The Nut Job Review!

When a single men use online dating apps to find his special someone, it does not mean he is on a desperate move. Sometimes single men just do not want to spend his time and effort in dating a total stranger. Online dating has become the trend; nobody meets in person on first dates nowadays. But there are times when online dating is also not as beneficial to single men as they would have expected. Hence, learning from other people’s experiences through write ups and blogs really help. Click here to learn more about blogs.

Although blogs are mostly helpful, some are not as reader-friendly as the others. What makes a great blog? Aesthetic, content, whether or not it is user-friendly and relatable – these are some of the qualities a good site must have. But in reality, there is a wide range of formats and topics that would constitute the definition of a “good” site.

An example of an aesthetically friendly site is The Nut Job. It is simple but not plain; it looks chic but not fancy; the basic characteristics like spelling, layouts, and keywords have been covered and are of quality.

Hitting the Right Guy

The Nut Job is specific on its audience – single adult men – men who may share the same sentiments as the blogger himself. These men are those who would consider dating online services to meet new friends and possible hookups, men who are not ready to settle down into a commitment, or men who decided to stay single for life, gym buffs, but put on so much investment on expensive dinners, wines and cocktails.

The contents support the blogger’s objective of expressing his mind and voice his opinion on things and share it to the world. To many individuals the opinion of other people on a lot of things matter, so it is a good thing to hear from someone who may have had the same experience or circumstance as them. In that manner, they can weigh things before they decide on any action to take. After all, more thinking heads are better than just one.

This is the most important element of a blog site. Are your articles hitting the right audience? Are the content aligned to your readers’ intent, ideals, and expectations. Are your goals clear enough and are your posts driven towards that goal?

Did it Tickle Your Fancy?

The Nut Job’s target are single adult male readers, hence, the contents are mostly stuff that men would have interests in. Online dating is one; women and sex are also among the common topics talked about in this blog. It also includes opinions and tips on relationships and bed gossips.

Another good feature in this blog is that it includes different categories such as news advisories, travel topics, food and drinks, excursions, entertainment, health, technology, etc. In all categories, relevant articles can be found and topics that readers are surely interested in. Sites like Strengths Of Good Blogger discuss the strengths of a good blog.

Between Work and Leisure

This blog site can both be perfect reading materials for both leisure and work. Sometimes when in the middle of a busy and toxic day at work it would be a good thing to stop for a while and relax, divert one’s attention to something else non-work related, something light and interesting. The blog contents can be these kind of materials – easy to read and accessible. Reading them will not be a waste of time because you learn from the materials posted. The topics are interesting as well as educative so you will not regret stopping for a moment to read it.

It is tagged as “soft porn”, but it is not vulgar in their posts. Reading in public or during breaks at work can be manageable.


Are You Captivated at First Sight?

The Nut Job’s layout is light and friendly to the eyes. It is not very fancy but the content alone stirs up a reader’s curiosity. Titles of articles are catchy and the site looks clean and orderly. A reader will not “get lost” in the page or “drown” in its layout.

The nut job review will surely include positive feedback on the layout and skin color. The layout is simple; the color is chic and classy but not fancy. It is well organized despite having a load of contents. Labels are clear, brief and concise –very good aesthetic. The blog can be navigated easily and is user friendly. The contents are meaty and very informative.

Interesting topics almost always stirs up the curiosity of readers, but in The Nut Job, even the less, could almost be boring topics, are still presented in such a manner where people would stick to it and read through till the end.

The layout is very important as it is the first thing that meets the eyes of the readers – if it is overly crowded or not, if there is a regular flow of contents and inputs, if the skin color and photos are enticing and friendly to the senses. All these would also contribute to the definition of “good” blog site or not.

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