The Controlling World Of Forced Feminisation

At the Adult Lifestyle Centre Kogarah we have a lot of fictional erotic writing and a great deal of it is on the subject of Forced Feminisation. This isn’t something I really knew about before I came to work here.

It isn’t something that I have gotten to talk to any customers about so far. I thought the best way to introduce myself to the subject might be to read one of the short stories and see if I can get into the mindset.

Its plot went something like this. 

The main protagonist and hero of the tale is a very masculine man. He has been known to slap his wife about a bit. But only when “she pushed him too far”. He is now very resentful about her running away and taking the kids with her. And resolves to get rid of his frustrations with a “whore”.

He mistakenly ends up visiting a brothel establishment full of very beautiful lady boys. And he is particularly taken by one. The Madame tells him, the man was forced away from his village and raped. He was then made to become a woman physically and mentally. Imagine this poor girl’s pain and the months of torturous operations and etiquette lessons she endured.

She makes him desire her, obviously and it was the tenderest sex he has ever had.

After they have sex, he decides to save her from the brothel.

To cut a long ‘short’ story short, they escape together and he falls for her feminine wiles. This establishment captures them both and he is forcibly turned into a woman himself over months.

The story ends suddenly and happily. He loves his new female body and mannerisms. Also he loves the men and women who force him to have sex with him.

The lady boy from the brothel isn’t mentioned again but she probably lived happily ever after too.

Forced Feminisation
Woman making her man more feminine

So there you have it.

Forced Feminisation

Sissification, forced feminisation or sissy boy bondage as it is sometimes called is simply turning a man’s gender to a woman’s. It might be wearing women’s clothing, maybe just underwear or adopting female traits or anything “feminine” at all really. By feminine, I mean stereo-typically feminine.

Often  the man is dressed up as a maid or schoolgirl, something typically subservient. This is certainly not degrading to women, in fact it is almost glorification of  women. It is really a form of dominant and submissive play. It is role playing.  There is always the humiliation aspect present involving the man  being stripped of his masculinity against his will.

It is more commonly a woman who is the enforcer but it can be anyone.

It is a very common theme within Femdom.

This is probably because the maleness of the man is captured and hidden away under the petticoats and frills of femininity. his maleness is all totally locked away. Forced feminisation is the ultimate in female domination.

In its more advanced forms there is often pegging involved, or even anal penetration by another man (as this is seen as a supremely subservient act).

There are often male chastity devices. Involved, Locking away a penis, the ultimate symbol of masculinity is obviously emasculating. As with any form of role-playing there are a million variations of scenes.

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There is Nothing Forced About It

A most interesting thing about it is there is nothing ‘forced’ about forced feminisation. We are not talking about men who have never harboured fantasies about dressing up. As a woman being taken from their homes and made to perform sex acts on men against their will.

Not at all.  Even the men in the story end up loving being female.

So why the forced bit?

Well, firstly there is the logistics of something that is forced almost certainly ending up occurring. Another thing about most of us , is we need our fantasies to be based in our own reality. In real life, I am probably not going to be gang-banged by 10 hot guys.

So in my fantasy I am forced into the situation.

A married guy probably isn’t going to get to suck off his next-door neighbour. If we are forced into situations by someone it becomes far  more feasible. Millions of men have fantasies about dressing up as women.  And want to be one and millions feel they actually are women. The men into forced feminisation are not doing anything they don’t want to.

No matter how we look at it, unfortunately it is almost always going to be uncomfortable and embarrassing for a person to tell others that they identify as another gender.

So in fantasy being ‘forced’ absolves that person of any of that shame or guilt.

Forced Feminisation is a pretty fruity fantasy

By anyone’s stretch of the  imagination and it is much more pleasant to construct a fantasy where there is no place for any underlying real life insecurities.

Nearly all fantasies that are unacceptable in real life will throw up a forced version in fantasy. The man sees his dominant and is thrilled at not being able to escape, he is about to have all his fantasies realised, there is nothing forced about it at all, In fact it is the dominant party that is the  most submissive.

As I mentioned before It is also in many ways really just another version of a dominant and submissive relationship. It just crosses over into lots of other wonderful kinks. It is also an incredibly popular sexual fantasy. I wonder though if it will continue to be as prevalent as the world becomes more and more accepting of gender diversity.

The Psychology Behind Forced Feminisation

Forced feminisation is a form of BDSM (bondage, discipline, dominance, submission, sadism, and masochism) fetish activity in which a person is compelled to adopt a female gender presentation, often involving clothing, makeup, and other elements associated with femininity.

It’s essential to approach discussions around these topics with sensitivity and understanding, as people engage in such activities consensually and for various personal reasons.

Power Dynamics and Control:

Forced feminisation often involves power exchange and control dynamics. The dominant partner may derive pleasure from having control over the submissive partner’s gender expression, reinforcing power roles in the relationship.

Role-playing and Fantasy:

Many individuals engage in forced feminisation as a form of erotic role-playing and fantasy. This can provide a safe and consensual outlet for exploring gender-related desires and fantasies.

Gender Exploration and Expression:

Forced feminisation scenarios may allow individuals to explore and express aspects of their gender identity and sexuality that they may not feel comfortable exploring in their everyday lives.

Humiliation and Degradation Fantasy:

Some participants find pleasure in the aspects of humiliation and degradation associated with forced feminisation. This may involve verbal cues, clothing choices, or other elements that play into these specific fantasies.

Catharsis and Release:

Engaging in forced feminisation activities may provide a sense of catharsis or emotional release for participants. The psychological aspect of expressing oneself in a way that diverges from societal norms can be empowering for some individuals.

Communication and Trust:

These are crucial in any BDSM activity, including forced feminisation. Partners involved should have open and honest conversations about boundaries, desires, and expectations to ensure a consensual and safe experience.

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