The Mile High Club!

Here is a short naughty story of an incident that happened on a trip.  After two months travelling through Europe, Tina and I were on the long haul flight from Dubai back home to Sydney. It had been a fantastic trip where we possibly tried to squeeze too much into the time, and being within arms length of your lover for so long certainly had its ups and downs.

Now we were headed home. A year’s worth of planning at an end. A return to our jobs and familiar surrounds. Somehow we’d been lucky enough to get all three seats at the window to ourselves and after a surprisingly tasty dinner and a few tipples, the cabin lights went down and our fellow passengers readied themselves to sleep through as much of the flight time as they could.

Tina had other things on her mind, I realised, when she slipped her panties down from under her loose flowing dress and kicked them under the seat in front. I wondered if I was dreaming, but as soon as she led my hand between her thighs and I felt her warmth, I knew I wasn’t. She snuggled herself closer to me, my fingers circling her clit. She silently moaned, her thick dark hair pressing against me as her chin raised, her eyes wide shut.

I didn’t specifically think about passengers nearby, or who could be watching, but I was aware how hot this situation was. Enough so to be realise that my choice of trousers didn’t allow the growth now testing the seams at the front. I needn’t have worried. Tina was already undoing my fly, popping the button, and releasing my raging boner into the overly chilled air. She shifted her ass away from me, almost into the aisle, her face sinking into my lap.

She wrapped her mouth around me, my girth pulling her lips open wide. Tina always knew how to work my cock, her tongue almost magically protruding to take it to a whole new level. As she bobbed up and down, a passenger walked past and glanced over. Since they didn’t cry out or smile or wink, perhaps they figured she was just sleeping on my lap.

Tina was far from asleep. She continued to gobble down, stretching herself to her limits, bruising the back of her throat like a good girl. She was a pro when it came to sucking cock, and I had to pull her off before we never quite managed to both join the mile high club. She siddled back up to me, wiping the saliva from the edges of her mouth before kissing me. I warmed up her pussy with a few fingers, preparing her for what was to come.

When she finally felt good and ready, she rolled her head towards the aisle, offering me her ass. Her dress was already up when I grabbed a hold of her hips and slid myself inside her juicy pussy. Figuring we were somewhere over an ocean and that we really couldn’t get booted off the plane, I went to town. We were going to join this club in style.

Tina tried to muffle her gasps as my thickness filled her. As I drove deep into her, I fantasied about us being caught by a stewardess who might catch us, and decide to join us by hoisting up her skirt and sinking her pussy onto Tina’s face.

That fantasy was working a little too well, so I returned to the moment by grabbing a hold of Tina’s hair and turning her face back towards me. This didn’t help either. Her lips parted, her brown eyes peering at me voraciously only further drove me on. With my hands occupied keeping her in this position, Tina worked over her clit, furthering her struggle to remain silent.

Finally I saw that face I’d seen so many times before. Her eyelids shuttered, her bottom lip trembling, and her whole body tense. She was there.

Greenlight, greenlight, greenlight.

With her juices macerating my cock even moreso, I gave into the sensations and exploded on the up stroke, keeping my load as deep inside as her anatomy would allow. I clung to her hip and hair, holding myself all in as my cock chugged and emptied my sack for what seemed an eternity.

The following day as we departed the flight, a stewardess said her dutiful farewells to us, before leaning in and saying something to Tina that, for almost the first time I’d seen, made her flushed in the cheeks. It wasn’t until we were in the terminal that she could finally gather the words.

‘She said she was sorry she didn’t have a badge for us for joining the club, but that she had to thank me for the viewing pleasure that she was going to think about when she checked into her hotel.’

I guess we weren’t as sneaky and as unwatched as I thought. I love an audience, but it’s better when you can see said audience.

Tina continued, ‘Which is when she told me exactly which hotel she was going to, and at what time she’d be there.’

‘What did you say?’

‘See you there.’

Hope you enjoyed my dirty story.  Come see me one day at the adult lifestyle centres and I will tell you another!

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