My Teacher Fucked Me Stupid!

Read on for some eye opening sex education with this teacher and student erotic story.  Prudence Fairweather gazed on in wonder as her student Johnny ‘s cock swelled bigger and bigger.

Extending and stabbing the air and bulging out from him.  Long, thick and extended.

Its mushroom head was currently swollen and purple, absolutely turgid and loaded with blood.  Totally tremendous and as large around as a billiard ball.

Johnny’s penis kept on growing and stretched until it was a hard, inflexible, ten inch shaft.

Fucked Me Stupid – A Teacher Student Erotic Story

The sexy teacher Prudence Fairweather could genuinely say that she had seen few penises of this greatness in all her life.  She had seen a lot of them, many of them larger than average.

Ms Fairweather knew he was just going to get fucked stupid.

“Mmmmmm,” Prudence Fairweather cooed and afterward continued to do what she generally did.

Bending forward with an evil smile, she delicately and affectionately kissed the springy foreskin of Johnny ‘s cock.  Tarrying, she let her tongue tickle his mushroom tip.

Realizing that she was making him insane and inconspicuously feeding the flames that were developing in his loins.

“Momma prefers to play with your foreskin.” she cooed.

She inhaled intensely as she kept on teasing his cock

As if he himself was a sex toy Johnny moaned delicately as Prudence Fairweather thick red lips sent a tinge of joy through his completely erect cock.

It was one of the things which she did that he appreciated the most.

His young and infatuated heart sang as her energetic little tongue followed all the way down the long underside of his meaty length.

teacher student erotic story

Just watching his delicious teacher going down on him

And seeing her huge bossoms moving from side to side as she ate his cock made his cock grow harder.  His desire to cum grow and grow and his balls began to ache as his seed waiting to explode.

“Boy, put your fucking hard cock in my pussy now.  I need it right this moment”,

Prudence said pulling away from him.   As she lifted off him she looked at his fully erect cock and took it in her hands.

It was hot and felt like an iron bar.  Johnny moaned with a mixture of delight and pain.  His cock was throbbing and he needed release.

student erotic story
Student Teacher Sex

Prudence Fairweather fingers were as delicate as silk.

Johnny scarcely felt it when she delicately took her hands away from his cock and began to undo her top revealing a green bra.

It took her skillful hands to release the straps before her TripleJ breasts finally came free.  Cups of her bras were bigger than dinner plates.

She dropped the brassiere to the ground in one quick movement and bent forward enveloping Johnny’s head with those huge mamaries.

Her cherry red areolas were erect and the size of 50 cent pieces.

Her tits were so huge yet delightful and Johnny took a nipple in his mouth and began to suck it like a baby.

Prudence enjoyed her nipples being sucked as much as she liked to be tit fucked.  Her A student Johnny had helped her out with both of these things.

But today she wanted that huge dick to go to another place, one lower down in her body.  It was getting wetter and wetter by the moment and wished to be filled with a huge cock.

What’s more she needed it right now.

She smacked Johnny across his face and immediately a red welt mark appeared and said , ‘I know you like sucking your momma’s nipples but it is time you fucked me now.

And make sure you do it good”.

She laughed as she lifted her skirt up and dropped her panties spreading her legs and thighs.   She bent forward revealing her ass and hot wet cunt to Johnny Who stood there now standing with his erect monster pointed towards her.

She gently touched her pussy and her fingers came out all wet

she stood and wiped her pussy drenched fingers over Johnny’s mouth.

Then she went to her desk and kneeled on it with her ass up in the air and said, “Johnny now put that thing in me and fuck me like a beast”.

Johnny obliged by walking over to her and pushing his dick in her we pussy from behind.

teacher student erotic story and sex

Her boobs all but touched the desk

And as he began to pound her cunt her breasts swayed back and forth increasing in speed as Johnny’s fucking got harder and harder.

‘Come and get your sweet prize Johnny.  Come and fuck me little one.  Come to momma and pound that thick hard cock inside me”,  she said.

Johnny became enraged with passion and he pulled and ripped her skirt so that only her belt remained.  He grabbed this using it to lever and gain more force so that he pounded her as deep as his cock would go.

Prudence bucked and pushed and yelled out

Calling Johnny a ‘filthy fuck’ and a ‘college dirtbag’ which only caused Johnny to fuck her harder.   He tried to grab hold of those massive breasts and then squeezed and twisted those erect nipples.

Johnny wanted to punish her for the filthy things she was calling him and continued to fuck her harder and harder whilst she moaned in what appeared to be delight.

His cock began to throb some more and he could feel the cum beginning to spurt from his cock.

She then pushed him away whilst he was just starting to ejaculate.

As his cock exited her he began to ejaculate shooting his load in spurts that seemed to travel feet.

She said, ‘You filthy fuck.  Who told you that you can cum.”

He tried to stop and  held the shaft of his dick tightforcing his ejaculations to stopgoing out the head of his dick.  But he could still feel them happening as his semen went backwards into his urethra.

The pain was intense but it was a pleasurable pain like not other.

Tears came to his eyes as the ejaculations subsided.  He released the pressure on his shaft and semen slowly dribbled out of the eye of his cock.

She then took up a position on the desk with her legs spread and her cunt gaping wide open.   He could see the pussy juices running beside and down her open cunt and the small tuft of blonde pubic hair above her elongated clitoris.

Prudence said, “Now it is time to come to momma and finish off that job.”

He walked over to her and placed his half erect dick inside her hole.

Never had he met a woman before that could take his enormous cock so easily.  After a few strokes his erection returned.  He could still feel the jism that was backlogged inside his cock seeping out.

But could again feel the build up of a fresh orgasm from deep inside his testicles and shaft.  If possible he fucked her harder than before.

As she lay back on the desk her boobs had flattened out and were touching the table, on her neck and to her belly button.

These tits were magnificent.

She said, “That’s it Johnny.  You got it now. Fuck me harder.”

He did so maneuvering his cock into different positions inside her wet opening.  At times he could feel the tip of the head of his dick touching her cervix.  But rather than indicate pain Prudence showed pleasure at these time when her cunt was completely filled.

“Ohhhhhhhhh!” Prudence Fairweather groaned  “Oooooooo. ‘ she moaned as the cries of joy increased as she felt every inch of him and began to cum.

He began to cum too

But unlike last time she allowed him to cum inside her as he spurted to abandon exiting his new batch of cum mixing with the old.  The relief and pleasure he felt could not be described.

She smiled as she watched him with his eyes closed dumping his load into her.  Finally he opened them.

“You know, child,” Prudence Fairweather said, enthusiastically said. “We have to have these teacher student sex gatherings happening more often.”

“You have to organize them,” Johnny said, as he slipped loudly out of her pussy.

“Student Teacher Association Meetings?” Prudence Fairweather asked as she watched him kiss her nipples again.

“No,” Johnny answered, now kissing the edge of her towering left bosom and grinning.

“Pussy, Tits and Ass.”

Prudence Fairweather laughed and kicked him away.  “Just fuck me stupid once more” she countered, giggling and squealing with the tremendous sexual delight the teenager was giving her.

And he did…. He fucked her stupid again!

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