I’m a Teen Gay Bottom!

Being a bottom is simply being fucked by a top. If the top is able to have sex with you correctly, it will be an amazing experience for both people even if the bottom is a complete newbie to the situation. I like being the bottom during the act, because I love sexy men inside me.  The idea is how to get yourself enjoying the act. Remember, there is need for good preparation, both psychologically and physically so that the act may turn to be delightful ever. This article will help you to gain some tips from my own experience to help make being a gay bottom as fun as possible.

Two Men Lusting

I was 16 when I attempted my first anal fuck with a guy in our neighborhood block. I never knew how enjoyable the experience would be, since I had some anxiety when I saw big dicks being used in porn videos. This guy from our neighborhood invited me into his house, I was really excited to be welcomed by someone similar to me. He treated me with some liquor. I soon found myself to be a little drunk. I looked me deeply in my eyes and I was flustered. I found myself kissing this guy passionately! He carried me to his bedroom and started touching me everywhere. He later instructed me through the whole process and ever since then, I have always loved being a bottom. I love the sexual need to satisfy my guy just to make him squirt.

I don’t like the douching process when I am likely to get fucked by my guy. He has also never worried about me being douched because he is okay without it, although it can get rather messy so we keep plenty of dark towels handy when we are having anal sex. I enjoy starting the fuck by sitting on top of him, and slowly directing his dick into my anus. This helps me prevent any awkward pain during the start because I am always fully in control. I enjoy when I move up and down softly on his lap, as it allows my butt to loosen as my anus get enlarged. After loosening, I can allow the dick to penetrate my body more and more. To enjoy the act, I normally use silicone based Superslyde lube to enhance his dick to slide in and out easily. The more lubricant you use, the easier and less painful sex will be.

I prefer being a bottom as I find it feels good inside of me. My body enjoys the pleasure of the penetration. I feel drawn to making him come as much as possible. I enjoy the moments of moving around, pushing back to meet the thrusts of my man. If I am ever the top position, I like grinding my hips to drive my man crazy. It is always pleasurable when I see my man feeling the intense desire to ejaculate during anal sex. His nibbling sexual desire drives the act to another level, whereby, both of us become crazy. I like to nibble his neck, arms, and ears. I also enjoy loud screaming to put my guy in the mood to climax, by showing him I can feel it inside. Show your man you need it more and more inside and he will thank you for it. The most important and foremost reason why it is harder being a bottom is that someone is inserting his penis inside of you. I mean, the anus is something that lets things come out and not supposed to come in.

Below I have listed some facts and tips to help you have the best understanding being a gay bottom:

  • There are more bottoms in the world in ratio than the top men. In the gay male sex world bottoms are more than tops.
  • You run the risk of becoming someone’s bitch. Don’t become the exclusive bottom in a relationship. It is good to change roles up every now and then, so you both gain a deeper understanding of what feels good, how it feels good and the challenges that you both face.  Change roles frequently and let your partner experience the same thing.
  • Some days of the week you don’t feel like having something inside your anus. You don’t want to be a bottom even if you are horny. Being a bottom is not only having someone pushing his penis inside you, but it is to want something in you. If you don’t feel like it you will not do it, but nowadays if you don’t feel up to it, you will feel obliged to do it for your partner which is not really fair.
  • It’s so much work than being a top.
  • Being ashamed of being an old bottom. Even though more gay men are bottoms, according to several researches, lots of gay men are ashamed of it, as if there’s something less masculine about it. The majority of mainstream gay men care all about masculinity and how everything in their relationship is perceived, and anything else in their sex lives.
  • And in case you are a bit on the feminine side or you prefer a bit more affection as a bottom, tops out there in the gay sexual world may not choose you because of being feminine. They want ‘men’.
  • If your top partner is inexperienced then you will experience a unique and uncomfortable experience.
  • When you meet a hot man and you find out he’s a bottom, too, it doesn’t always feel sexy. This is why it’s important to switch it up every now and then, being versatile means that you can also have longer sex sessions as you flip flop your way through an afternoon.
  • Even if you enjoy being a bottom in sex, sometimes you get stuck with an everlasting top and you when you finish he is still going at it and you sit through it just so he can get off.
  • He might try to pull some mess and take the condom off and you may not notice it or be able to stop it. A bottom can’t pull the condom off without the top seeing.
  • People will assume you can’t perform as a top even though you have an extremely talented penis. There’s an automatic stereotype around bottoming that says; once a bottom always a bottom. Even if you are versatile, there are some guys out there who just don’t believe it. Though the same could be said of tops as well, where people think that a masc top simply doesn’t want to bottom. The thing here is to communicate your needs and desires with your sex partner.



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  1. Man, you could do people a real service here and discuss the hows of anal sex. This is kind of random and confusing. Imaine some guy just coming out and wanting to know more about anal as in how to get comfortable, lubes to use, insisting on condoms, stages of insertion so it IS comfortable, etc….

    1. The biggest point is patience, communication, and working with natural reflexes and anatomy. First off, have a relaxing bm within an hour or two of the event. Your rectum will not be tight as it isn’t holding something in. Be sure you used a moist wipe so you know it’s clean. Confidence is relaxing.
      At entry time, a little lube on a finger, doing a gentle swirly stretch to stimulate and loosen, with a slight in and out motion of the finger, will get the body not to fight the entry. Sway your back, hips up, belly down. When you hump your back, the spine presses against the intestine and reflex makes it start rippling motion ( peristalsis), which is why dogs arch when they mark your lawn, so you must sway it instead. It looks slutty or playful, and actually slightly opens the hole anyway.
      If the hole tries to shut, take your fingers to make a “v”, and put a finger on each side of the hole, near where the taint or tailbone hits it. Press those fingerprints gently, into the creases on either side, and it should pucker open.
      Ease the tip in until you feel friction about 4 inches in. That’s where the transverse folds are. They are bands of tissue that push material loose from the rectal wall so you don’t get a vacuum lock. But they aim down so they resist entry. When you feel that pain, have him ease back out. Your body just acted on reflex. In a few seconds you will feel a cool feeling. Stay relaxed, let him lube himself and made slowly in. It should be like butter, since your muscles just retracted after the big push. If you have to repeat the withdrawal and pause and relube, do it. But it should make for a pleasant time after the easy entry. I know this works.

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