeping one in your wallet, or back pocket for that ‘just in case moment’ is not healthy at all for your condom. Take one with you when you go out, and if you make it back home then put it safely back in the drawer – don’t keep it in your wallet for ages. Also, don’t store them in the glove box either – persistent changes in temperature can also weaken the condom making it more prone to break during use. The persistent friction against the packaging can weaken the rubber.
  4. The condom has expired: You will need to check the expiration date of the condom. The expiration date can be found on the condom box as well as on the condom sachets.

I particularly like the Sax condoms that I get from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres in Caringbah due to their diverse range of sizes from 64mm to 46 mm whereas Four Seasons condoms come in 60mm (large), 54mm (standard) and 49 mm (tighter fit). SAX condoms will fit big dicks – if they still require a larger condom than it’s custom made ones for them. The Sax company understand that not all cocks are equal and have an incredible 6 different sized condoms all for an even better price point (most other brands have 3-4). Who says you can’t find the perfect fit?! Some people come up with excuses to not use a condom, but don’t do! You should always practice safe sex!

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